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Sex & Nudity

  • An alien woman kisses Kirk passionately several times in a ploy to look desperate while McCoy watches nearby in disgust. Later the alien takes the form of Kirk and says, "I can't believe I kissed you!" To which Kirk replies, "Must have been your lifelong ambition!" (played for laughs)
  • After Captain Kirk kicks an alien in what he thought was its knee, a woman tells him it was his genitals. (not sexual)

Violence & Gore

  • Numerous people are seen to be killed due to space combat. An entire ship is destroyed, with the implication that none aboard survived. In one sequence numerous "Klingons" are shown to be shot to death, with much purple blood spilled (the blood was originally to be red, but was changed both for plot and MPAA rating reasons). A somewhat graphic scene of emergency surgery follows, including the death of the patient. Two dead crewmen, murdered to keep their silence about an assassination plot, are found in a corridor with small burns on their forehead. Another assassin, shot by the character "Captain Scott," falls out of a window, and lands hard, spreading a pool of blood. There are numerous pit fights at the "Rura Penthe" penal colony two characters are condemned to, leading one character to kick one of the assaulting aliens in the shin, to later be informed that the shins were where that particular species keeps its genitalia.


  • Seven religious exclamations.
  • Five uses of "damn."
  • One use of "hell."
  • One use of "bitch." In another instance, Captian Kirk says "son of a..." and doesn't finish the phrase.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Many characters get hangovers from the fictional beverage "Romulan Ale," established as a potent (and illegal) beverage. In another scene, two main characters are offered cigarettes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A moon explodes and creates a massive shockwave. A Starfleet vessel is hit by it and is severely buffeted by it, violently throwing the crew about as they struggle to ride out the disturbance.
  • A few scary dog-like creatures. A character with telepathic abilities forcibly interrogates another person's mind -- we hear a loud heartbeat and the person cries out in pain. These scenes may frighten small children.

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