Nothing But Trouble (1991) Poster

John Candy: Dennis, Eldona



  • Dennis : [the drug dealers are stopped for speeding]  I'm afraid you'll have to blow.

    Dealer #1 : Blow *you* to get out of a ticket? Come on!


    Dennis : That's not funny, I meant you'll have to use a Breathalyzer.

    Dealer #1's Girlfriend : I'll blow 'im!

    Dennis : Maybe later. Next century. Let's go.

  • Dennis : [about Chris and company]  I recommend fine, bond, and release.

    J.P. : Ah, tut tut tut tut! What else you wanna do for them, bake 'em a pie?

  • Fausto : Wait, I'm entitled to one phone call.

    Dennis : Surely, and you're more than welcome to make one, *if* we had a phone.

  • Dennis : [abou tthe criminals]  Would you watch things around here for a minute? I'm gonna go for a smoke.

    Miss Purdah : Go for a smoke? But, Dennis, they've got guns, drugs! One of 'em tried to kill ya! I'm stayin' to watch!

  • Diane Lightson : [about the judge]  Does he treat all traffic violators this graciously?

    Dennis : Only ones he takes a special interest in, like bankers.

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