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Michelle Pfeiffer: Frankie



  • Johnny : You don't have to be afraid anymore.

    Frankie : I am. I'm afraid. I'm afraid to be alone, I'm afraid not to be alone. I'm afraid of what I am, what I'm not, what I might become, what I might never become. I don't want to stay at my job for the rest of my life but I'm afraid to leave. And I'm just tired, you know, I'm just so tired of being afraid.

  • Frankie : Why do you want to kill yourself sometimes?

    Johnny : I want to kill myself sometimes when I think that I'm the only person in the world and that part of me that feels that way is trapped inside this body, that only bumps into other bodies, without ever connecting to the only other person in the world trapped inside of them. We have to connect. We just have to.

  • Johnny : I think we should get married and have kids.

    Frankie : [hysterical]  I don't like kids!

    Johnny : I don't believe that.

    Frankie : [pause]  I can't have any! Are you happy now?

  • [doorbell rings] 

    Tim : Are you expecting someone?

    Frankie : No.

    [doorbell rings again] 

    Frankie : Hello, who is it?

    Johnny : Frankie?

    Frankie : Johnny?

    Tim : Ooh, I just got goosebumps.

  • Johnny : So, how about you? Do you ever want to kill yourself sometimes?

    Frankie : Yeah, everybody wants to kill themselves sometime.

  • [last lines] 

    Frankie : I'm thirty-six.

  • Johnny : [Waiting for Frankie]  I have a cousin who's gay, by the way.

    Tim : Oh, most people do.

    Frankie : Ready!

    Johnny : He's a really great guy.

    Tim : I'm sure.

    Johnny : He just found out he was gay a couple of months ago.

    Tim : Well, I'll look him up in the directory. Under the new entries.

  • Frankie : [shows Johnny a scar on her neck]  The man I was with... he did this with a belt buckle. He's the reason I can't have kids. He, uh... he knocked me around while I was... pregnant.

    [begins crying] 

    Frankie : I lost the baby.

    Johnny : [gently kisses the scar]  It's gone.

    Frankie : It'll never be gone.

  • Frankie : Why are you doing this?

    Johnny : Everything I want is in this room.

  • Frankie : [Johnny carves a rose out of a potato and gives it to Frankie]  What is *that?*

    Johnny : A rose. It grew in the kitchen.

  • Johnny : Raw eggs, coming up!

    Frankie : Not raw! Runny!

  • Frankie : [joking with Jorge]  Hey Jorge, the immigration!

    [a group of people run out of the cafe in a hurry] 

    Frankie : No! I didn't mean it!

  • Frankie : I don't date, by choice.

    Tim : Too bad, because I love your choices. We went from Mr. Abuse You to Mr. Use You, plus a Christmas fling with a cross-dresser that I blew the whistle on, thank you very much.

  • Frankie : I'm a BLT down sort of person, and I think you're looking for someone a little more pheasant under glass.

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