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Routine....until the exciting climax.
gridoon26 December 2001
A peculiar story of a woman scientist trying to track down (with the help of a tough army colonel) a female robot with nuclear powers, who not only looks like her but also shares her thoughts and memories. The gimmick is that the robot has no inhibitions, and acts out the woman's darkest sexual and violent fantasies, until "it" gets completely out of control. The story provides plenty of opportunities for male-bashing (it seems that almost every man that the robot meets is a chauvinistic pig), and the film doesn't miss any of them. But if you're patient, you'll be rewarded; the climactic sequence in the New York subway is excitingly staged and delivers the goods. And Renee Soutendijk is utterly convincing in both her roles. (**1/2)
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A good sci-fi B Movie
perkypops25 May 2011
The premise of this film is how robots, complete with comprehensive copies of human minds and with immense strength, power and armament, may deal with the darker parts of their copied brain. Renée Soutendijk gets to play both the human creator, Dr Eve, and her robot copy named Eve VIII, and pretty juicy parts they are to play too, poles apart, and every good actors dream role. And a pretty good job she does too, never too overplayed, never too crude, just subtle.

When Eve VIII escapes and appears to go on to blood letting of extreme proportions we are treated to some insight into the darker parts of Dr Eve's mind, at first to titillate and then to hunt the errant robot down. And it is not badly done either. Okay some of the dialogue may be a little comical or flawed at times, but the underlying tale is always watchable and that is what films are supposed to be. Tension is ratcheted up nicely throughout, and the ending is almost as good as one would expect from this kind of B movie genre. It certainly puts to shame many much more hyped up pieces of the sci-fi genre around on the circuits these days.

Worth a watch and six out of ten.
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MST3K worthy, so bad it's (almost) good
cheekyfilm8 November 2013
Low budget 90s cheese. Renée Soutendijk isn't awful, Gregory Hines is wasted, everything around them kinda stinks: Awesomely generic 80s soundtrack. The editing will make you scratch your head. Scenes go on forever, highlighting the terrible script. Get ready for expositional dialogue about "little Timmy" and a hilarious spousal abuse flashback.

Only once you realize the film isn't meant to be taken seriously will it open up its charm to you. Eve has an Uzi with unlimited ammo, for blowing up cars and killing the also Uzi-wielding Marines. She also has "VHS- vision" and lots of goofy flashbacks. It wants to be serious, but mostly you'll be laughing at/be bored by this film. Then again, if you and some friends watch this with your brain off - you'll probably enjoy it. The final 15 minutes especially are a blast of bad-movie goodness.

I guess future guns have huge laser sights.
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your worst nightmare: A female terminator with human emotions!
tdrish21 December 2012
So let's see if Gregory Hines can tap dance his way out of this one! Eve 8 is a human cyborg created secretly by the military, and she's armed and dangerous. She doesn't seem to have any problem getting hold of any weapon, and don't even think of trying to tackle her down with hand to hand combat. She's mean, ruthless, and she's on the loose. The cyborg is being tested, so its not yet programmed with any military commands. The experiment goes awry during a bank robbery, when she is shot, which screwed up her internal workings. Now she's on the lose, to the public, and nobody is safe from her unpredictable shenanigans. The only two people who stand a good shot at taking her down is Jim McQuade ( Hines), who is a colonel given special orders to move onto a special assignment. He won't be too happy about this, and his mood doesn't look like it will improve much through the film, as this is taking time away from his training camp. His special assignment: Take down Eve VIII by any means of force necessary. He won't be able to do this by himself, however, as he finds himself teamed up with Dr. Eve Simmons. Dr. Simmons will prove herself a vital tool in McQuades quest in the not-so-easy task of taking this military robot down and out of harms way. Eve 8 is almost a duplicate of Dr. Simmons, since she was taken from her image, although Simmons will argue that they are not entirely the same. ( Of course, Dr. Simmons isn't going around shooting anybody!) Another advantage that Simmons has on helping to end the cyborgs insane rampage, is that the robot seems to have inherited her...ready for this?...memories and secret fantasies. These memories somehow got programmed into the robot, and none of them seem to be good memories, as we see in the flashbacks. These memories are played randomly through the cyborgs mind, who appears human, but is almost entirely machine. The memories mainly deal with a little girl watching her daddy abusing mommy, which upsets her quite dramatically. If you value your life, you will NOT call her the name that rhymes with "witch"...this is a very BAD trigger in her that causes her to become quite violent. Looks like your mouth just wrote a check your butt couldn't cash, boys! Life goes on, luckily, without you, since her main target kills seem to be knocking off insensitive men. My kind of woman! If she knew how to cook, I'd say "I do" to something like that! Life seems to get more complicated, however, for our hero McQuade, when he learns that a certain event has triggered Eve 8 into 'battle field mode'. Battle field mode means she's put herself on a 24 hour clock. She's literally giving you one day to pack your stuff, and go find a corner to tuck your head into, and pray you survive the explosion. She could take out several, SEVERAL blocks of innocent lives. It's a rat race against time to put an end to Eve 8 once and for all! Although the script suffers a bit, mainly due to the over abundant lack of answers to the questions that may be posed to the viewer, Eve Of Destruction isn't a complete bust. It's overall a great violent action thriller with some pretty good scenes, including a car chase, a mishap in the motel room ( God, I love you! ), and the climatic ending. I must warn, for Gregory Hines fans, this film would be 'for fans only', as it's a far cry from Running Scared. In fact, after this movie is over, he may not be the only one running scared.
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Looks like you found the off switch....
FlashCallahan11 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Eve is a military robot made to look exactly like her creator.

When she is damaged during a bank robbery, the robot begins to use more of the memories she has been programmed with by her creator, the dark, angry ones.

She becomes a killing machine if anyone tries to stop her.

A tap dancer is assigned to stop the robot and with the scientist who programmed her tries to think what she will do next....

This was the original Terminatrix, back in 1991 there were only two cyborgs, Arnie and Eve. Guess who is the least remembered? What I didn't get was just how serious the tone of the film was. Imean the film is basically about a nuclear bomb that gets frustrated when its called a certain word that is derogatory toward women, this should have been hilarious.

When Hines shows up, I thought, this could get the ribs tickled now this guy is in it, but he looks really angry through the film, and ruins the camp feel it should have.

Rene however you pronounce her surname, is really grim in this, at times I couldn't tell who was the cyborg and who was the Doctor, she was that wooden, and it's surprising considering shes so good in Spetters.

But, it's a cyborg movie, a nuclear bomb cyborg movie, and it deliver that typical cheesy nineties action you expect.

Yuppies get owned, hillbillies lose parts of them, and eyes get shot out by Hines, so all is not lost.

Early nineties video stores were rife with his type of film early in the nineties, this one wasn't that bad.
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I Am VERY Sensitive!!!
TheExpatriate7003 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Eve of Destruction is a silly, all too predictable Terminator rip off with far too many plot holes to work. It suffers from a weak lead performance from Gregory Hines and incredibly weak writing. It follows a government counterinsurgency agent who is tasked with tracking down an android that went berserk on its test run.

One of the film's main problems is that it is rife with plot-induced stupidity. For starters, the military sends a combat ready android for a test run in a city full of civilians, complete with a battlefield nuclear weapon that can apparently be triggered if the robot gets jostled. Furthermore, Eve's creator fails to tell Hines that she programmed the android with memories of her father killing her mother, even when it becomes clear that Eve is acting on the personal information programmed into her memory.

Furthermore, Gregory Hines is not the right person for his role. His character requires toughness, while Hines simply comes across as sarcastic. This role was meant for Bruce Willis, not a tap dancer. Renee Soutendjik does better with her role, but isn't given much to do with it. She's basically playing a female Ah-nuld with a Dutch rather than Austrian accent.

Finally, the film telegraphs most of its plot twists in advance. When we see the female lead's son early in the film, we just know he's going to get caught up in the climax.
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They forgot to yell 'cut!'
spencerthetracy15 November 2002
Of all the thousands of movies I've seen that have employed guns and tanks and exploding things, this is the first that made me want to turn the gun on myself. As each scene wore on and on, I kept gesturing in the air to 'hurry it up'. It was as if dead people were on the screen. The characters spoke so slow, I began to doubt that any of them ever spoke before! A world of frustration. There was only a little tension, a fair plot and a whole lot of inconceivabilities. Supposedly, the robot was infused with the memories and life experiences of her/its creator. So, it was expected to act and respond according to this 'information'. Yeah, right. Yawn. Gregory Hines was right for the role and his performance was very good, as expected. Everybody else were rank amateurs, as evidenced by their uninteresting, wooden deadpan styles. Avoid this movie unless you want to eat your own lead salad.
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You Freud, Me Jane.
richardchatten15 October 2016
The Dutch actress Renée Soutendijk (who made her name ten years earlier as 'The Girl with the Red Hair') is magnificent in her only American film as Dr. Eve Simmons and her robot double Eve VIII in this fascinating cross between 'The Colossus of New York' and 'Marnie'. It sounded like fun when it briefly hit cinemas 25 years ago; and after waiting a quarter of a century for it to turn up on TV or on the DVD rack, YouTube once again has finally come to the rescue...

An exercise in which robot Eve is allowed out in San Francisco dressed (like Dr.Simmons herself) like Hillary Clinton inevitably goes wrong; and after being accidentally reprogrammed in Battlefield Mode she's transformed into a seriously hot Ms Hyde who rather than heading for an army surplus store and purchasing a set of combat fatigues instead opts for the hooker look: spending the rest of the film in blood red lipstick, a black mini skirt, high heels and red leather bomber jacket that she accessorizes with a red Mustang (which she later swaps for a red jeep). Thus equipped, she starts making life hard for sleazeballs on the pull, a yuppie roadhog and her abusive father (played in a brief cameo by an unbilled Kevin McCarthy). Then her maternal instinct kicks in...

Obviously the people who designed Eve VIII never go to the movies, otherwise they would never have been careless enough to make their latest secret weapon a foxy blonde who can already kill a man with her bare hands even when not carrying an Uzi. She also happens to be a tactical nuclear weapon with a 24 hour trigger (I'm sure we've all met women like that; and the mind boggles at what the Taliban would have made of her had she ever been deployed against them). But scariest of all she's also carrying a lot of emotional baggage inherited from Dr. Simmons, whose memories and fantasies have been programmed into her; and reacts to the word 'bitch' the way Marnie Edgar used to react to thunderstorms and the colour red. The film's writers plainly felt this made the movie 'deeper'; but personally I would have been happier with her just sticking to being an unstoppable killing machine...
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"Eve of Destruction" is a perfect example of the sci-fi movies audiences were getting in the early and mid-1990s
ersinkdotcom18 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The movie was a box office disaster when originally released, but found a second life on VHS and DVD. It's been largely ignored over the years, partly because it's rarely shown on television.

Eve VIII (Renee Soutendijk) is a deadly android created in the image of her maker. After years of research, the machine is sent out on her first test mission. Things go horribly wrong when she's damaged and short- circuits. Now, Eve VIII is maiming and killing anything it perceives as a threat. Terrorism expert Jim McQuade (Gregory Hines) and the android's creator must track it down before she goes nuclear.

I remember seeing this little slice of cheese in theaters when it first came out and often wondered what happened to it. It's not a great movie by any means. However, if you're looking for some additional cyborg fun after exhausting your copies of all the "Terminator" movies, look no further. The best way to describe this is as the "Terminator" if Arnold Schwarzenegger was replaced by a middle-aged blonde in a mini-skirt and high-heels.

The late Gregory Hines does a wonderful job playing the no-nonsense terrorist expert assigned to track down Eve VIII. He marches around convincingly with his oversized pistol wondering why they didn't give the android an "f@3!ing off switch." Renee Soutendijk portrays both the doctor and the Eve VIII robot, switching back and forth from panic- stricken to emotionless, seductive, and angry. The movie really gave the actor a wide range of emotions to bounce through in her first American role.

The movie is rated R for strong violence, language, adult situations, and nudity. it really feels like the boob shots in "Eve of Destruction" are needless and tacked on to tantalize male audiences. They don't help to further the story or plot, except to show that Eve VIII looks real in every way. I still don't think they were necessary to get the point across.

"Eve of Destruction" is a perfect example of the sci-fi movies audiences were getting in the early and mid-1990s. It fits nicely next to such cult classics as "Mandroid," "Nemesis," "Hardware," and "Universal Soldier." Is it as entertaining as "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" or "Total Recall?" Of course not, but it still has its place in the Museum of Schlocky Genre Cheese.
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A time bomb waiting to happen!
GOWBTW23 April 2007
Averting threats are a common way to keep peace in check, but when it comes to a robot with a built-in bomb, there's going to be trouble. For Col. Jim McQuade(Gregory Hines), he's the man. The robot Eve VIII(Renee Soutendjik) has the memories of her creator(also played by her). However, she has the worst temper out of any woman you would cross. When she was with those rowdy guys. There was a bit of humor when she bit one of them on the "love gun". Rule number one, never reveal yourself to a lady robot. You just might get it! I know he won't be having sex for a while, OUCH! It was more painful to watch when she broke the other guy's arm. She was like that when she was going on the brink. She was much more dangerous when she started ticking. The only Achilles' heel on her were her eyes. And Jim had the laser sighted gun to use against her. The subway scene is one I'll never forget. Confronting EVE VIII, seeing the laser sight before her, and the subway train heading towards McQuade. The trains were computer-controlled and Jim's quick thinking always seems to be on his side. This movie has the action, yet it was very subtle. Very watchable though. 2.5 out of 5 stars
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Eve of Destruction
Scarecrow-8810 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Mediocre sci-fi thriller about a renegade android, Eve VIII(Renée Soutendijk)who malfunctions when she is shot by a bank robber while on a mission. Her creator, Dr. Eve Simmons(also Renée Soutendijk)designed the female android with the same facial characteristics, while also transferring memories, thoughts, and feelings from herself. Those memories reoccur in Eve VIII's mind and she reacts violently. She is very dangerous because, she is a nuclear threat as well. Equipped with a machine gun, this android has to be stopped because she is also very powerful with the ability to toss men across rooms and in the air with ease. The secret government group funding the Eve project enlist the aide of Colonel Jim McQuade(Gregory Hines)with expertise in anti-terrorism, to somehow stop the malfunctioning killer android before truly dire consequences erupt. Many innocent bystanders, and a few profane undesirables, will cross Eve VIII's path and suffer the consequences. The film shows how Dr. Eve must assist McQuade in his efforts to find and kill her creation(a shot through the eyes is the way to down it). The android targets Eve's father(for the murder of her mother which returns in a memory)and later, in the film's harrowing climax in the New York subway, her son.

The film owes a hell of a lot to the really good leads who work well off each other. I've always felt Hines had a strong presence on-screen, very easy to like and charismatic. He takes what could've easily been a dull role and injects life into it. I like his character because he's sympathetic to Eve's cause, yet looks at the dire, difficult situation they find themselves with a levelheadedness. Renée Soutendijk, I thought, was very impressive in this film..having to portray two different characters while making both of them different than the other is an outstanding accomplishment. I give praise for her work in such a rather unextraordinary sci-fi actioner. Pretty much by-the-numbers, but the leads keep it interesting.

Kevin McCarthy has a cameo as Eve's now old-aged father.
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B-movie that seemed a lot older than 1991
FlorisV19 May 2003
Eve of Destruction is infamous in The Netherlands because it meant the failure of Renée Soutendijk's career in the States, the film being a flop. When I was watching this movie however, I didn't expect such a B-movie.

Surely the story was not original, but the special effects were really pathetic and everything looked just plain and ugly. What bothered me most was the unfitting, melodramatic music score which sounded like it was made for an eighties soap-opera (!).

I think a low budget is not really an excuse here because the superior Terminator (1984! 7 years older) was also made with a low budget. But that one had genius James Cameron directing and Arnie on the rise of stardom, besides good performances by the other actors.

Expect none of that here. The casting, the soundtrack, the dialogue, the action and the effects: they all disappoint. One of those movies that you really regret wasting your precious time on. Not 1/10 though because there are even worse Terminator clones.

I give it 2/10.
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You're gonna need more than flowers and sweet talk to win this one over!
uds321 March 2002
Awesomely underwhelming tale of a scientist who designs a female robot, half WESTWORLD half TERMINATOR, modelled on her own personality, emotions and thought-processes.

Sometime Dutch actress Renee Soutendijk, whom one might unkindly describe as Lee Remick's less attractive sister (on a good day) has her hands full when EVE turns feral and runs amok. Gregory Hines, hopelessly miscast in his role as a Wesley Snipes PASSENGER 57 type operative, heads up the chase to defuse Eve with Ms Soutendijk's somewhat reluctant help.

Looking rather dated these days, especially by 90's standards, the film gets nowehere at a remarkably slow pace leading up to the subway climax which at least heralds the end of the movie!

Yawn.....next please?
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"Not An Action Adventure movie, But An Incredible Simulation!"
lemon_magic10 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Thank you, Crow T. Robot for the basis for that tag line.

I went to see this movie on impulse during its (very) short run in the theaters, not hoping for much more than a hidden gem or a quirky little film. It had Gregory Hines in it (who was great in "Running Scared" a few years earlier) and it had a fairly attractive blond playing a Terminator type, so how bad could it be? Well, I found out. When I came out of the theater, I was angry and annoyed; I didn't want my money back, I wanted the two hours of my life I wasted watching it back.

When I saw it was showing again on cable many years later, I sat down to watch the final 20 minutes to see if I still hated it as much. I seemed to have mellowed towards EOD somehow in the intervening decade. On the small screen, it was OK, at least for the last 20 minutes. Not "Star Trek: TNG" OK, or even "Blake's 7" OK, but watchable; say, on a par with one of the products of the endless sausage factory of hackwork films you see on the Sci-Fi Channel, or "Roger Corman Presents" on Showtime Beyond.

I feel badly for the Dutch actress whose career in the States was torpedoed by this mess. She is out of her element here, as is poor Gregory Hines, who I imagine grabbed his paycheck and ran, and hoped no one ever mentioned this movie again. And probably the original screenwriter, who hoped to advance his career with a decent premise, only to see all the life sucked out of his screenplay, went back home for a three week drinking binge .

The problem with this movie, as I see it, is that the director really didn't know what he was doing, and didn't know how to get the performances he needed from his cast. And he didn't seem to understand the requirements of an action movie with futuristic elements. There were many potentially nice moments and lines of dialog which should have bubbled and popped like good champagne. Instead, they just sat there on the screen like stale tonic water - kind of like "Attack Of The Clones", come to think of it. The action and fight scenes were also underwhelming, badly paced and staged, and didn't live up to their potential - what should have been visceral and invigorating just thudded along without ever drawing in the viewer.

Blond Netherlands Actress Lady, I hope you found happiness and fulfillment in some other manner, maybe on the stage or in European cinema. Gregory Hines, rest in peace; we won't think of this movie when we remember you, but instead will remember you as a great hoofer who got to play alongside Baryshnikov and Billy Crystal.
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Cult, why not?
Phyton19 January 1999
Eve of destruction is a bad movie, no doubt about it. It's a terminator rip-off with a weird story. Renee Soutendijk, who plays in a double role blew her changes for making it in the US for good with this movie. That is a shame because she is quite a good actress. And because of this misfortune I would like to recommend this movie to all you cult lovers out there. I mean think about it; a strong woman (feministic), some nice and utterly useless violence, a rip off, a lousy tag line and a bad story. So go ask for Eve of Destruction at your local cult video store.
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Ultimately Rather Disappointing
gavin694217 November 2013
Eve (Renée Soutendijk) is a military robot made to look exactly like her creator (also Soutendijk). When she is damaged during a bank robbery, the robot begins to use more of the memories she has been programmed with by her creator, the dark, angry ones.

Vincent Canby called the film "an undistinguished, barely functional action-melodrama." While a bit harsh, I would say he is hardly wrong. For what could be a fun film -- the military and police are tracking down a killer robot -- it is largely rather pointless and the plot turns do not always make sense to the viewer.

Apparently in the Netherlands, Soutendijk is a sex symbol. And you can see they tried to work with that here, as guys are compelled to come on to her. I hate to be critical of someone's appearance, but if you are supposed to have a "sexy" robot, you might want someone who looks at least average...
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Only in the 90s
CuriosityKilledShawn31 March 2019
I actually rented this by mistake when I was a kid. I intended to rent Kathleen Turner in V.I. Warshawski and I got mixed up when I saw the blonde yielding the gun on the box. I thought Renee Soutendijk was Kathleen Turner and that Eve of Destruction was what I was after. A happy mistake as the deranged nature of the movie appealed to my 11-year-old sensibilities.

Eve 8 is a surveillance robot designed by Dr. Simmons in her own likeness (apparently sharing a badly-timed cold sore poorly covered in Maybelline at one point) with much of her memories copied over. While on a routine test mission Eve is trapped in a bank robbery and is shot. She promptly wastes the robbers but suffers a malfunction, steals their guns, and runs away. The authorities hire terrorist hunter Colonel McQuade to get her back. While following the trail of corpses they discover that Eve 8 is acting out Dr. Simmons' subconscious desires with increasing aggression, triggering a nuclear timebomb failsafe hidden inside her wiring.

Yes, it's absolute drivel, but it's completely mad and has energy to spare, so it's never a bore. But it's also a wasted concept, for the most part. McQuade, despite being the lead, never really gets any development, instead Eve/Simmons get all the character drama. If they explored Eve more she could have been a sympathetic villain and a meaningful, tragic figure. Renee Soutendijk is fine in the dual role, handling an Uzi with style and conviction and a seemingly infinite ammo clip, but they could have cast someone a bit taller. At 5'3'' Eve is hardly the imposing villain she ought to be.

The supporting cast is pretty good, including Kurt Fuller in a rare non-obnoxious role, and a few more recognizable character actors. The late Gregory Hines is fine as the lead and works quite well as an action hero despite being primarily known for dancing and comedy. Phillippe Sarde also delivers a score that is "just fine" without ever really being memorable. In fact, in many places it feels like an 80s sitcom theme.

It's servicably shot by Bond cinematographer Alan Hume but there's not much atmosphere or visual flair to it, which I will chalk up to music video director Duncan Gibbins failing to find the right aesthetic. He only ever directed two movies, with Eve of Destruction being the second. Had it been shot in higher key and in anamorphic Panavision it would have been slightly less disposable entertainment.

I don't say this very often, but I really do think that Eve of Destruction could do with a remake. The idea is great but the execution here never gets beyond "above average", though it is a fun ride. I freakin' LOVE that title too.
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Destruction of Eve.
morrison-dylan-fan29 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Nearing the end of ICM's poll for the best movies of 1991,I mentioned to a family friend about how much I had enjoyed the Action trash epics Stone Cold and Timebomb. Knowing how much I had enjoyed those two, they mentioned a third Action flick from the year,which led to me meeting Eve.

View on the film:

Storming in the same year as T2, the screenplay by co-writer/(with Yale Udoff) director Duncan Gibbins (who died just age 41 in '93 after trying to rescue his cat from a house fire) put the movie in the rather unique position of clearly being inspired by The Terminator, whilst being ahead of the times with a standout chip of the government project giving the cyborgs human memories,and beating Terminator 3, by Eve,being in all but name a female terminator. Linking the memories of Eve Simmons / Eve terminator, the writers nicely dip into the psychotronic as Eve goes round killing those who hurt Simmons in her repressed memories.

Putting a ticking time bomb in Eve, (her time of the month?) the writers upload exciting set-pieces of hard-nosed cop/Colonel Jim McQuade having to take Eve on in her fight to terminate all who scorned her, and having to drag the memories out of Simmons so Eve's next move can be predicted. The second of three movies he made, director Gibbins & cinematographer Alan Hume unbuckle wonderfully hectic Action thrills, booming from every punch Eve hands out breaking the victim in half,and sending them back against the wall. Along with the action crunch, Gibbins eyes Eve up with stylish tracking shots following each would-be victim attempting to slyly escape from Eve. Going in search of Eve with Gregory Hines turn as the cool cat, no nonsense McQuade, alluring Renée Soutendijk gives a wonderful double turn as Simmons / Eve, with Soutendijk presenting Simmons as fragile and on-edge over her memory, neatly counted by the cold eyed killer cyborg in an eve of destruction.
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How Bad is Bad? Not bad enough for this one.
picturetaker16 July 2005
OK so this movie is really old. Its 14 years old in 2005. So why on earth did I watch this horrible movie? Because I got it free and I have watched all my good movies at least twice already.

The version I saw was the screeners version. So prior to this movie it had a bunch of bogus reviews say "This movie is better then the Terminator and RoboCop combined". It really should be, "this movie is 10 times worse than T3 and the TV Robocop movies!" Basically what it is, and it isn't afraid to show it is this movie is a rip off of Terminator. The music, the cold facial features and so much more.

This movie is one of those bad movies that you watch 14 years later and wonder what the movie going audience was thinking when they paid $6 to see this movie when it first came out. They probably felt ripped off.

So if you are looking for a movie to watch, don't watch this movie, if you can find it to rent or borrow don't there is much better use of your time. Like watching paint dry, cleaning the cat litter box, scrubbing that ketchup stain out of the carpet, and much more anything but watching this movie. This movie was so bad, I had to write this review to warn others.
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Where's the off switch?
DigitalRevenantX725 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
WARNING: Contains plot spoilers.

Eve VIII, an experimental military android, is taken to a downtown bank on test manoeuvres. But the android is damaged after being shot by bank robbers & goes on the loose, trapped in Battlefield Mode. Colonel Jim McQuade, a top-secret anti-terrorist operative & Dr. Eve Simmons, the android's creator, are sent in to deactivate the droid before its built-in nuclear weapon is set off.

Of the numerous synorg (synthetic organism) films that came out in the early 1990s, "Eve of Destruction" is perhaps the dumbest. As an action film, it is moderately exciting, with some good action set-pieces, most notably the scene where hero Gregory Hines tries to kill the synorg & rescue a child while a train is approaching them.

But action scenes aside, the film's main problem is the script. You can ignore the idea of taking a military synorg into a downtown bank for a test run, but the android's design is extremely stupid – why build a robot with a built-in nuclear weapon that can be activated by something like a heavy impact, but without any security overrides or any off-switch (Hines brings this up in the film several times)? It just doesn't make any sense.

As the synorg's creator, Renee Soutendijk is not bad in what is her first American film, but as the synorg, she is completely unconvincing – the scenes where she picks up guys in a bar before biting their genitals off, as well as ramming drivers off the road are so bad it's not funny. Gregory Hines is given lines that make him look bad.

Note to aspiring mad scientists: if you're planning to build a synorg with a nuclear device, make sure you add in a safety feature to prevent anything going wrong, instead of having to shoot the droid in the eyes to deactivate it.
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Back to the Drawing Board... !
Howlin Wolf5 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Proto-Species with a robot instead of an alien - only even more cheesy, if that's possible! The dual female role was a mistake... I know they're meant to have the same memories and emotions, but that doesn't mean they need to LOOK the same! It insults the audience to think that they won't get the idea unless there's a red jacket to let them know she's dangerous.

"Nobody will ever put you behind a door!


The longer it goes on, the more it loses sight of the line between enjoyably silly, and stupid.
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