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18 Sep. 1993
Jack Tenrec must stop a rampaging dinosaur from destroying settlements; during the adventure, he meets Hannah Dundee, the Wassoon science ambassador who has just arrived at the City in the Sea?
25 Sep. 1993
Dino Drive
An earthquake scares up a herd of Triceratops, who then stampede down toward an assortment of settlements; after an argument with Scharnhorst about how to handle the problem (she wants to kill them), Jack and company organize a Xenozoic cattle drive?
2 Oct. 1993
Death Ray
Scharnhorst and Dr. Fesseden discover the control facility for an SDI ballistic-laser satellite, deep within Girth territory?
9 Oct. 1993
The Poachers launch a massive attack on Jack's Garage in an attempt to take it over and exploit its weapons and technical riches?
23 Oct. 1993
Wild Child
Jack and Hannah notice a mysterious boy traveling with a pack of dinosaurs; Jack informs Hannah that he is being cared for by the Girth?
6 Nov. 1993
Mind Over Matter
At an outdoor market run by the Moles, Hannah learns that Scharnhorst and Fesseden have accessed a high-tech cybernetics lab?
20 Oct. 1993
Jack and Hannah are hunted in the deep jungle by a cunning Poacher, hired by Scharnhorst to prevent them from meddling with her plans to excavate an ancient train station/railroad line?
27 Nov. 1993
It Only Comes Out at Night
Jack, Hannah and Moustapha try to unravel the "Loch Ness Monster" -style mystery of a nocturnal creature, roaming the streets of City in the Sea and capturing its citizens.
11 Dec. 1993
While escaping a rampaging T-Rex, Jack and Hannah come across a large metallic capsule... containing an Ancient in perfect cryogenic storage!!...
18 Dec. 1993
It's no secret that Jack disapproves of the new piledriver equipment Scharnhorst is using to mine the interior?

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