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(1991– )

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17 Nov. 1991
The Dark Woman
A traitorous actress is pressured by threats into enticing her terrorist lover to leave the safety of neutral Switzerland and join her in France, an ally of England.
24 Nov. 1991
The Traitor
A quiet Englishman, Caypor, has chosen to spend the war in Switzerland, as his wife is German. But Ashenden suspects he may be a spy, and may have to be killed.
1 Dec. 1991
Mr Harrington's Washing
Ashenden is sent to revolutionary Russia with funds for delivery to Kerensky, the Prime Minister of the Russian Provisional Government, who England supports.
8 Dec. 1991
The Hairless Mexican
Ashenden is joined by an eccentric assassin known as "the hairless Mexican"; he proves to be neither bald nor Mexican, but he is dangerous.


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