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Sex & Nudity

  • Several beach scenes where women walk around in skimpy bikinis.
  • A man and woman make love under pouring water. His buttocks are visible for an extended period. Her breasts and butt are seen. Her bush is shown as well, but shadows prevent it from really being seen.
  • A masquerade were dozens of couples rub up against each other suggestively. Nipples of a couple of the party goers are seen, as well as another woman full frontal
  • One couple hops on a table and has implied intercourse.
  • A woman is accosted at a beach party and her breasts are exposed as she runs away from the party (30 seconds or more). Later she makes love to a man in a limo with another couple watching. Significant touching and thrusting.
  • A woman sits naked in front of a mirror and plays with her exposed breasts. A womans dress is slipped off and her breasts are exposed. She is forced onto a bed by a naked man and his buttocks are visible. He pulls off her panties and her thighs & buttocks can be seen. An intense love making scene follows.
  • Carnaval street party has several random flashes of nudity. Mostly women's breasts.
  • A man gets naked, reveals his butt for a few minutes. Two women are present.
  • The movie ends with a lovemaking scene between one man and woman. Her breasts, legs and buttocks are exposed throughout the duration. His buttocks can be seen briefly, as can her pubic area and even some detail beyond pubic hair.

Violence & Gore

  • Some fist fighting.


  • One "bitch". One "F" word.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Incidental drinking.
  • Cigar and cigarette smoking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Several scenes of implied forced stripping and near rape. A woman is forcibly stripped at a party.

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