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Sex & Nudity

  • Brennan is talking to a group of night workers, he then walked up tone of the girls and puts his hands forcefully down her underwear,inside her.....she is distressed and tells him to stop cause he is hurting her...he does not and hurts her more to prove a point
  • Includes transvestite prostitutes, homosexual oral sex between alleged homophobe Brennan and another man and references to them. Reilly's ex girlfriend-now Texador's-was sexually involved with Reilly before their breakup and had an abortion while still claiming to be "just as Catholic as you but not as strict".

Violence & Gore

  • The film starts with Brennan shooting an unarmed man, then moves on to him almost emasculating a transvestite prostitute, stabbing another man in his back, strangling another man and causing a boat to explode to kill other witnesses to his first murder at the start of the movie. Brennan is killed himself in a shootout in a precinct station when he is confesses to Reilly the truth about Reilly's father and shoots other personnel when they try to arrest him.


  • Many "f..."'s, "s...'s and racial-ethnic, homophobic slurs.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Drinking and smoking, some illegal drugs and references to Brennan saving some Mafia types from large "junk" (drug) "collars" (arrests) and references to "junkies" as one of the many enemies that need to be killed as enemies of Brennan's beloved city.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Brennan as a "line" to keep people of other races and young people restrained and subservient and the NYPD and all law enforcement as such may scare many as could the tense investigation of the film's opening murder of an unarmed man as this movie's crux.

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