Presumed Innocent (1990) Poster

Paul Winfield: Judge Larren Lyttle



  • [during cross-examination, it is revealed that Carolyn had a tubal ligation, presenting doubt as to the presence of the spermicide in the sample] 

    Sandy Stern : Wherever you got that specimen from, *Doctor*, you delivered it to the chemist while you were having secret communications with Mr. Molto behind Mr. Sabich's back, is that correct?

    'Painless' Kumagai : [stands up angrily]  DO YOU *ACCUSE ME*, MISTER STERN!

    Judge Larren Lyttle : [disgusted]  Sit down, Doctor!

    [Kumagai sits down] 

    Sandy Stern : No. I think we've had enough unsupported accusations for one case. Doctor Kumagai.

    Judge Larren Lyttle : You may step down, Doctor!

  • Sandy Stern : Your honor, before we begin our presentation, I would like to make a motion...

    Judge Larren Lyttle : Make a motion for dismissal?

    Sandy Stern : Yes, your honor.

    Judge Larren Lyttle : Sit down, counselor. I have reflected on this case at great lengths, ladies and gentlemen. Now I understand the prosecutors have suspicions. Perhaps Mr. Sabbich was there that night. They might be entitled to that inference. And before yesterday, I might have even said that there were reasonable grounds for those suspicions. Now, I'm not so sure. After yesterday, there is no proof of motive here. There is no evidence that there ever was an intimate relationship between the defendant and Ms. Polhemus. There is no proof so far as I am concerned to give a reasonable person grounds to believe that they had carnal relations on the night of her death. In point of fact, there's not one shred of direct proof that Mr. Sabbich murdered Ms. Polhemus. So under these circumstances, I cannot allow this trial to continue. Mr. Sabbich, you are discharged, sir. And I cannot begin to tell you how sorry I am that any of this has taken place. Not even the pleasure of seeing you free can make up for this, this disgrace to the cause of justice. I wish you Godspeed. Case dismissed.

  • Nico Della Guardia : We would like Mr. Molto to take the stand.

    Judge Larren Lyttle : [angrily]  NO!

    Nico Della Guardia : Judge, you said that we'd be given leeway if the Defense proceeded with this frame-up theory. You said that!

    Judge Larren Lyttle : Yes! But I did NOT know then that the State's chief piece of evidence was going to disappear after last being seen with Mr. Molto. I did not know THEN that the Deputy Prosecutor and the Chief Pathologist were going to *manufacture* evidence and testimony! That, gentlemen, is a FAIR interpretation of today's events. I'm still struggling with what's going to happen to Mr. Molto, but what is NOT going to happen is him getting up on that witness stand and making things WORSE!

    Tommy Molto : Your Honor, my testimony will...

    Judge Larren Lyttle : WITHDRAW, GENTLEMEN!

    [the lawyers step back] 

    Nico Della Guardia : On befalf of the People of Kindle County, the State rests.

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