Presumed Innocent (1990) Poster

Brian Dennehy: Raymond Horgan



  • Raymond Horgan : Whats the hell is happening with Carolyn?

    Rusty Sabich : Well, everything is in the works. I reassigned all of her cases and this afternoon I gotta deal with all the stuff that Molto left us...

    Raymond Horgan : Wait, wait, wait, wait... what's all of this reassignment shit? Goddamnit Rusty, I told you to give this investigation top priority! For Christsakes, look, Nicco is eating me alive with thing, the election is in ten days. If you don't have Carolyn's killer for us in ten days we are both history. Goddamnit, turn over all of that administrative bullshit to Mac.

    Rusty Sabich : Mac's got more than she can handle already, Raymond. Let me remind you we lost two key PA's in one day, and all you have time for is the damned election, I've gotta run the office!

    Raymond Horgan : FUCK the office! Don't you understand what is happening here? If you don't find me a killer there is no FUCKING OFFICE! Now you listen to me, I want you right on top of Carolyn's case you understand? I want you to run out every ground ball, and I want you to do it in an orderly GODDAMNED FASHION! Start acting like a fucking professional!

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