Miller's Crossing (1990) Poster

Marcia Gay Harden: Verna



  • Verna : What're you chewin' over?

    Tom Reagan : Dream I had once. I was walkin' in the woods, I don't know why. Wind came up and blew me hat off.

    Verna : And you chased it, right? You ran and ran, finally caught up to it and you picked it up. But it wasn't a hat anymore and it changed into something else, something wonderful.

    Tom Reagan : Nah, it stayed a hat and no, I didn't chase it. Nothing more foolish than a man chasin' his hat.

  • Tom Reagan : All in all not a bad guy - if looks, brains and personality don't count.

    Verna : You better hope they don't.

  • Verna : I thought you said you didn't care about Leo no more.

    Tom Reagan : I said we're through. That's not the same thing.

  • Verna : Leo's got the right idea. I like him, he's honest and he's got a heart.

    Tom Reagan : Then it's true what they say. Opposites attract.

  • Verna : You think you've raised hell.

    Tom Reagan : Sister, when I've raised hell, you'll know it!

  • Tom Reagan : Rug Daniels is dead.

    Verna : Gee, that's tough.

    Tom Reagan : Don't get hysterical.

  • Verna : Why don't we just pick up and leave town? There's nothing keeping you here. I know there's nothing keeping me.

    Tom Reagan : What about Bernie?

    Verna : He could go with us.

    Tom Reagan : You, me and Bernie; where would we go, Verna? Niagara Falls?

  • Verna : That's not why you came, either.

    Tom Reagan : Tell me why I came.

    Verna : [seductively]  The oldest reason there is.

    Tom Reagan : There are friendlier places to drink.

  • Verna : Maybe that's why I like you, Tom. I've never met anyone who made being a son of a bitch such a point of pride.

  • Verna : Shouldn't you be doing your job?

    Tom Reagan : Intimidating helpless women is my job.

    Verna : Then go find one, and intimidate her.

  • Verna : What did you tell Leo?

    Tom Reagan : I told him you were a tramp and he should dump you.

  • Verna : You're a pathetic rumhead!

    Tom Reagan : And I love you, angel!

  • Verna : I guess we both double-crossed Leo. He's well rid of us both. The two of us Tom, we're about bad enough to deserve each other.

    Tom Reagan : Are we?

    Verna : We're a couple of heels, Tom. Yes we are.

  • Verna : What you doing?

    Tom Reagan : Walking...

    Verna : Don't let on any more than you have to.

    Tom Reagan : the rain.

  • Verna : That's you all over, Tom. A lie and no heart.

  • Tom Reagan : Miss me?

    Verna : Drop dead!

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