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Very, very, very funny film
ODDBear20 November 2005
This movie always cracks me up. I should note that I'm SO not a fan of Andrew "Dice" Clay, I think his stand-up shows suck, big time. But here, he's simply fantastic as Ford Fairlane, the Rock'n Roll Detective, who mostly gets paid in the form of gifts or memorabilia.

Dice's jokes here work perfectly each time, one quotable line after another ("so many assholes, so few bullets", "you're a poet and didn't know it", "talking with Zuzu is like ************ with a cheese-grinder, slightly enjoyable but mostly painful" to name a few). The film never takes itself seriously, yet somehow keeps it from ever going into slapstick territory.

Supporting actors do well also, Presly is always a stunner, Wayne Newton gives his best ever performance as Fairlane's nemesis and Ed O'Neill is a riot as a former disco singer turned detective. Robert Englund gives a rather amusing performance as a very inept crook who's ultimate fate is nothing short of hilarious.

Finnish director Harlin directs with a sure hand, everything in the technical department in tip top shape and it's very visually stylish at times. The Adventures of Ford Fairlane is definitely not for everyone, but it's not only for die hard Clay fans, since I sure as hell ain't one of them. But I think he's perfect here and the film is very funny and comes highly recommended by me.
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A Cast of Characters right out of a Vegas Act
caspian197811 January 2002
First of all, what a great movie. None stop laughs from one of the very few comedians who can sell out Madison Square Garden. Not only was Dice's performance "Unbelievable" the supporting cast held a lot of big named actors. Wayne Newton, Priscilla Presley, Lauren Holly, and the guy who played Freddy Kruger....yeah, what's his name? Anyway, this got a terrible review from the powers to be because it was considered Dice comedy. Still, you can't watch Ford Fairlane without laughing a few times.
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Comedy Perfection
rasseng24 May 2013
This film is the perfect comedy/action film of its era! This film is absolutely perfect in every way! Andrew dice Clay is perfect in the part. The writing is excellent. The acting is good. The comic timing is impeccable. Everything works! The music is fantastic. Lauren holly is gorgeous! Clay is in his prime, and at his peak. Everything about this film is perfect! Wayne Newton as the bad guy, is great. Ed O'Neal is great. People want to hate on Clay, but he was the most popular comedian at the time! He literally was a rock star of comedy! I highly recommend this movie! It is like the perfect snapshot of the late 80's/early 90's.
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Sailorpooka200025 October 2005
Sure there is crude humor, but it's *Dice Clay*. He is who he is. This actually seemed cleaned up a bit for him. Mr Rock and roll detective gets to investigate the death of Vince Neil. You throw in Precilla Presley, Gilbert Godfried, Ed O'Neill. That is a recipe for just funny. *Very funny*, lots of good one liners, very quotable. Then again, I evidently have the mental capacity of a dead hamster. ;) If for nothing else, it is a definite watcher for fashion don'ts. Yes we *really* did dress that way in the late 80's early 90's, it was very "Rock and Roll", we thought we were cool. Though now I can't imagine why... Excellent time-period comedy. It's a re-watcher.
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Lose your ego!
xysmachine11 January 2002
The title of my post says it all for the ratings this movie received. I mean less than a 5?? This movie is in the cult classic section in every video store I go to! Sure this movie was harsh and witty while poking fun at the music industry of the late 80s/early 90s. And for those of you familiar with the late 80s/early 90s music scene, you'll remember how chaotic it was back then! This movie is a testament to all the decadent happenings during that time. Although filled with campy one-liners, an all-star cast, and extremely vulgar material, it's a Dice movie after all! That's how it's supposed to be! Granted this movie is not for everyone, it's still fun to just sit there and laugh along with the movie's gags. Offensive maybe, cheesy maybe. Get over it ya wimp!
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The Diceman- great actor/failed success
Quinoa198429 April 2000
The Adventures of Ford Fairlane looks pretty much at the Diceman at his stand-up comedy best. But, this time, he has a character and is a rock and roll detective. As usual he is the offensive Dice. Off-color, crude, and for me (a rabid Dice fan) utterly dead pan funny. But though I find Andrew Dice Clay to be a good actor, many people might see this movie and think that he is just using this film as an excuse for people to see his stand-up act. Well, like the film, the opinions are two sided. You either love the Diceman's comedy, or utterly hate it. I'm going for the upper. Great comedy and entertainment in this block-buster that rocketed Dice. A+
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It's un-f**kingbelievable!
mix-313 January 2003
There's profanity. Lots of it. PC is out the window! It's derogatory to women. And I can't help but love it. Taking into account the heavily polarized views it's safe to say that you will either hate it or you'll love it. Middle road is very unlikely. But rest assured, IF you love it, the movie will probably make it into your top 10 easy. And after all, that's not all that bad a chance to take. It's not for everyone - I wouldn't recommend it for a romantic evening with your girlfriend. Maybe with your wife :).. But give it a try. You might not hate it.
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The Diceman cometh
movieman_kev24 December 2003
Andrew Dice Clay, now THERE was a man who was ahead of his time, If he came a decade or two later he would have been heralded as the acting equivalent of say, Eminem.. You know except with talent. OOOOH! Hey is this thing on?? Anyways this movie is greatness & one of my "guilty pleasures". So many quotable lines. So many great cameos. I heard Roger Ebert HATED this movie..yeah Ebert, I F#%^ed him OOOOH!! Seriously go see this movie... NOW, snapperhead.

My Grade: B+

DVD Extras: featurette; Billy Idol music video; theatrical trailer
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Excellent flick - way ahead of its time!
gnxfan26 December 2004
FF reminds me much of Howard Stern's flick - you had those that bash it without ever seeing it! Just like Howard's bio - FF is excellent. Its like reading an adult joke book - just that it's up on the big screen.

Clay's acting is better than Stern's. He really knew what he was doing and has great screen presence. This movie SCREAMS for a sequel.

Buy it. I just got my copy at HTTP:// You can't always find it in stores but Blockbuster does have it from time to time.

It is a film that is easy to watch. No thinking required. Chill on the couch with some buds and get goofy.

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Andrew "Dice" Clay, actor....
Captain_Couth3 March 2005
The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (1990) was a starring vehicle for Andrew "Dice" Clay. It was made to capitalize on his short mainstream career. After this film he made a concert movie that was shot in M.S.G. He's the only comic to ever sell out that arena. The movie follows Clay as he tries to solve a perplexing case, it has more twists than a pretzel. but not as interesting or satisfying. Can the Dice Man finish the case and get the girl or will he fall victim to the evil bad guy? Are you brave enough to watch Andrew "Dice" Clay try and carry as film? If you are then go out and watch "The Adventures of Ford Fairlane".

The director even shot the movie in widescreen, giving it the classy treatment. A cast filled with b-movie actors and t.v. stars ( Ed O'Neil, Robert Englund, Priscella Presely, Wayne Newton) and a few music stars as well. They do their best to try and living up the film but it's all old hat and tiresome. The movie is nothing more than a novelty act for the Dice Man.

For die hard Andrew "Dice" Clay fans. Others will either be bored or wont see what's all the hub bub.
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Not as enjoyable as it used to be
MovieLuvaMatt16 June 2004
When I saw this movie for the first time, I was just getting into Dice's comedy, so I guess my point of view was more biased. Plus, I was much younger and found it entertaining enough to watch a movie with a good deal of profanity and sex jokes. Naturally, I was also less critical of movies back then. I still like Dice's humor, and don't participate in the bandwagon of people who think he's the Antichrist. Reason why? I don't believe he really is the sexist pig he portrays himself as on stage, and his whole intention is to poke fun at the stereotypical Italian-American from Brooklyn who thinks he's hot stuff and believes he can treat any woman like a piece of meat. It's a cliche when someone says a celebrity is nice and sweet in real life, as opposed to the character he plays on the big or small screen, but with Dice I believe it's true. I mean, he's a married man with two children, and isn't even Italian--he's Jewish! I could understand why people would be offended by his material, but I feel I have more of an understanding of who he really is and as a result, don't take his profane and misogynistic comments seriously.

With all that said, I was disappointed watching this movie for the first time in about 5 years. First of all, I'm a firm believer that when a comedian stars in a movie, his job is to be a good actor first and then be funny. In Dice's case, he's a good comedian, but he definitely possesses very little acting talent. His trademark gestures and expressions that are amusing to watch on stage became annoying to watch on screen. I wasn't able to buy him as the character he was portraying. All I saw was Dice for 95 minutes! Not Ford Fairlane. So when I criticize comedians-turned-actors like Mike Epps, I'm not just being prejudice against them because I don't find them funny, but because they're simply not good actors--and when they're not funny, it makes matters worse.

I was still able to get a few chuckles here and there, and during the first 20-minutes-or-so, I found myself imitating Dice's expressions. But after a while, the welcome was worn out. There are other actors in the cast who possess more talent, like Ed O'Neill and Robert Englund. Even Wayne Newton showed that he can be a fairly natural actor. Unfortunately, their roles are small and moderately thankless (even though I liked Gilbert Gottfried's cameo), and to be totally honest this isn't much more than a star vehicle for Dice. Judging by the poor box office, I guess it was proven that he's better on stage than screen. I enjoyed him in certain supporting roles like the one he played in "One Night in McCool's," but he certainly isn't star material.

It also kind of bothered me that all the women in the film were portrayed as either ditzes, villains or sex objects. Plus, the film gets plot-heavy at times, which doesn't help since the plot isn't all that interesting. However, if you decide to buy or rent the DVD, it contains a good commentary by director Renny Harlin.

My score: 5 (out of 10)
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One of the Best comedies of the 90's
robertlauter2529 June 2013
It never ceases to amaze me how many people, who fancy themselves critics, meander off into the political and try to use theatrical jargon to disguise what it is they really dislike about a movie. If you go to a movie which is a vehicle for Andrew Dice Clay who in my estimation is one of the greatest comic minds in history, (and he has the records to prove it, being the only comedian to sell out Madison Square Gardens 2 nights consecutively) how can his brand of humor be used as legitimate criticism in a movie which promotes his brand of comedy to the hilt? It's moronic, if you don't like his shtick, you won't like the movie..end of story. Why did you go see it? and why do you write sprawling reviews ...when you could sum it up in a sentence. I hate Dice's humor so naturally I hated this movie. That much said this movie was "The goods" and would have been one of the top 20 box office earners of 1990 had 20th century fox not caved to political pressure and yanked it after only 3 weeks. 12 million opening week? flop me thinks not. The cinemephotography is some of the best work since michael chapman's work in the Lost Boys. The cast are all wonderful in their cartoon roles, With Dice in the lead and Wayne Newton as the villain steeling the show. The movie is hilarious. But to prove that I am not completely biased as a dice fan, there where some minor elelments that bugged me. The editing towards the middle of the movie seemed to get sloppy, especially during the scenens in which biker hit men descend upon the sorority house. And there is a scene in which ford fairlane is being inducted as an honorary member, this is silly and does not jel with his macho stick. Also Morris Dey in a supporting role, gave a dreadful performance, which is sad because he can act, as anyone who has seen Purple Rain knows. Aside from these minor annoyances, the adventures of ford fairlane delivers all it promised, and should have become a franchise film, had 20th century fox maintained more artistic integrity in the face of controversy, not to mention business savvy as it was still making money when they pulled it despite al the undserved negative publicity. One of the best comedies of the 90s.
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Straight to the scrap heap....
Mister-624 August 1999
Is it any wonder Clay isn't in more movies?

Who could stand him for 90 minutes or so? Not too many, judging from how well "The Adventures of Ford Fairlane" did in theatres. Clay's routine transplanted to a detective "comedy" shows pretty much what made Clay what he is today; it's crude, anti-woman, sexist and extremely lunk-headed.

Just like Clay.

I'm not a fan of the Dice-Man, but even fans will notice that he's pretty diluted from his usual profane self. How else could he be considered a "hero", even in sludge like this?

And whoever told Gottfried, Presley, Day, Tone Loc, Sheila E and Vince Neil that this was a good career move deserves the same fate as Clay's career.

In fact, there is only one good thing about this movie, which I'll tell you now so you won't have to seek out this movie to find it.

It's when Gottfried is on an answering system, screeching as only he can, "Is this Chevy Nova, is this the car I want to talk to?"

And if you don't find that funny, by all means, steer clear of this "Ford".

No stars. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

I know, they only go as low as one star here, but this one makes "The Lonely Lady" look like "Birth of a Nation".
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"So many a-holes so few bullets"
Newsense23 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I remember this movie getting a chilly reception at the box office. I remember that even Dice fans where saying that this movie blows. I remember seeing for the first time late 1999 and I liked it. I bought the DVD for a cheap price at a pawn shop and have seen it 5 times since then. Its a fun movie to watch. It amazes me how fans of Andrew Dice Clay could hate this movie. Its exactly what you would expect from a movie with him as the lead role.

Ford Fairlane(Andrew Dice Clay)is sent to find an idiotic groupie named Zuzu Petals(Maddie Corman) by a friend/shock jock named Johnny Crunch(Gilbert Gottfried). His search turns into a murder investigation after the Johnny Crunch gets electrocuted on air. Ford later gets caught in a web of corruption involving a slimy record executive named Julian Grendel(Wayne Newton), a sex scandal involving Julian's former wife Colleen Sutton(Priscilla Pressley) and a theatrical hit man named Smiley(played by Robert Englund with a silly British accent).

Yeah, I know the movie is kind of dopey and can be misogynistic at times but I like watching this movie. Andrew Dice Clay was hilarious in this movie. I like the banter between him and Ed O'Neil's character Lt Amos, a former disco artist of a defunct group called Disco Express. Ford gets into some pretty crazy situations in this movie but its cool to watch. Some of the funniest and coolest one-liners were in this movie. Its mostly comedy with a slice of satire on the music industry in the 90s. Directed by Renny Harlin the precursor to Michael Bay(don't get mad at me you said so yourself), The Adventures Of Ford Fairlane is better than most people give it credit for. It was a wild and fun ride that reminded you of what made 90s movie so cool. Its definitely better than The Adventures Of Pluto Nash and Hudson Hawk. If you're a fan of the Diceman then I don't see how you couldn't like this movie. Unless you have a ridiculous high standard for every movie you are about to watch, it couldn't hurt if you gave this one a try.
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a comedy without one single laugh?
drystyx17 August 2008
This is billed as a comedy. However, it cannot evoke one single smile or laugh.

Ford is some kind of investigator. He seems to be a parody of tough guys like Humphrey Bogart, and of lady's men like James Bond. However, this fails to produce. The writing just isn't there. In fact, it looks like there wasn't even a script to this piece of whatever it is. It looks like a bunch of rich kids on crack got together with a video camera and thought they were being funny.

they failed miserably.

Nothing of interest in the whole movie. I already mentioned there isn't one single funny scene. Not even one funny joke. This bunch of motley scenes just lumps together aimlessly. There appears to be no director, no writer, no film editor. To make matters worse, no one is even entertaining or interesting. It is too bad, but Andrew Clay is just a terrible bore.

Hard to imagine anyone giving this film a good rating. It doesn't make sense. This is a film that people on drugs, who are beyond being bored, show you in order to play a prank on you. By all means, one of the worst movies ever made.
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Comic-book violence and leering smut...hardly self-effacing and barely tolerable
moonspinner5521 January 2008
The first starring vehicle for raunchy, misogynistic comedian Andrew Dice Clay, a much-ballyhooed crime-comedy about a rock-'n-roll detective in Hollywood, based upon a character created by Rex Weiner. It's a predictably tasteless, live-wire human cartoon which does everything it can to tickle its target audience (leering males 25 and under). Dice is a drawling, thickly-accented rube of the Sylvester Stallone school, modern as all get-out in language but with a throwback personality (what he's doing in southern California is a mystery, he seems like he'd be much happier solving cases in a New York borough). After a popular heavy metal singer is murdered, Dice's Ford Fairlane combs the scuzzy music-biz to find the culprits, aided by teen wiseacre Maddie Corman, assistant Lauren Holly (who knows karate!) and a cute Qualla Bear. This material (comic machismo peppered with F-you's) is strictly on a junior-high level, but the supporting cast is professional and there's a pretty funny chase around the outside of the Capitol Records building. *1/2 from ****
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Sleazy, barrel scrappingly funny
johnmatrixuk20 January 2004
My friends and I watched this film around about 1993/4 and thought it was that crap, it was funny! I think its definitely a guy movie as it goes lower than a rattle snake gonads. Some of the lines are bizarre like 'benson hearse piece of shit. I have no idea what it means but its sounds funny in the context of the film. Women will hate it as it is very male chauvinist. You either love this film or hate it. I personally loved it, very easy on the brain cells.
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Objective Analysis
MrBark17 February 2004
Wow, reading these reviews I only see two points of view: Love and Loathed. Well, there could have been more balanced reviews, but my attention span is just too short.

I rated this film 4/10. Some elements work, but most fall flat. I will start with the positives.

This film has a great supporting cast with too many moments to mention. The jokes of breaking the fourth wall hit every time. The theme song "Rock the Cradle of Love" is fantastic (great bridge). The koala bear and the sorority house cannot be beat. And the "My Hair" moment at Capitol Records busts me up!

However, all is not well for this film, and most of it falls squarely at Dice's feet. His character is just not that sympathetic. Even after living through events resembling a depressing country song, his character is barely sympathetic enough to keep the story together. His "rock and roll" sequence at the recording studio is laughable. The Diceman just can't sing.

I loved the film when it was new, but when I saw it again recently, I was shocked at how bad it was. However, the film picks up when he finds the koala. Following that up with the sorority house gave a one-two punch that put the film back on track. It's a shame those set-pieces didn't come earlier in the film.

On a side note, I was a kid when this film came out. I remember the "Rock the Cradle of Love" video. When I saw it recently, I was shocked at how young that girl looks! She didn't look that young before. All a part of getting older I suppose.

Back to the film. It has some smutty elements in it, so if you're a Holy Roller, avoid this film. Otherwise, I recommend giving the film a chance. Just remember that "class" is not readily apparent.
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Why so serious? It's OK to laugh!!
PghSportsNation20 July 2010
Alright. I know the acting isn't 5 star quality, but really, NOT EVERY FREAKING movie is meant to be Gone With the Wind.

Sometimes you have to just have some fun, enjoy a night of laughter, and the enjoy the movie for what it is: Nutty! I'm beyond tired of the PC world we live in today. It's OK to laugh sometimes.

I love the dialog in the movie, as well as the one-liners made by Dice. There's plenty of star quality in the movie with Priscilla Pressley, Ed O'Neil, Wayne Newton, Robert Englund, and Lauren Holly, so lets stop acting like the movie was filled with off the street actors. They all knew they were in a fun movie together, and all had fun being in it.

So, if you are someone who likes to laugh at silly jokes, one liners, and enjoy crude humor, then this is a movie for you.
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Best movie ever...
traceyschulz20 January 2005
Back in the day, my childhood friend and I spent slow weekday evening watching this flick at the theater. A whopping $1 filled the place with the type of folks that aren't afraid to laugh out loud. You know the running joke about black people talking to the characters on the screen in a movie? I saw it first hand, ten+ years ago. It started that night. That night was was of the greatest moments of my 10+ years of college and that movie became the best movie ever.

Next to Blues Brothers.

And Smokey & The Bandit.

And Blazing Saddles...
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I'm so terrific I have my own toll-free number: 1-800-UNBELIEVABLE!
This movie is one of the funniest ever, period. What can you say? The role of Ford Fairlane really suits the Dice. Great dialogues, great story, great movie. Un-believable! I have seen this movie numerous times and it's still rocks. This is funnier than every other comedy out there, be it American Pie #1324 or clone-how-many of Monty Python. Great.
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Great script, shame about the star.
RockySchlockyRobot13 December 2006
I like Renny Harlin. I have yet to see a movie from him that I hate and that includes the ill-received Cutthroat Island (before pirates were trendy again). So I watched this movie with mixed feelings. You see, I hate Andrew Dice Clay. The man sums up everything I dislike about dumb American comedy. I have nothing against American comedy, some of the better acts (Bill Hicks, Steven Wright, Steve Martin, Mitch Hedberg, Rchard Pryor, etc, etc) deserve to be right up there with the best of the bunch. But, sadly, many of the more popular acts seem to rely on a mixture of unsubtle punchlines recognised by the audience because they are LOUD or stale material mixed with flag-waving patriotism. Clay falls into the former group.

He's unfunny, he's brash and he's a complete dick. BUT that's fitting for the character he plays. Sadly, it doesn't make him any more enjoyable. It just means that I have to try to enjoy a Renny Harlin action comedy with one of the worst lead characters I've ever seen.

The sad thing is that the rest of the cast is a veritable goldmine. Gilbert Gottfried, Wayne Newton, Lauren Holly, Priscilla Presley, Vince Neill and Ed O'Neill all appear and all do well in their supporting roles. The movie is also helped by a script that is chock full of gems. Some of these lines are even delivered by Clay, which weakens their comedy kudos, but most of them just appear and make you chuckle instantly.

The plot hanging over everything is flimsy, nothing is too subtle and Clay is the biggest downside of the matter but Harlin walks the line between reality and cartoon incredulity far better than, for example, Sam Raimi in Crimewave. It's big, dumb fun and those who like Clay will derive a lot more pleasure from it than I did.
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Lacking in......EVERYTHING!!!!
puss-27 May 1999
Okay,let's get this straight.America,in recent history,has produced three major alternative comedians,Bill Hicks,Lenny Bruce (in the slightly less recent sixties),and Andrew Dice Clay.All three are very different.However,Hicks and Bruce were brilliant,whereas Dice Clay is....NOT! This is about as bad as comedies get.It is childish,immature,smutty and,let's be polite here,AWFUL!!!For god's sake this is RUBBISH!The only people who could possibly find this funny are people with the mentality of a dead hamster.If only it were Dice Clay who was dead instead of Lenny and Bill.And just WHAT is Robert Englund doing in this??
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A fun movie from the past!
Chabex5 January 2011
This movie is one of my favorite from my high school area- we quoted a lot of it's phrases since.

Of course I was watching it Hungarian dubbed at that time but I think that was for the better. This is one of the rare cases when I say I prefer this version more. The voice act for Ford was done by one famous Hungarian rock musician (Feró Nagy) who was the same attitude and even more hoarse voice.

I even liked the story and the gags - this movie has a re-watch value for me. Acting is pretty good as well so if you like the mood and the hair of the 80's along some good music- watch this movie.

One last thing: Respect to Jimi Hendrix :-)
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Good For What It Is
heyitsadam17 May 2017
Was this going to win Best Picture? Hell no.

But "Adventures of Ford Fairlane" is the movie you watch when you're about to go to sleep because you have a big meeting in the morning and then you see the opening credits on HBO at 11:30pm and you just have to watch it.

Movies like this, as self-serving and gross as they are, actually are more important today more than they were when they came out in the 80s and 90s. They are a reminder of a time when we could laugh at something that was gross and disgusting without having to worry about protests from leftist screaming about micro aggressions. No one names their penis "Stanley" anymore. No one is banned from MTV. No one says nursery rhymes with the word pu$$y in them.

No one knew it at the time, but AFF is an important snapshot of a better time in pop culture.
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