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Season 7

14 Jan. 1996
Out of the Ashes
When Felicity finds orphans living in an abandoned house, she petitions the town to establish a home for foundlings, which leads to the introduction of a new man in her life.
14 Jan. 1996
Love May Be Blind... But the Neighbours Ain't
Rumors spread that Felix and Izzy are romantically involved and that Olivia and Jasper are getting divorced. Felicity considers a proposal.
21 Jan. 1996
Davey and the Mermaid
When a carnival visits, Davey falls under the spell of the beautiful sideshow mermaid, Melusina, but soon realizes something fishy is going on with the double-dealing owner and his no-good chums.
28 Jan. 1996
Woman of Importance
Things are not going well in the Pettibone house beyond the one bright light of Arthur being home having graduated from veterinary school and about to take over the local practice. Izzy is still feeling uncomfortable with the new feminine influence of Muriel in their family, Izzy thinking that Muriel has taken her place in the home. Izzy is also still not speaking to Felix, who tries repeatedly to apologize and Morgan is home unexpectedly having been expelled from military college, which he hated. The final straw in his expulsion was a bookful of caricatures, albeit ...
4 Feb. 1996
Secrets and Sacrifices
When Janet's sister Abigail and her husband Malcolm return to Avonlea, tension increases in the King family. Abigail's constant criticizing of Janet's family and their circumstances gets on everyone's nerves - especially Cecily's.
18 Feb. 1996
King of the Great White Way
After hearing him sing, famous song writers Rudy and Betty Blaine become determined to make Alec a star. Hetty is unimpressed, until she discovers they are personally acquainted with King George V of England.
25 Feb. 1996
Total Eclipse
An eclipse is coming and Felix sees it as the perfect opportunity to make money. He takes in strange guests from the overcrowded Wghite Sands, perturbing his sisters.
11 Feb. 1996
Ah... Sweet Mystery of Life
The town is surprised by the engagement of Hetty and Tremayne , her partner in the White Sands Hotel.
3 Mar. 1996
From Away
Against Hetty's wishes, Davey helps two misbehaved orphans reunite with their older brother.
10 Mar. 1996
After the Ball Is Over
Abigail coerces Janet into planning a huge party for Great Aunt Eliza's 90th birthday. Aged cousin Winifred arrives for the party, bringing with her memories of Owen Briar, a lost love that both Eliza and Winifred had shared.
17 Mar. 1996
Return to Me
A mysterious telephone call interrupts Felicity King and Stuart's wedding plans and leads Hetty King and Felicity to search for Gus in Charleston, South Carolina.
24 Mar. 1996
The Last Hurrah
Jasper Dale returns from England to find that Olivia has taken in poverty stricken cannery worker Lottie Cooper and her baby girl. The town is threatened by a potential amalgamation with Carmody.
31 Mar. 1996
So Dear to My Heart
All the citizens of Avonlea gather one last time at Gus and Felicity's wedding. In the wake of the cannery fire, Jasper and Olivia decide to leave Avonlea, which vexes Hetty.

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