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Talisa Soto: Lupe Lamora



  • [Sanchez and his men have caught Lupe in bed with another man] 

    Franz Sanchez : [to Lupe]  What did he promise you? His heart?

    [to Dario] 

    Franz Sanchez : Give her his heart!

    [Dario pulls a knife] 

    Lupe Lamora : [as the man is being removed]  No. No Franz. I didn't mean any harm.

    Franz Sanchez : It's okay, baby. No te preocupes. We all make mistakes.

    [produces a whip] 

    Franz Sanchez : Your escapades are getting more creative.

    Lupe Lamora : Por favor, Franz.

    Franz Sanchez : Not a word.

    [Sanchez whips her while Dario cuts out her lover's heart] 

  • James Bond : [after seeing whip marks on Lupe's back]  You'd better find yourself a new lover.

    Lupe Lamora : Don't you men know any other way?

    James Bond : It's Sanchez's way. You seem to like it.

    Lupe Lamora : You know nothing. Please go. If they find you here, we'll both be killed.

  • Milton Krest : You caused us all a lot of trouble, young lady.

    Lupe Lamora : You're borracho. Go to bed.

  • Milton Krest : You better watch yourself, girlie. I've known him a long time. I've seen a lot of girls like you come - and go.

    Lupe Lamora : You're drunk. Get out! And stop peeking through my windows.

  • James Bond : Who whipped you? Sanchez?

    Lupe Lamora : It was my fault. I did something wrong, made him angry.

  • James Bond : Where's Sanchez?

    Lupe Lamora : Upstairs in his office. He's been there all day. He's planning a big party for some Orientals tomorrow night.

    James Bond : And what did you tell him about the Wavekrest?

    Lupe Lamora : Nothing. Now go.

    James Bond : Take me to him.

    Lupe Lamora : You loco? You'll get us both killed.

  • Lupe Lamora : What's gonna happen to us?

    James Bond : Don't worry. When this is all over, I'll make sure you get back home.

    Lupe Lamora : Home? It took me 15 years to get away from there. I don't wanna go back. Can't we leave together? I'll be safe with you.


    James Bond : No, Lupe. I don't think that would work out.

    Lupe Lamora : How can we tell unless we try?


    Lupe Lamora : I think it's gonna work out very well.


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