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Ernie Hudson: Winston Zeddemore



  • Egon : Vigo the Carpathian. Born 1505, died 1610.

    Peter Venkman : 105 years old, he hung in there, didn't he?

    Ray : He didn't die of old age, either. He was poisoned, stabbed, shot, hung, stretched, disembowled, drawn and quartered.

    Peter Venkman : Ouch.

    Winston : Guess he wasn't too popular at the end, huh?

    Egon : No, not exactly a man of the people. Also known as Vigo the Cruel, Vigo the Torturer, Vigo the Despised, and Vigo the Unholy.

    Peter Venkman : Wasn't he also Vigo the Butch?

    Ray : And dig this, there was a prophecy. Just before his head died, his last words were "Death is but a door. Time is but a window. I'll be back."

  • Ray : [of the insulting birthday party kids]  Ungrateful little yuppie larva. After everything we did for this city.

    Winston : Yeah, we conjured up a hundred-foot marshmallow man, blew the top three floors off an uptown high-rise, and ended up getting sued by every city, county, and state agency in New York.

    Ray : Yeah... but what a ride.

  • Ray : It looks like a giant Jell-O mold.

    Winston : I hate Jell-O.

    Peter Venkman : Oh, come on. There's always room for Jell-O!

  • [looking at the painting of Vigo] 

    Winston : Wow, that is one ugly dude.

  • Peter Venkman : [as the Mayor walks in] 

    [Raising his voice over the rest of the 'Busters] 

    Peter Venkman : Lenny. Big man.

    The Mayor : The Ghostbusters.

    Winston : Mr. Mayor?

    [Holds out his hand, wanting to shake his hand] 

    The Mayor : What is this? A slumber party?

    Ray : Well, that's why we wanted to see you.

    The Mayor : Listen, *I* don't want to hear anything about it. You got 2 minutes. Make it good.

    Ray : [Getting started]  Well, first of all Mr. Mayor, it's a great pleasure to see you again, and you'll be happy to know that 50% of us voted for you in the last election.

    The Mayor : I appreciate that.

    Peter Venkman : I'm sorry we have to meet under these circumstances.

    Ray : Mr. Mayor, we're here tonight because a psychomagnatheric slimeflow of immense proprtions is building up beneath the city.

    The Mayor : Psycho-what?

    Egon : Psychomagnatheric.

    Peter Venkman : Big word, big word.

    Egon : Negative human emotions that are forming into a vicious ectoplasm with *explosive* supernormal potential.

    The Mayor : Can somebody speak english here?

    Winston : Uh yeah. Your honor, what we're trying to say is all of the bad feelings. You know hate, anger and the vibes of the city are turning into this *sludge*. I didn't believe in it either. But, we just went for a swim in it and end up almost killing each other.

    Hardemeyer : [to the Mayor] 


    Hardemeyer : This is insane! Do we *really* have to listen to this?

    Peter Venkman : [to Hardemeyer]  Can't you stop your lips from flapping for 2 little minutes?

    [to the Mayor] 

    Peter Venkman : Lenny, have you been out on the street lately, do you know weird it is out there? We've taken our own headcount, there seems to be 3 *million* completely miserable assholes living in the Tri-State area.

    Hardemeyer : [In disbelief]  Please?

    Peter Venkman : I beg your prdon, 3 million and *one*.

    Hardemeyer : Hey.

    Ray : And what *fuggy brain* here doesn't realize, that if we don't do something fast this whole place is gonna blow like a frog on a hot plate.

    Hardemeyer : [In disbelief]  Yeah right.

    The Mayor : What do you want me to do, go on television and tell 3 million people they have to be *nice* to each other?

    [Begins to walk off] 

    The Mayor : Being miserable and treating other people like dirt is every New Yorker's god-given right. Your 2 minutes are up, good night gentlemen.

  • [Ray has stepped in front of the painting of Vigo, blocking the Ghostbusters' attack] 

    Egon : Ray... we'd like to shoot the monster. Could you move, please?

    Peter Venkman : Ray...

    Winston : Ray?

    Egon , Peter Venkman , Winston : RAY!

    [Ray turns around, he is Ray/Vigo] 

    Ray : [demonic voice]  NO! I, Ray, am Vigo, shall rule the Earth! Begone, you pitiful half-men!

    Peter Venkman : Now!

    [they attack] 

  • [At the foot of the Statue of Liberty] 

    Peter Venkman : Kinda makes you wonder, doesn't it?

    Winston : Wonder what?

    Peter Venkman : Whether she's naked under that toga. She *is* French. You know that.

  • [the Ghostbusters have been committed to a mental hospital] 

    Ray : As I explained before, we think the spirit of a 17th century Moldavian tyrant is alive and well in a painting at the Manhattan Museum of Art.

    Psychiatrist : Uh-huh, and are there any other paintings in the museum with bad spirits in them?

    Egon : You're wasting valuable time. He's drawing strength from a psychomagnotheric slime flow that's been collecting under the city.

    Psychiatrist : Yes, tell me about the slime.

    Winston : It's very potent stuff. We made a toaster dance with it.

    [motions to Peter] 

    Winston : And a bathtub tried to eat his friend's baby.

    Psychiatrist : A bathtub?

    Peter Venkman : [with his head buried in his arms in despair]  Don't look at me. I think these people are completely nuts.

  • Egon : [talking about the mood slime after yelling at it]  We're running tests to see if we can get an equally strong positive response.

    Peter Venkman : What kind of tests?

    Ray : Well, we sing to it, talk to it, and say supportive, nurturing things to it.

    Peter Venkman : You're not sleeping with it, are you, Ray?

    [Ray doesn't answer, but stares intently at Egon] 

    Peter Venkman : [noticing Egon, teasingly]  You hound.

    Winston : It's always the quiet ones.

    Egon : [clears throat, and hastily changes the subject]  How 'bout the kinetic test?

  • [viewing the River of Slime] 

    Egon : You know how much negative energy would be necessary to generate a flow this size?

    Winston : New York - what a town, huh?

  • Egon : [after a ghost train runs through Winston]  I think that was the old New York Central "City of Albany"! Derailed in 1920! Killed hundreds of people! Did you catch the number on the locomotive?

    Winston : Sorry. I missed it.

  • Egon : Hey!


    Egon : Hey! Hey!

    Ray : Hello.


    Ray : Hello. Hello.

    Winston : Hey!

    Demonic Voice : Wwwwwwiiiiiinnnnnssssstoooooonnnnnn!

  • Winston : That was really stupid.

  • Egon : I think that was the New York Central City Albany! Derailed in 1920 and killed hundreds of people, did you catch the number on the locomotive?

    Winston : Sorry, I missed it.

    Egon : Something's trying to stop us, we must be close.

  • Judge Wexler : [At the Ghostbusters' trial]  Before we begin this trial, I want to make one thing very clear: The law does not recognize the existence of ghosts, and I don't believe in them either. So I don't wanna hear a lot of malarkey about goblins, spooks, and demons. We're gonna stick to the facts in this case. Leave the ghost stories to the kiddies, understood?

    Winston : Wow. Sounds like a pretty open-minded guy, huh?

    Egon : Yeah, they call him "The Hammer."

    Ray : What can we do? It's all in the hands of our lawyer now.

    Louis Tully : I think you guys are making a big mistake. I do mostly tax law and some probate stuff occasionally. I got my law degree at night school.

    Ray : Well, that's fine, Louis. We got arrested at night.

  • Peter Venkman : [the Ghostbusters enters the museum's restoration room]  All right, suck in the guts, guys. We're the Ghostbusters.

    [they breathe in] 

    Janosz : [approaches the four; claps]  No! No, please go! You...

    Ray : Who's this wiggler?

    Ray : He's yours, Ray. Sic him.

    Peter Venkman : [to Peter]  I have discuss things with you. Now I...

    Ray : Hi, how are you? Ray Stantz from the Ghostbusters. Nice to see you. Beautiful lab you have here.

    Janosz : Can I tell what I told your friend?

    Ray : We're just doing a routine spook check.

    Janosz : Eh, Dr. Venkman, Dana is not here.

    Peter Venkman : Yeah, we know that, Johnny.

    Janosz : So why are you came?

    Peter Venkman : Well, we got a report there was a major creep in the area. We checked our list and you were right there at the top. Johnny, where the hell are you from anyway?

    Janosz : The Upper West Side.

    Egon : The whole room's extremely hot, Peter.

    Janosz : Hot?

    Winston : [notices the painting of Vigo]  Ooh, that's one ugly dude.

    Peter Venkman : Oh, that's Vigo. Mr. Vigo?

    Janosz : Uh...

    Peter Venkman : [starts to take pictures of Vigo]  Vigs, would you look this way, please?

    Janosz : Please. No, don't. No, no!

    Peter Venkman : Come on, show me something.

    Janosz : No! No photographs, please! Slides are available in the Gift Shop, eh?

    [Winston pulls Janosz out of the way; Janosz yells] 

    Peter Venkman : Yeah, thanks. Thank you, Winston.

  • [after failing to break through the ectoplasm surrounding the Museum] 

    Egon : That slime mold is pulsing with evil. It would take a tremendous amount of positive energy to crack that shell and I seriously doubt there's enough goodwill left in this town to do it.

    Ray : You know, I just can't believe things have gotten so bad in this city that there's no way back. I mean, sure, it's dirty, it's crowded, it's polluted, it's noisy and there's people all around who'd just as soon step on your face as look at you. But come on! There's got to be a few sparks of sweet humanity left in this burned-out 'burg and we just have to figure out a way to mobilize it.

    Egon : He's right. We need something that everyone in this town can get behind, we need... a symbol!

    Ray : Something that appeals to the best in each and every one of us.

    Egon : Something good.

    Winston : Something decent.

    Peter Venkman : Something pure.

    [They are all looking at the image of the Statue of Liberty on the Ecto-1's license plate] 

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