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Sex & Nudity

  • Holly and John are Seen kissing in a few scenes
  • McClane encounters a poster of a topless woman twice on one of the building floors under construction.
  • When the terrorists are taking over the Nakatomi Plaza, there is a brief view of a topless woman.

Violence & Gore

  • The majority of the film consists of shootouts and gunplay, as the main character is forced to use lethal force against the bad guys. Many characters die from gunshots, and there is a fair amount of blood.
  • There is one brutal fight scene in which a character is repeatedly kicked in the face, and the altercation ends when one of the combatants is hung from a chain by the neck.
  • One character is shot in the groin and waist through a table, and another character is shot point-blank and dies. One character is shot in the head, and the hole in his head, as well as some spattered blood, can be seen.
  • Two characters get into a brief fight, and one of the characters falls down the stairs and breaks their neck. The dead man's body is then tied to a chair and put into an elevator.
  • One bad guy is shot in the head by a cop, and blood is shown.
  • The protagonist drops a homemade bomb down an elevator shaft, resulting in a large explosion, which kills two bad guys.
  • One character is shot, and falls out of the building to his death, though he isn't shown hitting the ground.
  • The protagonist's feet get cut by glass that he steps on after many windows are shot out in a gunfight.
  • There are a few explosions and other large scale carnage, much of which is intense.


  • 56 uses of "fuck" (along with 2 uses of the trademark "Yippee-ki-yay motherfucker"), 34 uses of "shit" (3 paired with "bull"), 2 uses of "shithead", 14 uses of "asshole", 14 uses of "ass", 13 uses of "Goddamn", 3 uses of "dickhead", 1 use of "bastard", 3 uses of "Christ" 2 uses of "jerk off".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • People drink alcohol at a party, and there are one or two who are clearly drunk.
  • Several characters smoke cigarettes.
  • Cocaine is briefly snorted twice.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Very thrilling. Several shootouts, fist fights and explosions. Most with a degree of blood and intensity. Nothing frightening.
  • Rated R for intense strong violence and language throughout, brief drug use and nudity.
  • The fight scene between John and Karl is brutal and intense.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Karl and John get into a brutal fistfight, and John is seen to be very bloody. He is getting beaten a few times, then he takes a chain and put it around Karl's neck and hangs Karl to death. This scene is pretty intense
  • John and Tony get into a fight where John is grabbing Tony from the back and then when Tony and John fall down, Tony breaks his neck and he dies. Later, Hans sees Tony's dead body, and blood is all over him.
  • Hans Gruber holds Holly hostage and then John shoots him and another bad guy, and Hans falls through a window. He is seen holding Holly's hand, and when John releases her hand, Hans falls down from the skyscraper and dies, though he isn't shown hitting the ground.
  • More than a dozen people are shot, often accompanied by brief instances of bloody bullet wounds and "squibs" (not detailed or graphic). McClane is forced to walk on shards of glass barefoot to escape after the terrorists shoot glass windows in the process of a gunfight. By the end he is dragging his foot across the ground and a large blood trail is seen. He is later seen getting shards of glass out of his foot. This isn't graphic, and the actual shard pulling is mostly offscreen and interspersed with other scenes, quite a lot of blood is seen however.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • To outmaneuver his opponents, McClane desperately hangs from his sub-machine gun's strap in a deep air shaft to get to an ventilation duct. The attempt is depicted from above and it is clearly a unsurvivable drop to the bottom of the building if he falls. As McClane makes his attempt, the strap is undone and he falls, barely managing to grab on to a lower ventilation duct and enter it to safety. This scene is pretty intense.
  • McClane discovers the villains are going to kill all the hostages when they blow up the roof. He barely manages to drive the hostages back down, dodges rifle fire from two trigger happy FBI agents from a helicopter and escape the roof himself before the explosives detonate and destroy the helicopter.

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