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Alexander Godunov: Karl



  • Hans Gruber : [Hans' radio turns on]  I thought I told all of you, I want radio silence until further...

    John McClane : Ooooh, I'm very sorry Hans. I didn't get that message. Maybe you should've put it on the bulletin board. I figured since I've waxed Tony and Marco and his friend here, I figured you and Karl and Franco might be a little lonely, so I wanted to give you a call.

    Karl : How does he know so much about th...

    Hans Gruber : [silences Karl him with a gesture]  That's very kind of you. I assume you are our mysterious party crasher. You are most troublesome, for a security guard.

    John McClane : Eeeh! Sorry Hans, wrong guess. Would you like to go for Double Jeopardy where the scores can really change?

    [speaking to dead man about cigarettes] 

    John McClane : Whoa, these are very bad for you.

    Hans Gruber : Who are you then?

    John McClane : Just a fly in the ointment, Hans. The monkey in the wrench. The pain in the ass.

  • Hans : The following people are to be released from their captors: In Northern Ireland, the seven members of the New Provo Front. In Canada, the five imprisoned leaders of Liberte de Quebec. In Sri Lanka, the nine members of the Asian Dawn movement...

    John McClane : [listening on the radio]  What the fuck?

    Karl : [mouthing silently]  Asian Dawn?

    Hans : [covers the radio]  I read about them in Time magazine.

  • Karl : [holding a gun to McClane's head, takes his radio]  We are both professionals. This is personal.

    [smashes the radio] 

  • Hans Gruber : If you'd listened to me, he would be neutralised already.

    Karl : I don't want neutral. I want dead.

  • Karl : No one kills him but me!

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