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20 Jan. 1987
Episode dated 20 January 1987
The original Unsolved Mysteries special hosted by Raymond Burr. It features the following segments: Murder - Don Kemp; Murder - Roger Wheeler Sr.; Mystery - Pat Mealbach; Wanted - Terry Lee Conner and Joseph Daugherty.
17 Apr. 1987
This episode includes: Badlands & UD, Sixty Miles, McFall and Mail Call & UD.
25 May 1987
Lost: Wanda Jean Mays
The second Unsolved Mysteries special. It is hosted by Karl Malden. It features the following segments: Lost - Wanda Jean Mays; Wanted - John Burns; Mystery - Kyra Cook; Wanted - Rolex Robbers; Wanted - Robert Weeks.
24 Sep. 1987
Episode dated 24 September 1987
The second Unsolved Mysteries special. Hosted by Karl Malden. Segments: Wanted - The Unabomber; Wanted - John Lutter; Mystery - Glen Consagra; Lost - Heirs of George Marsh; Update - "Wanted: John Burns"; Update - "Wanted: Robert Weeks"
29 Nov. 1987
Episode dated 29 November 1987
Wanted: David Davis. Murder: Shannon Davis. Mystery: Aileen Conway. Mystery: Glen and Bessie Hyde. Lost: Dottie Caylor.
5 Feb. 1988
Episode dated 5 February 1988
Wanted: Jerry Strickland and Missy Munday; Final Appeal: Michael Martin; Unexplained Death: Kurt McFall; Lost: Heirs of Charlie Scheel.
6 May 1988
Episode dated 6 May 1988
The Unexplained: Dorothy Allison; Update: Jerry Strickland and Missy Munday; Wanted: Steve Hadley; Lost Loves: Undelivered WWII Letters.
18 May 1988
Episode dated 18 May 1988
Amnesia: Susan Laferte; Fraud: Louis Carlucci; Wanted: Diane Brodbeck and Jon Yount; Treasure: Beale Treasure.
1 episode
African-American students from North Carolina A and T State University are terrorized and run off the road by the mysterious driver of a Monte Carlo with Georgia plates.
8 Sep. 1993
Episode dated 8 September 1993
Reports on evidence suggesting a Government coverup in the 1968 assassination of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr; the 1991 disappearance of a 32-year-old woman; and the hunt for an armed and dangerous man who shot and wounded a police officer.
Campus Murder
This episode includes: Campus Murder Expose & UD, Walk-Ins, Texas Wife Murder, Pick Ax Savior and Stella.
Newlywed Found Dead
Recently married Jeff and Judith Smith go to Philadelphia to attend a conference. They agree to meet at their hotel at dinnertime. He goes off to the conference and she says she is going sightseeing. He gets back at the appointed time and she is no where to be found. Six months later her remains are found in a shallow grave in Asheville, N. Carolina.
31 Dec. 2002
Love on the Run
This episode includes: Love on the Run & UD, Georgetown Arson, Lottery Miracle and Lucky School.