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Perfectly awful. But perfect in its own way
Gadlen18 December 1998
It's awful, horrid, terrible.

I would recommend it to anyone I know.

It is just so perfectly awful. The soundtrack was obviously done on a $19.95 Casio by a one armed musician. This film's appeal can be compared to that of "Toxic Avenger", another New Jersey homespun tale.

Its caring details make it a caricature of itself and of horror films in general. It's funny. It's awful. It's awfully funny.

And if you groaned even a little at that last joke, see this film.... if you can find it.
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I Still Like It!
CARMINE5810 October 2001
Okay, maybe I'm biased. I've seen my other films and other than a few pleasant memories with the people involved, there wasn't much to remember. PSYCHOS, still, to this day, makes me laugh. For those who disliked it - well you just don't get it, do you? You need to know the movie references and also have a sense of humor. And a hat. I can hardly wait for the DVD release that is supposed to have lots of extras. I appreciate all the fan mail that I get and it's amazing what fans consider their favorite parts. Scary, ain't it? OK. The acting was bad, the script was practically rewritten on the set and the effects seemed amateurish - but this movie makes people laugh. That's what we set out to do. I liked it. It's no PHANTOM MENACE - whoops - CITIZEN KANE, I mean, but it doesn't pretend to be. However, I like to pretend I'm Orson Welles and eat fish sticks. But that's another movie.
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A genuine one-off and unforgettable
FilmFlaneur19 September 2000
I have only seen this film once, and a few years back at that, in an imperfect video pirate copy (it is very hard to see at all, let alone uncut in the UK), but have never forgotten it. That's a hell of a lot more than I can say about many other films.

It's a brave perhaps prematurely postmodern, film, one which takes risks with taste and art as well as the audience's genre expectations - but which succeeds triumphantly. Wes 'Scream' Craven cold take some tips from a film which wears its self consciousness so lightly and its irony so affectingly!

What could easily have been forgettable trash actually transcends its origins to become something memorable and witty, commenting on the genre as well as confronting what is meant by 'good taste'. Despite every handicap Psychos in Love rises above its origins to become a deserved and disturbing cult classic whose reputation will grow and grow... a Z grade classic!
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My life has been a vacuous void without this film!
UvulaPie15 April 2002
If you had one shot to make a perfect comedy movie with slasher gore effects, you would throw in every idea, every concept, every joke imaginable, right? And they did and it works.

I just saw this film for the first time in over a decade and I had forgotten how great it is! Largely snubbed by The Academy, this film has bad humor, odes to Hitchcock, gore, Pythonesque meta-film moments, and gratuitous T&A... well, gratuitous T. But very, very funny. Sure the sound overdubs are not always dead on (and they know enough to make fun of this) and the acting isn't quite first-rate, but dammit, this film is pure gold!

Expect to hear me playing the "Psychos In Love" theme song in a coffee house near you!
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Cult classic
nick6914 October 1999
Pure genius. I can't recommend this film enough. Rent this movie and start laughing. A film about 2 serial killers that fall in love. The soundtrack was done on a Casio and the acting is amateur. This is what B movies are all about.
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Sheer brilliance.
Hey_Sweden23 November 2013
The loose and wacky splatter comedy "Psychos in Love" isn't quite perfect for what it is, as it gets dull in places and some scenes simply go on too long. But when this movie hits the mark, it's a riot. It satirizes the slasher film while also supplying enough female flesh to keep its audience happy and delivering some major gut busting laughs. It's at its brightest when playing with the conventions of filmmaking. It makes sure to remind us that we're watching a movie and has some terrific moments of fourth wall breaking.

One senses that this was a labour of love; various cast members also work behind the camera. Star Carmine Capobianco composed the silly, often hilarious music score, and was on the special effects team. And his leading lady Debi Thibeault designed the costumes. The two play Joe and Kate, a bar / strip club owner and manicurist respectively, who each has the bad habit of murdering the people that they date. When they meet, and confess to each other their big secrets, it's a case of true love. And while this is going on, an incredibly creepy plumber named Herman (Frank Stewart, who also did the hair and makeup) regularly kills his customers and then eats them. You know it's just a matter of time before his path crosses that of Joe and Kate.

There are some truly wonderful moments; one occurs around the 25 minute mark and another takes place close to the end. You'll know them when you see them. Capobianco and Thibeault are an engaging pair. Among the ladies delivering the goods are Cecilia Wilde, Ruth Collins, LeeAnn Baker, Angela Nicholas, and Patti Chambers. The (lack of a) budget may be evident at all times, but this is hardly an issue as the cast and crew have a hell of a time, and show their viewers a good time in the process.

Capobianco co-wrote the playful screenplay with Gorman Bechard, who directed, shot, and edited the movie as well.

If you love good trash, a good comedy, and the prospect of filmmaking in general, you should find this quirky gem to be quite a hoot.

Eight out of 10.
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Enjoy it for what it is
vegasniceguy-126 October 2005
I saw this movie when it first came out. Was in charge of ordering movies for a large video store. Saw it in the catalog and had to buy it.

This is a fun movie. The theme song is catchy, has a nice chorus. I even put it on a number of tapes I made. (it always impresses my dates when they hear it) A low-budget flick that doesn't take itself seriously, it is a unique love story. It probably was a blast to film, wish I could have been there.

I really enjoyed this movie, wish I could find my copy to watch it again.

"Grapes. We hate grapes."
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Funny, fairy-tale for psychopaths.
mab114 May 2001
Psychos in Love is one of those fun low-calorie movies made for people who love b-movies. The fun part is watching the two leads interact with each other, as they definitely have chemistry together. If you don't like one joke, wait a few seconds, and another will come along. Wasn't made as a think-piece, obviously, and it wasn't made to dazzle anyone with it's technical brilliance. It is what it is, a silly comedy with some outstanding moments.
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The best movie Troma never made!
sexdwarf12 September 2002
Ok, PSYCHOS IN LOVE is pure unadulterated silliness from start to finish. Not a moment of it is to be taken seriously and anyone who does take it seriously should seriously have their head examined. It plays out very much like a poor man's Troma film (if that's possible!) replete with lots of unconvincing gore and T & a shots. The two lead actors are a hoot and do their job very well. I especially liked Kate's character and how they made her up to look like Molly Ringwald. Plot is fairly simple: Two mad slashers meet, find they share a similar hatred for grapes (!!) and before you know it, they're headed for the altar! Amidst the romancing and killing, a cannibal plumber named Herman is on the loose. The sub-plot involving the cannibalistic plumber doesn't go far but then, you aren't watching PSYCHOS IN LOVE for depth and characterization. Herman comes to fix the psychopathic newlyweds sink, finds out they are killers, blackmails them and then. I had a fun time watching this thing. The jokes are extremely dark and subtle, and are almost always dead on. A real gem in a long line of slapstick comedy-horror. Recommended for connoisseurs of all things cheap and stupid.
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An unappreciated satirical masterpiece
Josef K.-224 April 2000
This film isn't hokey or predictable, it knows exactly what it is doing: messing with the audience and having a great time. The dialogue between Joe and Kate is some of the best, quirkiest, and offbeat genius I have heard come out of a forte of slasher comedies from the 80's. The film satisfies. It placates. It delivers the bloody goods on so many levels. It's hard for me to explain the appeal; most people hate it unjustly. It seems to come from this pit of frustration the writer(s) feel, exploding in a wave of nihilistic apathy and brilliant gore. It defines the eighties. It defines the way people feel and is entertainment on an elevated level. It is classic.
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the flesh, the splatter and the joking about
christopher-underwood1 February 2010
This is really good fun. Clearly the two writers, Carmine Capobianco and Gorman Bechard, who also star and direct respectively knew they were on to a good idea and ran with it, barely making a false move. Sexy and gory by turns from the very beginning, it is also very knowing and mainly very amusing. Once or twice, particularly towards the end, I felt the humour become a little silly and the running joke barely amusing anyway. But let us not quibble, this is packed with sexy action and if the lovely leading lady, Debi Thibeault is a little shy about getting naked, nobody else seems to be. Uncompromising and funny, this film was a real surprise to me. I expected to have to ignore ropey acting and evidence of the low budget, but no, all is very competent and even the theme song is pretty decent. The best line has been nicked from Groucho Marx, but so what, let's call it an homage. There are indeed other movie references to enjoy as well as the flesh, the splatter and the joking about.
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A great an overlooked movie
horror_fan19992 March 2002
This movie has it all, psychos who fall in love and kill people, and best of all its got a theme song!!!! If you see this at your local rental place, do yourself a fav, and rent it. One of the few movies that make me glad to be alive.
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I don't care what anyone says, this movie is a masterpiece.
zombiechan9 July 2019
I love this movie, the absurdity is amusing as hell, the two leads are really fun, and Carmine Capobianco's character name is my name, which is really important to me when watching a film. If I could save only one movie that isn't The Godfather from complete annihilation, it would be Psychos in Love.

Is there any word on the sequels? I really want to see Psychos In Love VII(Kate eats a Grape) and Psychos In Love IX(Joe and Kate vs Godzilla).

Side note: The most gruesome scenes were the ones where Joe poured the beer.
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Twisted Brilliance!
SoSickOfTheRain16 June 2009
Psychos in Love is one of the most twisted comedies you will ever see. Way ahead of it's time, it's been ripped off by Hollywood (SCREAM!) and Madison Avenue Ad Agencies (the insurance industry's grape commercial...c'mon!), and I'm sure it's still being quote today by fans who first saw it two decades ago.

The new DVD is ridiculously cool! Extras abound. The two commentaries offer completely different takes on the film. Gorman's solo is like a great film class. The one with him and Carmine is funny and sweet. The making off made me laugh out loud. And the photo gallery is really amazing.

I love this movie. Along side The Evil Dead and Reanimator, probably my favorite in the horror genre of all time. Glad to finally see it get the DVD release it deserves.

A must have for any good DVD collection!
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Psychos in Love
Scarecrow-881 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Cheery serial killer comedy has Joe(Carmine Capobianco), a homicidal murder of women meeting Kate(Debi Thibeault), a psychopath who enjoys killing men, with the result being a match made in hell. Joe selects his victims through a strip joint/bar he owns, sometimes customers, other times employees. Kate is a manicurist who often slays male customers who make sexual advances. We follow their extra curricular activities and complicated life before and after marriage, dealing with the urge to kill and loss of thrills that derive from slaughtering too many victims. Also, in a minor sub-plot, this plumber butchers and eats clients who call him up to fix their clogged sink pipes.

The entire film is completely tongue and cheek, but features sick humor regarding the joy of burying a knife or another weapon into chosen victims for kicks. Lots of blood and throat slashing..with knives, scissors, even a finger-nail file stabbing into the bodies of unfortunates who decided to accept what they thought was a type of probable sexual encounter. The film doesn't really follow a narrative with the filmmakers instead allowing us into the disturbing lives of this psychotic duo, and how they go about their daily activities;the selection of victims, how obnoxious those chosen can be, the time spent with them before Joe and Kate tire of their presence with bloodshed not far behind. Plenty of tits feature prominently during dances in the stripper joint, not to mention, those female victims who come home with Joe. Even a bevy of shower sequences with the camera shooting up close often gliding down naked bodies as women bathe. Thibeault is not bad to look at, and one can see why she has a wide selection of men to off in sadistic ways. Capobianco seems to be enjoying himself, not really even trying to act..I felt just by watching him that Capobianco acts like this all the time. Director Gorman Bechard and his film-making team were able to get a lot of women to go topless in this film, with obviously many being local gals. Shot on a shoestring, you can see how the filmmakers cut corners in an attempt to realistically present the nasty behavior of psychopaths with a pleasure for violence and dismemberment. That's why they do everything they can to ratchet up the zany comedy and endless supply of zingers with some hitting the mark, and others painfully lame. While their acts of violence, and calm reserve during and after them, are meant to shock, you never take the film seriously due to the lighthearted tone.

To a certain crowd, this will be a lot of fun, but for a vast majority, I feel it will be considered repulsive and cheap. I think for such a low budget(..Capobianco doesn't shy away from the fact that he used a Casio for the film's soundtrack, it's even out during a scene at his bar while the crowd was dancing), many will turn it away. But, I consider this to be one of the better micro-budget flicks to come out of the 80's. Shot mostly in Joe's home and bar, the film can be a bit claustrophobic at times. Oh, Joe and Kate's loathing of all things grapes is constantly reminded to us..they even kill people who claim to like grapes.
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The Grapes of … Insanity
Coventry20 October 2010
Back in the 1980's - when pretty much everyone thought they could make their own independent horror movie - there was an overload of amateurish, insipid and often downright awful films. Basically "Psychos in Love" is such a film, but at least it remains endurable at all times thanks to the general absurdity of the plot and the spirited enthusiasm of cast and crew. Joe is a strip club owner who tells bad jokes and brutally kills young girls as a hobby. Kate works as an independent manicure and she enjoys killing all the pathetic men that try to get in her pants. It's love at first sight for the two psychopathic killers, especially upon realizing they share an extreme detestation for grapes. Let it be clear, they hate grapes! They hate blue grapes as well as green grapes. They hate them with seeds or without, peeled or not peeled. They hate them in bunches, separately or in pairs! Well I'm sorry to rant on about the grapes, but this monologue gets repeated at least half a dozen times in the movie, so the least I could do was to include it here as well. Joe and Kate decide to have an open relationship, where they can each slash and mutilate as much as they want, but they quickly grow tired of killing. They attempt to revive their mutual hobby by killing together and there's also a bizarre encounter with a cannibalistic plumber. As you can tell, "Psychos in Love" should definitely NOT be taken seriously, and that's exactly the reason why it's still somewhat amusing. It's okay that the acting performances are abominable and the dialogs appear to be written by kindergarten pupils. The bad make-up effects are quite charming and the overload of gratuitous female nudity is actually also an obligatory thing in a tasteless 80's horror movie. Main problems here are that the ingenious gimmick of murdering lovers gets dull rather quickly (especially since they even exist to sing a song about their love) and personally I really hated all those stupid "we're in a movie" jokes. Microphones deliberately hanging in the picture, characters talking straight into the camera and referring to previous scenes, etc. Why insist on assuring the audience that this is just a movie through lousy humor? I mainly agree with the general statement claiming that "Psychos in Love" is what B-movies are all about, but they should have dropped that.
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Face it, this movie needed to be made
Tromafreak19 June 2009
Joe is a lonely bartender, just looking for a special lady who shares his loves, as well as his hates, namely a passionate hatred for grapes, and an uncontrollable love for a little hobbie Joe likes to call "cold-blooded murder". One night, Kate, a cute little Molly Ringwald lookalike manicurist walks in to Joe's life. Learning about Kate's hatred for grapes would no doubt, give Joe the courage to ask for a date, but once he discovers that she too is a psychotic killer... well, this just might be love. Psycho's In Love is the quintessential Horror-Comedy, truly a breath of fresh air to any lover of Horror, tongue-in-cheek humor, but most of all, B-movies, and I regret that it took me this long to hear about it. Perhaps a bit too silly and overly spoofish at times but one can't deny the enthusiastic, positive feel to the whole thing, along with a thick layer of dark humor that might remind one of something like Eating Raoul. Psycho's In Love is just a pitch-black good time, from beginning to end. Also, I can totally relate to Joe and Kate, I have no issues with grapes, or anything weird like that, but I've always had a phobia of bananas. Anyway, the fact that I never even heard of this movie before this year, and that it only recently got an official DVD (Shriek Show) release tells me exactly how unappreciated and underrated this lovable 80's exploitation gem really is, and I'm sure the cult will grow in time. I suppose You can always settle for Scary Movie 1 and 2, or even 3 and 4 if you're a child, there will be cheap laughs and shameless spoofing either way, but for something with a little more style, head out to Exploitation Country to find out what's so terrible about grapes, and what's so great about being a psycho... in love. 8/10
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Twisted Love Story
kirbylee70-599-52617922 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
If you're like me and have a bit of a twisted sense of humor then the odds are pretty good that you will like PSYCHOS IN LOVE. Made in 1987 while the video boom was still going strong the movie was one of those straight to tape films that filled the shelves at mom and pop video stores across the country. With its cover depicting a wedding couple kissing while the groom is stabbing a woman and the bride is decapitating someone with a chainsaw pretty much summed up the movie in a single picture it was either one you sought out or were repulsed by. Back then I was at least curious.

At the time I wasn't all that impressed but then again I was watching so many releases while owning a store and trying to decide what to buy that I was a bit jaded. With the film's release by Vinegar Syndrome I can now make a better call on if it was good or not.

Joe (Carmine Capobianco) owns a bar where he meets women. Once he finds himself alone with them rather than what most would expect, a quick roll in the hay, he instead kills them. Until he meets Kate (Debi Thibeault). Kate has the same compulsion as Joe in that she goes out with a guy, takes him home and then kills him.

As any fan of TV crime shows will tell you it usually takes a trigger to provoke a serial killer. In this case it's grapes. Both Joe and Kate have an aversion to grapes in any way, shape or form as well as anyone who likes grapes. Thus when grapes or wine are mentioned they kill the person promoting them.

The couple eventually move in together and carry on with their hobby of killing people. It's not cheating as no sex ever happens and the end result is always the same, a dead body. That becomes an issue when their drain gets clogged with body parts. The good/bad news is their plumber doesn't hold that against them since he's a serial killer as well. He just asks that they give him the body parts once their deeds are done so he can eat them.

Here's where a problem comes up. Finding happiness with one another both Joe and Kate have begun to feel that they no longer need to kill anyone. Their psychopathic ways are stifled by their love life. What are they to do? The movie is a mix of good and bad parts. The good is that there are some truly funny moments in the film. It does a decent job of combining the dark humor necessary to make it work with the gore factor that will keep gore fans happy. On the downside the acting is pretty weak and perhaps that's intentionally so. The cinematography is also very low budget. In some cases that helps with the humor as boom mics pop into a scene and are grabbed by the actors. Moments of the fourth wall being broken also add some funny spots.

Vinegar Syndrome has done a bang up job with this release. Not only are they offering it in much better condition than ever before with a new 2k scan from a 16mm camera negative. The amount of extras included here is amazing for a film that's more cult favorite than box office smash. Included are a commentary track with director/writer/producer Gorman Bechard and Carmine Capobianco (who also helped write the script and the music), a commentary track with Gorman Bechard, DIRECTING PSYCHOS an interview with Bechard, PLAYING A PSYCHO an interview with Capobianco, DISCUSSING PSYCHOS a discussion with Bechard and Capobianco, MAKING PSYCHOS a making of featurette, a Q&A session shot at Cinema Wasteland in 2016 with Capobianco, the original trailer, behind the scenes photo gallery, promotional image gallery, rough edit outtakes and extended scenes, highlights from the PSYCHOS IN LOVE stage play, four short films directed by Bechard, a booklet essay by Art Ettinger and Matt Desiderio, original artwork from Derek Gabryszak and a reversible cover artwork. Whew! That's quite a load of extras! As I said this movie is not for everyone and the more mainstream your movie tastes run the odds decrease in how well you will like this one. But if you enjoy the quirky, if you like movies that are a bit off base, if you sense of humor runs toward the dark end of the spectrum then you'll want to add this one to your collection.
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A Horror Film Made for Horror Fans
Michael_Elliott16 September 2017
Psychos in Love (1987)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

Joe (Carmine Capobianco) and Dianne (Angela Nicholas) meet in his bar and soon hit it off. They never realized that they could meet someone with so much in common but it turns out that they both are also serial killers. The two agree to live together and keep killing but soon problems start to happen.

PSYCHOS IN LOVE from director Gorman Bechard is a rather interesting film because in many ways it plays out like the countless romances that have happened since the dawn of cinema. You've got a fun couple. That couple faces various issues. That couple here just happen to be brutal murders. This isn't the type of film that is going to appeal to everyone and there's no question that there are some flaws but at the same time there's no question that there's a certain charm that is going on here.

The main thing that is going to draw people to this movie is its sleaze. If you're into violence, gore and hot ladies getting naked then you're going to get plenty of that throughout the running time. What's so funny about this movie is that we've got the two lead characters talking to each other like they're in Romeo and Juliet but at the same time they're surrounded by all of this brutal and gory violence. The special effects certainly aren't in the same league as Tom Savini but they're still quite good. There's also plenty of blood being sprayed around so it's easy to see why this film gained its cult reputation.

I also thought the two leads were quite good but there's no doubt that it's Capobianco who steals the show. He was co-writer for the screenplay so I'm sure he wrote his character's good dialogue but he also knew how to deliver it. PSYCHOS IN LOVE has certain flaws including its plot getting worn out by the end but it's still a fun little gem.
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An underground cult classic
Wizard-813 February 1999
"Psychos In Love" has been slowly building a cult over the years. It gets brought up and discussed in the movie newsgroups every so often, proof of its building cult.

It's cheap and crude, but it is undeniably very, very funny. The two lead actors are perfect, giving dead-pan performances that just add to the humor. The title song will automatically become a favorite of yours the first time you hear it.

Oh yes, it IS quite gory. But the gore is in the spirit of movies like DEAD ALIVE - we laugh at the gore instead of being disgusted.

I was fortunate enough to locate and talk to the creator of this movie. He mentioned that to this day he still gets letters about this movie. He also mentioned that if we want the movie to be rereleased on video, we should write to Full Moon Entertainment, because they control the distribution. I've written my letter - have you?
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A perfect example of how films with low budgets can still be REALLY good
After reading the reviews on this film, there isn't much to say in a review that hasn't been said. What I will note, however, is that Psychos In Love is a perfect example of how budget constraints shouldn't determine the worth of a film. Considering Psychos was made for (an estimated) $75k, I was more entertained with the film than some movies with 1000 times the budget! Yes...1000 times (ie $75 million). What makes it so good? Let's talk content.

  • first and foremost, the script is fantastic. It should be noted that nothing in this movie takes itself too seriously. It was made to be schlocky, hokey, corny, campy...whatever you want to call it. The one-liners are abundant and rapid fire, often coming like bullets from an automatic weapon - one after another in rapid succession. This illustrates how connected the writers were to cultural milieu of the time (mid 80's) and lemme tell you...some of the puns are downright hilarious, even the ones done as subtlety as the day is long. The most impressive aspect of these hilariously witty quips is that they don't happen the same way, twice in a row. Examples could be as subtle as lines that play off a shampoo commercial with no interruption in dialog, all the way up to a character looking straight in the camera like a vaudevillian mage. If you were born late or weren't "with it" or connected in the 80's, there's a good chance you'll miss some of this, but make no mistake...what might appear as bad acting or bad writing is most certainly intentional.
  • speaking of actors, in my opinion the two leads are simply Divine! (<- it's puns like this that make it fun) I can see how some folks find their acting to be wooden or just plain bad, but much like the script, these folks were picked for a reason, and they not only perform well in their own rights, but they are even better when paired in dialog. They play off each other as well as puppies in litter - naturally. Their timing is amazing, their ability to BE psycho killers and tell the other this while looking deeply in to his/her eyes is as convincing as it gets, and they just look like they're having fun! That is a recipe for the chemistry missing from so many low budget films. My personal opinion is that the man's performance is slightly better, but that only serves to improve on an already good product. Do I think these are Oscar worthy performances? Oh heavens no. And I'm fact, if you put either of these two folks in a big budget production they would likely fail, but for Psychos In Love they are perfect.
  • as for the directing, I'll keep it short and say that appreciates everything about it. Nicely used musical interludes, effective use of both closeups and pans. Interesting angles, and a great command of character performance and using it as an advantage during the campier scenes. Very well done.
  • did I mention how good the script is?

Not everything is great. While there nothing I truly despised, the editing and post production could be better, as well as the special fx, but in some ways what is lacking in these areas makes the movie more endearing as to what it is: a low budget horror campfest.

Overall, this was just a pleasure to watch. For all the flicks I've watched over the years, I cannot figure out how this one slipped through the cracks. Thankfully, it was un-cracked! This will definitely be one I buy, as this type of humor is the kind that never ages, and can be watched over and over.

Notes on parental content:
  • quite a bit of profanity. I mean, come on...this is basically an exploitation flick that includes serial killers, cannibals, nude dancers, and a bar.
  • there is nothing intense or scary about this film. While it is listed as a horror flick, it's really a comedy film with a horror theme.
  • lots of drinking and smoking, as well as drug connotations. Half the movie takes place in a bar.
  • loads of nudity!!! Countless topless women inside the strip club, several individual scenes of nudity and sexual situations, and one or two near-full frontal shots of women. This is the exploitative aspect I mentioned above and it is indeed gratuitous...thankfully ;)
  • there is killing in the film, so I guess technically it is violent, but it's all done in a campy manner. Same with the gore. The blood is definitely not a realistic color, and the body parts are intentionally fake, but it's done in a way that adds to the entire package. Probably 8-10 killings. It would have been great to have better practical fx, but only because I'm a gorehound. The "fakeness" has no negative impact on the movie. Unless you simply can't stand the thought of killing, anybody could watch these scenes and not feel grossed out.

So there you have it. I'm definitely a fan of this movie. It's certainly not for everyone, but if you:
  • like campy horror
  • appreciate comedic witticism
  • grew up in it just before the 80's, or
  • simply like low budget indie flicks will definitely have fun with Psychos In Love
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A delightfully cheerful and twisted black comedy hoot
Woodyanders17 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Bar owner Joe (a likable performance by Carmine Capobianco, who also co-wrote the script and composed the score) and manicurist Kate (winingly played by adorable redhead cutie Debi Thibeault) find true love with each other. They share a mutual affinity for killing random strangers and a vehement disdain for grapes. Joe and Kate get married and continue to bump folks off together. Director/co-writer Gorman Bechard whips up a blithely depraved, yet bouncy and silly tongue-in-cheek black comedy romp that benefits tremendously from its gleefully sick tone, outrageously excessive over-the-top splatter, plentiful tasty female nudity, and the funny and strangely endearing central romance between the two engagingly quirky main characters. Capobianco and Thibeault display an utterly appealing off-center chemistry as our lovably unhinged protagonists; they even sing the priceless cute'n'catchy theme song during a hysterical cornball music montage sequence. Moreover, there are nifty supporting contributions by Frank Stewart as deranged cannibal plumber Herman and Donna Davidge as shrill and whiny bored stiff motormouth Heather. As an added substantial bonus, the gorgeous Cecilia Wilde struts her smoking hot stuff as sexy stripper Nikki while Ruth Collins, LeeAnn Baker, luscious "Penthouse" Pet Angela Nicholas, and Patti Chambers all bare their beautiful bodies. The admittedly gross and twisted gallows humor is made both amusing and tolerable by being presented in a disarmingly casual and playful manner. Bechard's crude cinematography, the tacky make-up f/x, several choice gags about breaking through the fourth wall (for example, the boom mike purposefully dips into the frame at one point!), and Capobianco's cheesy synthesizer score all further enhance the movie's considerable lopsided charm. A total off-the-wall riot.
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Where Scarymovie began
shakespearian_111 January 2006
Psychos in Love is a riot to watch. You can tell these people were having a good time making this movie. Of course, with a budget of only 70K, you'd better be having fun. This isn't REALLY a slasher film -- think Little Shop of Horrors- not REALLY a musical but a great parody of the genre! Some of the best moments in the film are good old fashioned improv. Partner that with gallons of fake blood, hysterical writing and you've got yourself a memorable Saturday night. I would suggest watching this one in a series of B-movies with some unsuspecting friends- play "pick the parody". Try not to become too addicted to reciting the best lines in the movie. I wont ruin it for you- you'll know it when it happens!
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Best Little Slasher Comedy this side of ... Anything.
Troma_Warrior6 May 2003
Psychos in Love, starring Carmine Capobianco as Joe and Debi Thibeault as Kate, is pure, unadulterated genius. I understand that much of the film was ad-libbed, meaning that not only is writer/director Gorman Bechard a comic genius, a lot of that hilarity is owed to Carmine and Debi. I've heard people compare this film to a Troma film. While I love Troma dearly, Psychos in Love far surpasses anything they have ever produced. It's dripping with satire and tongue-in-cheek fun, not to mention blood, blood and more blood. It spoofs horror films, slasher films, movies in general; it spoofs itself and then spoofs spoofing itself. Say that ten times fast on your way to pick up a copy of this splatteriffic comedy.
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One of the best movies of all time
mjwatson15 September 2001
I saw this movie when I was 10 years old and loved it. Anybody who loves the B movie genre will love this movie too. It has all of the essential components; bad acting, stupid plot, cheesy sound effects, and blood that looks like ketchup. Anyway, I'm 23 now and still think it's great. I guess that means that I haven't matured much, but who cares. I would recommend this movie to anyone who has had a dream of making a horror movie at home.

Great movie!!
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