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Horror Highlights: New York Comic Con 2019 Exclusives from Titan Books, Pluto TV’s Halloween Channels and October Programming, Countdown Promo Video and Giveaways

New York Comic Con is almost here, and we have some interesting news from Titan Books to share with our readers. Alien: Blueprints, Alien: Prototype, and Firefly: The Big Damn Cookbook will be available exclusively to New York Comic Con attendees! Also in today's Horror Highlights: Pluto TV's October programming and a promo video and details on the 31 days of giveaways for the new horror movie Countdown.

Details on Nycc Exclusives from Titan Books: "Titan Books is delighted to announce four products, all of which will be available exclusively at New York Comic Con October 3-6 2019. These include books debuting at the show and limited editions, along with awesome collectibles for fans of Alien, Firefly, Marvel, and cult film Moon.

Titan Books will be found at Booth #2142.

Alien: The Blueprints with Limited Edition Nostromo Blueprint enamel pin

This gorgeous over-sized book is full of brand-new blueprints and technical drawings of all the major vehicles,
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In Search of Darkness Doc Gets Elvira Collector's Edition with Tons of Extras, Available Until Halloween

In Search of Darkness Doc Gets Elvira Collector's Edition with Tons of Extras, Available Until Halloween
As we all wait patiently for a wide release of In Search of Darkness, the 80s horror movie documentary that has been in the works for over a year now, the producers of the film are giving fans a very unique opportunity to get their hands on a limited Elvira Collector's Edition of the film. Available for one month only, this unique collector's edition is a must-buy for fans of Elvira and '80s horror films.

In the special limited edition of In Search of Darkness, Cassandra Peterson (Elvira: Mistress of the Dark) is joined by '80s icons, modern horror greats, and popular horror influencers as she guides you through the most complete retrospective documentary of the genre ever made.

This limited run of In Search of Darkness features an all-new introduction from Cassandra, new segments for each year (1980-1989) where she reveals her favorite horror moments and memories,
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This Friday: See John Carpenter’s Prince Of Darkness in the Church it was Filmed In!

Are you a John Carpenter fan with a soft spot of Prince of Darkness? If you live in Los Angeles, you’ll have a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the movie in the iconic church it was filmed in! Learn more on the event’s Facebook page, Here. Synopsis:Poking around in a church cellar, a […]

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AMC Announces Full Line-Up Of Horror Movies For 2019 FearFest

Horror fans are definitely going to want to take a look at this list. AMC’s FearFest is right around the corner now and features plenty of heart-racing movies for viewers to sink their teeth into as Halloween nears. Going on its 23rd straight year, the channel’s annual spooky marathon promises to scare the you-know-what out of anyone brave enough to watch the 19 consecutive days of bone-chilling programming.

This year boasts 104 eerie flicks, including well-known classics and some under-the-radar gems. FearFest is set to begin on Sunday, October 13th at 10:00am Et, though AMC wants everyone to know that “horror fans don’t even have to wait that long, as you’ll also be able to watch even more movies on and the AMC Apps for mobile and devices all month long.”

Here’s a list of the films that will be available to stream starting
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In the Shadow of Christopher Lee's house.....

It is a quiet, end of summer afternoon in London's Belgravia and I am standing outside the childhood home of Sir Christopher Lee at 51 Lower Belgrave St.  The building is very elegant but perhaps appropriately for Hammer Horror's  Prince of Darkness, on the dark side of the street and I shiver a little.  It is always hard to believe a film star has passed away as their screen life never does.  With his beautiful, gravelly voice, distinguished face and wonderful screen persona, Christopher Lee is one of my favourite actors and I had always intended to visit here.   So why now?  Well I am an actor myself getting ready to shoot my next horror feature film 'Host' from the awesome horror director Ray...

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Competition: Win ‘Getting Rowdy: Unreleased Matches of Roddy Piper’ on DVD

  • Nerdly
To celebrate the DVD release of WWE: Getting Rowdy – The Unreleased Matches of Roddy Piper (available to buy from 2nd September) – we are giving away a copy to one lucky winner.

Unearthed from deep within the WWE vault comes unreleased matches and interviews from one of the most controversial and entertaining Superstars in WWE history, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper! Witness “Mr. WonderfulPaul Orndorff, Mr. Perfect, “Ravishing” Rick Rude, and more pay the piper as they take on “Hot Rod” in this collection of hidden gems! Just when you think you have all the answers, he changes the questions!

This set captures the anarchic spirit and pioneering persona that helped “Rowdy” Roddy Piper shape the landscape of modern sports-entertainment!

Not only does it includes rare, unreleased, and never-before-seen matches against other legendary Superstars – including both WWE matches and bouts from Roddy’s time battling the New World Order in WCW – but
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NYC Weekend Watch: Outsider Visions of America, Koker Trilogy, ‘Joan the Maid’ & More

Since any New York City cinephile has a nearly suffocating wealth of theatrical options, we figured it’d be best to compile some of the more worthwhile repertory showings into one handy list. Displayed below are a few of the city’s most reliable theaters and links to screenings of their weekend offerings — films you’re not likely to see in a theater again anytime soon, and many of which are, also, on 35mm. If you have a chance to attend any of these, we’re of the mind that it’s time extremely well-spent.

Film at Lincoln Center

“Another Country: Outsider Visions of America” offers films by Demy, Resnais, Antonioni, Varda and more.

IFC Center

The rather staggering Abbas Kiarostami retrospective continues, with screenings of the Koker trilogy and more.

Quad Cinema

Jacques Rivette’s masterpiece Joan the Maid has begun screening in a fantastic-looking 4K restoration.


Written by Paul and Leonard Schrader,
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The Blade Reboot Could Introduce The X-Men Into The McU

Marvel revealed their full Phase 4 line-up at Comic-Con and, though they weren’t on the slate, chief Kevin Feige did confirm that the X-Men would be joining the McU in the not-so-distant future. This leaves us to wonder if the movies set to be released over the next few years will sow the seeds for the arrival of mutantkind in the franchise. It’s certainly possible, and one film that could set up the X-Men is Blade.

Even though the supernatural-themed flick doesn’t seem like the natural place for the mutants to feature, there are a few ways to make it work. The Hollywood Reporter has come up with an intriguing list of ways that Mahershala Ali’s solo movie as the vampire hunter could be the place to fold the X-Men into the McU. For one, THR points out that classic team member Jubilee has been a vampire for a time.
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23 Times the Devil Stole the Show

The Devil is the detail that makes so many shows stand out from the crowd.

He is the Tempter, the Manipulator, the Prince of Darkness, with all the style, wit, and chutzpah that those titles entail.

And yeah, he commands the Army of Hell and bears a big grudge against humanity for stealing Daddy God's love away from His angels.

19 Times the Enemy was Closer than We Knew

So whether he is portrayed as a once-off antagonist, the wise-cracking employer, or the Big Bad Evil Guy, he's typically gonna draw focus from (and be far more interesting than) any "heroes" in the picture.

So which Beelzebub lights your Hellfire? Who has been the most iconic Lord of Hell in your opinion? Seriously, to which one would you sell your soul?

1. 666 Park Avenue -- Gavin Doran Doran owns and operates a beautiful old apartment building in an elite zip code. For the right price,
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Now Stream This: ‘Under the Silver Lake’, ‘True Grit’, ‘Prince of Darkness’, ‘Minority Report’, ‘Anima’ and More

(Welcome to Now Stream This, a column dedicated to the best movies streaming on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and every other streaming service out there.) It’s a holiday weekend, which means you’re going to need stuff to watch. Sure, you could go to a BBQ, or the beach. But who wants to do that when you can […]

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John Carpenter Considers Directing Little Horror Film, Big Action Movie or TV Next

John Carpenter Considers Directing Little Horror Film, Big Action Movie or TV Next
Legendary director John Carpenter hasn't directed a movie in almost a decade, but the filmmaker is making it clear he is not officially retired. In a new interview with Collider, Carpenter says he's still open to directing once again. Last year, Carpenter expressed similar thoughts, noting that he wouldn't mind directing another movie again as long as it wasn't The Thing 2. Now, Carpenter says he would particularly like to do another horror or even an adventure movie, but only if it's for a project he would truly enjoy taking part in.

"I don't have one scheduled but I'm working on things. I made a lot of movies and I got burned out and I had to stop for a while. I have to have a life. Circumstance would have to be correct for me to do it again. I'd love to make a little horror film that would be great or a big adventure film.
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'Boyz n the Hood' Dirty Cop Actor Jessie Lawrence Ferguson Dead at 76

  • TMZ
'Boyz n the Hood' Dirty Cop Actor Jessie Lawrence Ferguson Dead at 76
Jessie Lawrence Ferguson, the actor who played the dirty cop in "Boyz n the Hood," is dead ... TMZ has learned. Jessie's son, Jace, tells us ... he died Friday night at their home in Palmdale, California. Jace says he found his dad next to his bed with the TV on, and it comes as a shock because he was spry and seemed healthy in the days leading up to his death. Jace says, "He was a strong,
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Pretty Packaging: John Carpenter's Prince Of Darkness

(Ok, seeing as how the releases are so similar, I'm cribbing the first bit of this article from my previous one about Escape From New York...) Back in November, UK distributor StudioCanal released two of their John Carpenter titles with some pretty nifty packaging. They were The Fog and They Live, and each set contained the film in 4K Uhd, two Blu-rays, and the soundtrack CD (always worth it when it's a John Carpenter film...). In December, Escape From New York followed. StudioCanal had some maybe-we-do-maybe-we-don't shenanigans going on about giving Prince of Darkness a similar treatment. They released the film as a standard Blu-ray back in January, but then proceeded to announce a collector's edition similar to the other three. Well, here we are,...

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April 2019 VOD & Digital Releases Include Happy Death Day 2U, Escape Room, Hagazussa, Glass, The Prodigy

The weather may be getting better outside, and you may be feeling inclined to spend more time outdoors, but I’m about to give genre fans more than two dozen reasons why you should stay home during the month of April, as we have an incredible amount of horror and sci-fi films and series events headed to various digital and VOD platforms over the next few weeks.

Things kick off with Jordan Peele’s new run of The Twilight Zone exclusively on the CBS All Access service on April 1st, and then Netflix is summoning up a whole new batch of brand new episodes of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on April 5th. That same week, we have a bunch of films hitting various platforms, including Glass, Pet Graveyard, The Banished, and Terror 5. On April 2nd, we also have a brand new installment of the Blumhouse Into the Dark series
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Pretty Packaging: John Carpenter's Escape From New York

Back in November, UK distributor StudioCanal released two of their John Carpenter titles with some pretty nifty packaging. They were The Fog and They Live, and each set contained the film in 4K Uhd, two Blu-rays, and the soundtrack CD (always worth it when it's a John Carpenter film...). StudioCanal didn't stop though. Back then they already had announced a similar edition of Escape From New York, and there was some maybe-we-do-maybe-we-don't about giving Prince of Darkness a similar treatment. Well, here we are, a few months later, and both Escape From New York and Prince of Darkness are now in my grubby hands. The Collector's Edition of Prince of Darkness was released recently and will feature in its own article later this week, but...

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Longtime ’60 Minutes’ Producer Alan Weisman Dies at 68

  • Variety
Alan Weisman, a longtime producer for “60 Minutes” known for his work with Morley Safer, died Thursday at his home in New Jersey of natural causes. He was 68.

Weisman produced some of Safer’s most memorable “60 Minutes” segments, including the 1984 profile of Jackie Gleason and the 1989 jailhouse interview that brought national attention to the plight of Joyce Ann Brown, whose conviction for murder was set aside shortly after the segment aired. Weisman also produced Safer’s interviews with such showbiz notables as Jack Lemmon, Woody Allen and violinist Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg.

Weisman worked on the “60 Minutes II” series that aired on CBS from 1999 to 2005. Most recently he produced segments for the Showtime series “60 Minutes Sports.”

“Alan Weisman was a brilliant writer and sophisticated storyteller. He was also a brutally honest and funny colleague,” said Bill Owens, executive producer of “60 Minutes.” “I have never met anyone prouder to have worked at CBS and ’60 Minutes.
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Benedict Cumberbatch to Play Satan in Amazon’s ‘Good Omens’

  • Variety
Benedict Cumberbatch to Play Satan in Amazon’s ‘Good Omens’
Neil Gaiman revealed that Benedict Cumberbatch will play Satan in the Amazon series adaptation of “Good Omens.”

Gaiman said that Cumberbatch’s Prince of Darkness will be “a giant, animated Satan” who appears “400 foot high.” The “Sherlock” star will appear in episode 6 of the series, which debuts on May 31.

It was previously announced that Frances McDormand will appear on the show as the voice of God. Additional cameos in the series will include Jack Whitehall, Michael McKean, Miranda Richardson, Jon Hamm, and Nick Offerman.

Based on the novel of the same name by Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. The show is set in 2018 on the brink of an apocalypse as humanity prepares for a final judgment. But Aziraphale (Michael Sheen), a somewhat fussy angel, and Crowley (David Tennant), a demon, aren’t enthusiastic about the end of the world, and can’t seem to find the Antichrist.

Good Omens” was Gaiman’s first novel,
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Prince of Darkness Rises in New “What We Do in the Shadows” Promo Video

In the wake of the official trailer earlier this week, FX has dropped another new teaser promo for Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement’s “What We Do in the Shadows” TV series, set to premiere on March 29. In the 30-second promo, the Prince of Darkness rises… to change a light bulb. Hey, vampires have to perform mundane tasks like the […]
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John Carpenter Quad Poster Series by Matt Ferguson

At %pm U.K time today Vice Press and Grey Matter art will jointly be releasing a new set of quad sized art prints for John Carpenter’s The Fog, Escape From New York, They Live and Prince of Darkness. This is a unique release for us at first, they prints will be a huge 30×40 inches, …

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The Plague of the Zombies

The Plague of the Zombies

Blu ray

Shout Factory

1966 / 1.66:1 / 91 Min. / Street Date – January 15, 2019

Starring André Morell, John Carson, Jacqueline Pearce

Cinematography by Arthur Grant

Directed by John Gilling

Propping up one of Hammer Studios’ more visceral double-bills, John Gilling’s The Plague of the Zombies was released alongside Terence Fisher’s Dracula, Prince of Darkness in January of 1966. Fisher’s film was a briskly bloody chapter in the vampire’s long career but Gilling’s melancholy thriller packed a considerably gloomier punch.

The London-born Gilling was a writer/director with a taste for provincial settings, class conflict and horror – social commentary with a gothic twist. That formula was put to the test in his distinctly odd bit of sci-fi agitprop, 1957’s The Gamma People, a cold-war fable about a sinister doctor and an army of mind-controlled juvenile delinquents.

In 1960 Gilling turned that story on its head with The Flesh and the Fiends,
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