Prince of Darkness (1987) Poster

Donald Pleasence: Priest



  • [talking about the Anti-God] 

    Father Loomis : It's your disbelief that powers him. Your stubborn faith in, in...

    [grasping for words] 

    Father Loomis : *common sense*. It allows his deception. He lives in the smallest parts of it. In the atoms... smaller... invisible... he lives in all of it. In the sum of its parts. We must translate this book. You must prove it scientifically... to convince the outside world.

    Professor Edward Birack : The outside world doesn't want to hear this kind of bullshit. Just keep it locked away. You've already managed that for two thousand years.

    Father Loomis : No prison can hold him now.

  • Father Loomis : Why weren't we told the truth?

    Professor Edward Birack : Without the technology to confirm? It would have been another legend.

    Father Loomis : But he was OUR prisoner, not yours!

  • [as possessed Kelly is reaching into the mirror] 

    Father Loomis : [uncovers an axe]  I could...

    [picks the axe up] 

    Father Loomis : I could.

  • Father Loomis : [hiding in a room, reciting verses from the Bible] 

    [wipes tears from his eyes and looks up] 

    Father Loomis : Where are you...? Christ?

  • Father Loomis : It just get colder in here. Suddenly, as if... , as if something... moved through the room.

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