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Hugh Grant: Clive Durham



  • Clive Durham : Maurice, I hope nothing is wrong?

    Maurice Hall : Pretty well everything. You would think so.

    Clive Durham : Very well, I'm at your service. My advice there is to sleep here tonight and ask Anne. Where a woman is in question, it's always better to ask another woman.

    Maurice Hall : I'm not here to see Anne.


    Maurice Hall : I'm in love with Alec Scudder.

    Clive Durham : What a grotesque announcement.

    Maurice Hall : [ironically]  Most grotesque. But I felt I should tell you.

    Clive Durham : Maurice, Maurice, we did everything we could when you and I clashed out the subject.

    Maurice Hall : When you brought yourself to kiss my hand.

    Clive Durham : Don't allude to that! Come in here.

    [lowers his voice] 

    Clive Durham : I am more sorry for you than I can possibly say and I do, do beg you to resist to return on this obsession.

    Maurice Hall : I don't need advice. I'm flesh and blood Clive, if you'll condescend to such low things. I've shared with Alec.

    Clive Durham : Shared what?

    Maurice Hall : Everything. Alec slept with me in the Russet Room when you and Anne were away.

    Clive Durham : [turns away from him]  Oh God.

    Maurice Hall : Also in town.

    Clive Durham : The sole excuse for a relationship between two men is that it remains purely platonic. Surely you agree to that.

    Maurice Hall : I don't know. I've come to tell you what I did.

    Clive Durham : Well, Alec Scudder is in point of fact no longer in my service. In fact, he is no longer in England. He sailed for Buenos Aires this very day.

    Maurice Hall : He didn't. He sacrificed his career for my sake. Without a guarantee. I don't know if that's platonic or not but it's what he did.

    Clive Durham : missed his boat? Maurice, you're going mad! May I ask if you intend...

    Maurice Hall : [interrupts him]  No, you may not ask. I told you everything up to this minute, not a word beyond.

  • Simcox : A terrible affair about Viscount Risley, Sir. And him a Parliamentary Private Secretary, too. I did read he was at Cambridge.

    [Significant pause] 

    Simcox : Like yourself, Sir.

    Clive Durham : You will never mention that subject again, Simcox, while you remain in employment here.

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