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  • Chief Brody's widow believes that her family is deliberately being targeted by another shark in search of revenge.

  • After the encounter with the shark at Sea World, Sean Brody has returned to Amity. Here he has assumed his father's role, working for the police department, and is engaged to a young woman named Tiffany. His mother, Ellen, still lives in Amity as well. Mike Brody is now married to Carla and is researching conch snails with his partner, Jake, in the Bahamas. One night, while repairing a buoy in Amity harbor from the police boat, Sean is ambushed from below and killed by the Brodys' old enemy, a Great White shark. After the funeral, Ellen wants Mike to stay off the water, but he refuses, and takes Ellen back to the Caribbean with him and his wife and daughter, Thea. Ellen starts trying to enjoy life again, meeting charming pilot Hoagie after having been a widow for some time. Mike and Jake encounter the Great White shark in the water, and tag and track it for research. But the shark soon starts wreaking havoc, and comes after Thea on a banana boat ride. Now, Ellen, Mike, Jake, and Hoagie will face the shark on his terms. Who will survive?

  • Ellen Brody still lives in the island resort town of Amity, and her sons Sean and Michael don't work at Sea World anymore, and some time ago, Ellen's husband Martin Brody died of a heart attack that happened because he was afraid of sharks. Sean is now a Deputy in Amity. One night, during the Christmas season, Sean is called to untangle a log from a buoy, and when Sean goes to the buoy, he's killed by a Great White shark. After hearing about this, Michael, who is studying to be a marine biologist, visits Amity with his wife Carla and his five-year-old daughter Thea. Wanting to get away from Amity and spend Christmas with Michael, Carla, and Thea, Ellen goes with them to their house in the Bahamas on an airplane whose pilot is Hoagie Newcombe, and Hoagie starts falling for Ellen. Michael's friend Jake, who is also studying to be a marine biologist, lives next door to Michael. Later, while Michael and Jake are out at sea, their boat is attacked by the shark that killed Sean. Michael and Jake try to tag the shark so they can keep track of it. Later, while Thea and some of her friends are on a banana boat, a yellow boat shaped like a banana, the shark attacks the banana boat and kills a woman, leaving Thea in shock, but it looks like Thea will be okay. Carla is mad at Michael for not telling her that the shark is in the waters of the Bahamas. Michael and Jake didn't mention the shark, because they didn't want to upset Ellen and mess up her visit. Ellen believes that the shark is after her family and that it was trying to kill Thea instead of the woman it killed, so Ellen takes Michael's boat out to sea on a single-minded mission to find the shark and kill it while Michael, Hoagie, and Jake try to find Ellen because they're afraid the shark will kill Ellen before Ellen can kill the shark.

  • The long-suffering wife of Chief Brody decides she's had enough of Amity and heads off to the Caribbean to join her son, daughter-in-law and grandchild. However, the shark with an attitude just won't leave her alone. Did it follow her? Is it the same shark?


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  • In Amity, Long Island, Ellen Brody (Lorraine Gary) still lives with her son, Sean (Mitchell Anderson), who is a police deputy. Ellen's husband, Martin -- the former chief of police -- died several years ago of a heart attack; Ellen is convinced his heart condition was caused by fear of the great white sharks he battled in the 1970s. One night just before Christmas, while on patrol in the harbor, Sean is ambushed by a great white shark disguised as a piece of driftwood. Ellen is devastated at her youngest son's death. Her eldest son, Michael (Lance Guest) arrives with his family -- wife Carla (Karen Young) and daughter Thea (Judith Barsi) -- arrive from the Bahamas, where he studies conch migration as a marine biologist. Ellen orders him to change careers as she no longer wants any of her family to have anything to do with the ocean. Instead Michael persuades her to come with them back to the Bahamas for Christmas. He promises that the ocean water is too warm for great white sharks, a species that Ellen is convinced has a vendetta against the Brodys.

    On the plane to the Bahamas, Ellen meets Hoagie (Michael Caine), a relaxed pilot with a gambling problem. They begin a flirtation. Michael and his colleague, Jake (Mario van Peebles) attach radio transmitters to conch shells. Carla makes ugly iron sculptures for the local government. Meanwhile, the shark that killed Sean has followed the family from Amity to the Bahamas. Ellen senses its presence, and the shark attacks the boat Michael uses as his headquarters. Michael elects not to tell anyone of his encounter with the shark but he and Jake decide to track the shark with their equipment. They put a radio tag on the shark but are not able to follow it through the ocean depths.

    Assuming the shark has left the area, Michael goes back down to study conch shells again. The shark appears out of nowhere and attacks Michael's submersible craft. Michael escapes into a sunken ship but the shark follows him. He barely escapes but insists on going down to look for the shark the next day. It's nowhere to be seen, as it has instead decided to attack the dedication ceremony for Carla's sculpture. It eats a woman who had taken Thea out on a banana boat. Thea makes it back to shore safely but Ellen steals Jake's boat and heads out to sea to confront the shark herself.

    Michael, Jake and Hoagie go after Ellen in Hoagie's plane. Hoagie tells them about Ellen's psychic visions of the shark's arrival. They buzz Ellen's boat just in time to prevent the shark from leaping out of the water and killing her. Hoagie crash lands the plane and, although at first it looks like the shark eats Hoagie, all make it to the boat safely. Jake and Michael realize they can use the radio tag and a big flashlight to shock the shark if it swims too close. Jake goes out on the gunwale to torment the shark with his magical invention but the shark leaps out of the water with a roar and snatches Jake into its jaws, breaking the gunwale.

    Ellen takes control of the ship's wheel. Michael uses Jake's magical invention to force the shark to roar like a tiger and leap from the water. Ellen rams the shark, impaling it on the broken gunwale, as she fantasizes about the shark attacking her loved ones and Martin's valiant stand against the first killer shark (even though she was not present to see it). The boat breaks in two and sinks. Jake resurfaces alive and with surprisingly minor bite wounds -- the shark had released him when it realized he wasn't a Brody.

    Ellen flies back to Amity, her fear of sharks overcome.

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