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Meg Ryan: Lydia Maxwell



  • Jack Putter : What exactly are we doing here?

    Lydia Maxwell : We're waiting for someone.

    Jack Putter : oh, who are we we waiting for?

    Lydia Maxwell : The Cowboy. I've been tracking his movements for months and he got to the airport about an hour ago and he always stays here.

    [points to the hotel] 

    Lydia Maxwell : I have a feeling he's gonna lead us right to that chip we need.

    Jack Putter : Why do you think that?

    [looking at her legs] 

    Lt. Tuck Pendleton : [noticing Jack is ogling Lydia]  Hey, knock it off!

    Lydia Maxwell : 'Cause he's a fence. He deals in stolen technology, Western technology almost exclusively, which he then sells overseas to the highest bidder. Who do you think introduced Velcro to the Persian Gulf?

    Jack Putter : Really?

    Lydia Maxwell : [nodding]  Mm hmm.

  • Lt. Tuck Pendleton : I read the note. It's your standard farewell address. I know it by heart.

    Lydia Maxwell : Excuse me.

    Lt. Tuck Pendleton : Lydia. Look, don't leave. You know you love me, huh? Look, I know you're crazy about me. I mean, in a week or two I'm going to call you, you're going to call me, and we're going to be back together again.

    Lydia Maxwell : No, we won't.

    Lt. Tuck Pendleton : I don't get it. I get a little drunk, I make an ass out of myself... What's the big deal?

    Lydia Maxwell : Things are different now, Tuck. It just hurts me too much to be with you.

  • [Jack and Lydia encounter a henchman in the stairwell; Lydia aims a gun at him] 

    Scrimshaw's Henchman : Hold it!

    Lydia Maxwell : You hold it!

    Scrimshaw's Henchman : I bet it ain't even loaded!

    Lydia Maxwell : Oh yeah?

    [she aims the gun at the ceiling and fires; it clicks emptily] 

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