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Adventure romance that's every bit as fun as the original
roghache6 May 2006
When I saw the low rating this movie received, I was flabbergasted and knew I had to comment. What on earth does it take to entertain people these days? The Australian outback's Mick Dundee is surely one of the cinematic world's most charismatic characters and amusing adventurers. Here he's back in a sequel that's every bit as fun as the original tale.

The previous movie begins in Australia and then moves to New York. By contrast, as this film opens, Mick is settled in New York with his beautiful journalistic girlfriend, Sue Charlton. However, Sue's ex husband is murdered in Colombia after taking pictures of a drug cartel's dealings. He has sent these photos to Sue, resulting in her being kidnapped by Rico and the other drug hoodlums. Mick must come to her rescue and the pair then head for safety to HIS terrain Down Under, naturally pursued by the gangsters.

As in the original, there's plenty of fun in the sequel. Mick's assault on the drug kingpin Rico's house, assisted by a likable but very amateur young gang, makes for some pretty entertaining scenes. Once Down Under, it's non stop pranks cooked up by Mick as he & his 'sheila' traipse around his own bush 'estate', with the urban villains hot on their trail (and often vice versa!). Suffice it to say, some of Mick's crazy antics almost make you feel sorry for the bad guys!

Sue Charlton (played by actress Linda Kozlowzki) always looks lovely and perfectly groomed, whatever the bush conditions! Once again, the chemistry between her and Mick sizzles throughout the tale. Mick's bumbling but totally endearing sidekick, Wally, is back and there's also a couple of amusing aboriginal characters. As for Mick himself (actor Paul Hogan), he still has the same charm and affability as in the original. This time he's really having the time of his life with the villains. Don't listen to the naysayers, it's a highly entertaining yarn. The next sequel, Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles, is definitely watchable...I can never resist Mick...though not quite up to the same standard.
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A Very Good Sequel
ccthemovieman-111 January 2006
I know I am in the minority here but I actually liked this sequel better than the original...and the original was very good and extremely popular.

Maybe I was biased because I played this with some kids present and was pleasantly surprised to hear almost no profanity, which I couldn't say was the case in the first film. It was a "cleaner" movie, and still an equally entertaining one with a good mix of drama, action, comedy and even some good music thrown in. The film has no lulls and 110 minutes go by pretty quickly.

The first half of this movie takes place in New York City, where we last saw "Mick Dundee" (Paul Hogan). The second half, the crocodile man takes his bride (Linda Kozlowski) back to the outback in Australia. Hogan was never more entertaining and, of course, feeling comfortable back in his home territory.

This is just a fun ride all the way and, yes, to use a cliché, good family entertainment.
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The Most Strangely Addictive Movie Ever Made
v22gamblor14 February 2004
If this movie is on TV, I will watch it all the way through. I don't know why exactly, but I do. It's got some strange hold over my psyche and it just won't let go. It's nice to know that there are 111 other people who give this movie a 10.

If I remove myself from the addiction, I know it's more like a 7 or even a 6 but I have to acknowledge it's wonderous nature for an idle afternoon. Bravo, Mick. Bravo!
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Good Sequel
mjw230529 December 2006
Paul Hogan is back as Mick 'Crocodile' Dundee and he still living in New York with his gorgeous girlfriend (Linda Kozlowski) and he's still having a little trouble adapting. That is until they become the target of some drug lords and Mick decides to lead them back to the Austrailian Outback to even up the chances a little.

OK Crocodile Dundee II is not as fresh or as funny as the first film, but it still has plenty of laughs, plenty of action and once again some beautiful scenery.

Its a good sequel to a great film

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Another round of fun
lawrence-149 August 2002
Whilst not as smooth, slick or satisfying as the box-office storming original, Paul Hogan's sequel is still crowd-pleasing entertainment and for those who felt the first film could have done with a tweak in the plotting department, Hogan seems to have moved up a gear here. The plot is in fact reverse to the original with Aussie Mick Dundee running into trouble when his journalist girlfriend Sue (Linda Koslowski) is kidnapped by an evil drugs baron. "I need to be someone where I can see them coming", the hero exclaims and that can only mean one thing - a return to the bush! Indeed, the second half of the film in Australia is notably more successful and inventive. Hogan's screenplay again features a bunch of memorable and exciting moments, whilst the delightful Peter Best score is also retained.
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Paul Hogan Does It Again
Big Movie Fan24 June 2002
As I have said on some of my other comments, it is rare for a sequel to be as good as it's predecessor but Crocodile Dundee II does that very thing.

Paul Hogan is great as the naive Crocodile Dundee who goes to war against drug dealers in this film. I won't spoil any of the scenes for anyone but they are all great particularly the ones that take place during the last quarter hour. There's also a great scene where Dundee talks to a suicide jumper atop a building. Paul Hogan doesn't do as many films as most actors which I think is better because he only acts in movies that are good.

Linda Koslowski is back as Sue Charlton and she does a great job again. She and Paul Hogan had great chemistry.

This is a great sequel to a great film. Check it out.
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Not as "Fun" as the Original, but Still Worthwhile (7/10)
jhclues20 September 2002
If you saw the original, this one will seem like a visit with an old friend, that being the likable Mick `Crocodile' Dundee. This time around there's not as much `whimsy' to it, though, and as things get a bit more heavy-handed, Mick finds himself in some rather murky waters as the story unfolds. Still, the appeal of the character and the easy, intrinsic humor at the heart of the film is enough to make `Crocodile Dundee II,' directed by John Cornell, a satisfying cinematic experience.

As the film opens, Mick (Paul Hogan) is happily ensconced in New York City with his lady-friend, journalist Sue Charlton (Linda Kozlowski), and life is good. Mick, however, tired of just laying about has decided it's time to seek gainful employment, and sets out to do just that. His job search gets put on hold, though, when Sue's ex-husband, Bob Tanner (Dennis Boutsikaris), a journalist currently covering a story in South America, sends some photographs he's taken-- the subject of which is of a particularly serious and sensitive nature-- to Sue, and something else arrives along with the them: Trouble. Trouble, as in the man in the pictures is one `Rico' (Hechter Ubarry), a big time drug dealer who is more than a little concerned about the compromising position these particular photos will undoubtedly put him in. He will stop at nothing to get them, and he has the `muscle' to do it. But there's one small item Rico hasn't factored in to his agenda and his plan of attack. And his name is Mick Dundee.

Written by Paul Hogan and his son, Brett Hogan, this film suffers the `Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom' syndrome, in that-- like the `Indy' film-- it is a sequel to a hugely successful original, and takes that same `turn' toward the dark side. And in the case of this film, it's even more noticeable inasmuch as this is a comedy rather than a pure action/adventure movie, and-- let's face it-- it's tough to find a light, comedic touch in a film that deals with a kidnapping, killings and drug dealers. Still, just as Spielberg did with the `Indy' sequel, Hogan pulls it off; and he does it with a winning smile and bit of sleight-of-hand.

As the great Steve Allen would say, `All seriousness aside, folks--' And in a nutshell, that's the trick Hogan, Hogan and Cornell use to make this offering a viable commodity. Taken out of context, the story alone is serious stuff, more conducive to a `Traffic,' `Blow' or `Scarface' than a `Crocodile Dundee' movie. But therein is the rub; the filmmakers here take a lighthearted approach to a serious issue, being careful, however, not to discount or be dismissive of it, but rather by toning down the `results' of the violence while infusing it with humor and some genuinely engaging characters, and presenting it all in a way that is palatable to a wide audience.

Cornell, like Peter Faiman (who directed `Crocodile Dundee'), is destined to be the forgotten man of this project, and for the same reasons. Cornell takes the wheel of the ship here, takes his audience on a cruise then deposits them safely back on shore, where most will agree it was a trip worth taking. But in the end, there is nothing about it that identifies Cornell; nothing with his `signature' on it. And, like Faiman, he only directed one other film, `Almost an Angel' in 1990 (also starring Hogan and Kozlowski), which was mediocre at best. So there's simply nothing to reference him. He may have been the captain of the ship, and he did a good job, technically speaking, but he kept himself in the wheelhouse too long to be noticed.

Hogan, meanwhile, was taking center stage in the lounge, successfully reprising his role as everyones favorite `Aussie.' Without question, no matter what Paul Hogan does for the rest of his career, this is the character moviegoers everywhere will forever associate him with, and for good reason. Quite simply, Mick Dundee is just such a likable bloke. And it's a theme that runs throughout the entire series-- everybody likes him; no matter where he goes or who he meets, he makes them feel as if they've known him all their lives. He's amiable, good looking, charismatic, and has an entirely non-judgmental, matter-of-fact way of dealing with people and situations that provides a refreshing perspective on the human condition. That's what makes this character so memorable, and there's no getting around it: Just as Leonard Nimoy will always be `Spock' regardless of whatever else he ever does, Hogan will always be Crocodile Dundee. Because he IS Mick Dundee.

Also in fine form for this second go ‘round is the beautiful Linda Kozlowski, returning to the role she created in the original, Sue Charlton. And-- as in the first one-- it's the on screen chemistry between Kozlowski and Hogan that really sells it; whether it's in the Australian outback or on the streets of New York City, they find the magic, and it comes through to the audience, loud and clear. This isn't, of course, the kind of stuff that wins Oscars, but her performance is honest and convincing, and Kozlowski has a screen presence that is altogether natural and real, all of which makes the relationship between Sue and Mick all the more believable.

Also turning in noteworthy performances are John Meillon, returning as Mick's friend and business associate, Walter Reilly; Charles Dutton as the street wise Leroy; and Ubarry, who makes Rico the bad guy you love to hate.

The supporting cast includes Juan Fernandez (Miguel), Kenneth Welsh (Brannigan), Ernie Dingo (Charlie), Luis Guzman (Jose), Jace Alexander (Rat) and Steve Rackman (Donk). An entertaining film, but not nearly as `fun' as the original (the `Indy' syndrome, again), `Crocodile Dundee II' is nevertheless a worthy addition to the series, as it puts you together with one of the screen's most unforgettable characters, `Crocodile' Dundee. 7/10.
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Not a Crock either. Just a great Sequel equal to #1.
MadBadMovieman2 December 1999
Very rarely do you enjoy a sequel as much or more as the first movie but this one is no crock either. Paul and Linda still have the chemistry, probably because they are in love for real.

Some of the same characters but some new BAD ones. An interesting story. Keeping 1 fish always out of the water you might say. A great escape from the long island mansion then on to the land down under.

There is only one Mick. The Australian Outback Superman with G-day on his cape. Another fun, exciting and entertaining movie you can watch again and again. I would have liked another sequel but the odds are against it.
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This is an ace movie!
thenewstyle10 November 2001
Waaaay better than the first....we are given one of the most hilariously stereotypical black characters in film history in the form of 'Leroy Brown' ("when word gets around, that Leroy Brown, has got something going down..."), the most unconvincing street punks/toughs I have *ever* seen (I mean, c'mon, they're listening to BILLY IDOL for God's sake!) and some South American drug dealers who trail off into tales of chasing snakes into cane fields for seemingly no reason whatsoever. There's two parts to the film - the first sees our hero storming the drug dealers mansion and rescuing his old lady, the second takes the rather dubious 'action' to the Outback, where we once again get to see classic Australian stereotype 'Dong' drinking and fighting and....uhh....being Australian.

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Great Film
TBRoberts114 October 2001
I thought that "Crocodile Dundee II" was much better than the original. It had funnier lines, more action, and spent enough time in New York and Australia to get a feel of the setting. I know that most sequels are not better than the originals, but this one is! Rent it tonight!
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A par below the original
jhaggardjr28 April 2001
"Crocodile Dundee II" opened a short year-and-a-half after the first movie, when the original film became a blockbuster hit all over the world. Paul Hogan and Linda Kozlowski return for a second go round of adventures as Australian adventurer Mick Dundee and New York reporter Sue Charlton. This time the movie reverses the original by opening in New York and concluding in Australia. Interesting idea. However, "Crocodile Dundee II" isn't quite as good as the original. The main problem with this movie is that it isn't as funny as the first film. The second installment has a more serious tone to it, thanks in part to a plot involving drug lords presuing our heroes. The laughs seem to come in few and far between, which wasn't the case with the original. Still, there's lots to like here. Hogan is fine as he was in the first film, as is Kozlowski. There are funny moments in the film, and it has dangerous adventure that keeps the movie entertaining. A good movie, but not a great one.

**1/2 (out of four)
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This is really a very enjoyable film!
necronomicon_seeker18 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The fist film was really just a comedy about a man from Australia going to New York City with a reporter who he falls in love with. This film is more of an action comedy. This film is when gangsters are wanting to get Sue and they follow Sue and Mick to Australia where you can guess what sort of stuff happens. The action is very enjoyable and it is also ridiculous and hilarious - in a good way. The acting is very good. This is a good film if you want to sit down for lunch and eat soup in your living room and enjoy some laughs and nice action.

I recommend this to anybody who likes Crocodile Dundee and North By Northwest put together.

My take: 10/10
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Enjoyable escapism
Popeye14721 August 2002
Although not as good as the first I still think there are some great elements in the film. The stunning scenery of Australia again reigns through. The interaction between Wally and Mick are some of the funny parts of the film.

Don't waste your time and watch the third installment of this series as it is very poor
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How one can use sheer human ingenuity to survive in the outbacks as well as in the concrete jungle!
saykeng13 August 2006
I have watched all the three Crocodile Dundee movies in the theater as well as their re-runs on cable TV at home:

  • Crocodile Dundee I; - Crocodile Dundee II; - Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles:

I am very impressed by the hilarious antics of Mick Dundee (Paul Hogan). I also like his charming, down-to-earth character.

What I have enjoyed most in watching the three movies is that, I have learned that one can use sheer human ingenuity & creativity to overcome obstacles, no matter how intimidating they are...some life-threatening ones, too!

Just watch how Mick Dundee (sometimes with his side-kick) out-thinking all the predators &/or bad guys in all three the treacherous hot outbacks of Australia & the mean streets of New York (When a mugger poked a small knife in front of his face, Mick took out his jungle knife & said: "That's not a knife. This is a knife!)...& mercilessly cold concrete jungle of Los Angeles.

On the whole, I have enjoyed watching again all the three movies, each with its own engaging story & romantic notion of adventure.

As a strategy consultant/success coach on life (survival) skills, I have added these three movies to my resource repertoire.
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A good flick forever cursed as a "sequel"
slaterms21 October 2003
Superior to the delightful original, "Crocodile Dundee II" ought to be judged on its own merits and not simply as a 'sequel'.

The first installment -- though funny and well done -- was nevertheless based on the tired "country-bumpkin-goes-to-big-city-and-falls-for-metropolitan-sophisticate" theme. This movie builds on that groundwork and takes the main characters (the earthwise Mick and the streetwise Sue) in an altogether different direction.

The hugely successful original film's main deficiency, in my opinion, was its one-sided quality. "Crocodile Dundee II" combines many different and suspenseful elements, such as the crime underworld and kidnapping; yet it remains as funny as the first.

This movie also gives us a chance to see some real up-and-comers of today's entertainment as they appeared several years ago in these minor roles (just check out the cast of characters).

Although the ending is kind of saccharine, "Crocodile Dundee II" remains a top choice for brightening up a boring evening or weekend afternoon. Regrettably, it will always be in the shadow of the first as a 'sequel'.
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Outdoes The Original
gavin694216 November 2014
Australian outback expert (Paul Hogan) protects his New York love (Linda Kozlowski) from gangsters who have followed her down under.

Whether this film is better than its predecessor is a matter of debate. Unlike other series where one film is clearly better than another, people seem to be split on this one. But only half of them are right: this film is better than the first one.

Why? Because there is more action, and there is a lot more humor. The suicide jumper, the gang, Leroy Brown, the addition of the aborigines... this movie sucks you in where the first one could not. Not to say the first was bad, but it had Mick far too preoccupied with romance when he should have been getting into more shenanigans. Here the romance is just assumed and plays no major part in the plot.
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Oh god, just give him the Oscar already!
barrydwriter17 October 2007
No matter how much I dislike his main co-star (a box of cereal has more acting abilities than Ms. Kozlowski), this movie is just so good...and it's almost all because of Paul Hogan's amazing screen presence. He's charming, he's funny, he can act...and above all, he has "IT"! Couple that with a great, fun movie (that one star is missing because of said cereal box fill-in), and you get something special.

Oh, if only these movies had had another, actually talented actress...they would have been downright amazing.

Even "Hhhhhhhhhrico," as lame a character as he was, couldn't tarnish this movie's shimmer. This movie was so good, who cares?!

At least the first two Crocodile Dundee movies (not to knock 'Las Vegas'; I just haven't seen it enough, but my memories of it were positive) will always a winner in my book, as far as I'm concerned.
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Fun Sequel!
GOWBTW8 May 2006
If you thought the first Crocodile Dundee movie was something. This one will definitely make your day Mate! When you think you saw everything, you better think again. When the NYPD see someone fishing in the Harbor, one cop knows Dundee better than anyone. Cause when Dundee(Paul Hogan) in the Big Apple, you ought to know him by now. When Sue(Linda Kozlowski) runs afoul on a cocaine dealer from Columbia after her ex-husband took some pictures. Mick doesn't play around. Those Columbians should have know better than to mess with Dundee. When one of the DEA try to get tabs on Dundee, it was funny when Mick held the knife at his neck before turning to the other "neck" of his "little man". That would later get attention 5 years later in Manassass, VA. Then these gangs try to help Mick, and Rat(Jace Alexander) wanted the coat of Dundee which later doesn't fit him. Can't win it all. And I'm glad that Wally is a lousy shot. If he had practice, he would know better to be accurate, than easy action prone. Great cast, super plot, this movie surpasses the first. Has a little more comedy and action to boot. Throw a boomerang at one hit you bring back another. Rating 4 .5 out of 5s stars.
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Fun and underrated sequel
areatw6 October 2017
I'm surprised at just how low a rating 'Crocodile Dundee II' has received. I thought this was a solid and fun sequel to the classic original. In many ways, it actually outdoes the first film. There's more action, more humour and, in my opinion, a better and more developed plot that relies less on individual gags.

However, it doesn't quite match the first film for charisma and is missing that special something that so many loved about the original. As a sequel though, it works well and has just about everything you could want from an adventure/comedy film.

Crocodile Dundee is a brilliantly entertaining character and the film as a whole is fun and very enjoyable. This is an underrated sequel and I can't quite put my finger on why so many people didn't like it.
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Campy, slapstick, old school...
Cephyran2 September 2003
Overall, this movie was about on par with the first. It had a degree of campy humor, and almost slapstick grade violence in the lighter parts. Hogan is entertaining, and has created a b-movie icon, a star for aussie fans all over. This is one of the old school honest comedies.
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Not a patch on the first, but OK
LuboLarsson2 May 2005
I absolutely loved the original Crocodile Dundee, I would rank it as one of the best comedy films of the 80's. I remember being excited to hear of a sequel, spending more time with Mick Dundee was an exciting prospect. I think I actually quite enjoyed this the first time I seen it, but even then I knew something wasn't quite right. Actually watching it now the first thing that strikes me about Crocodile Dundee II is that while the first one was a Romantic Comedy, in the sequel there is almost no romance, fair enough because Mick and Sue are together now, but there is nowhere near enough comedy. Its basically an adventure movie and is pretty good taken as such. I just wish they could have got a little more comedy in there too. I recently watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and that film had more laughs than this one, and that film is more of an action adventure than a comedy. I think the problem may have lied with the fact that Paul Hogan had years to prepare for Crocodile Dundee and this one was rushed into Cinemas to make a quick buck.
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Not the Second Great Australian Comedy
JamesHitchcock26 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
After his great success with "Crocodile Dundee", Paul Hogan seemed to be on top of the world. For anyone in that position, as Tim Rice reminded us in the lyrics to "Evita", the most important question is "Where do you go from here?" For any film-maker in the Eighties who had just had a success, there was an obvious answer to that question; you made a sequel. This was the golden age of the sequel; any successful film was liable to be followed up not just by a single sequel but by a whole series of them. This became something of a joke; comedians used to speculate whether we would see a "Superman VII", a "Rocky X" or a "Friday the 13th Part 13". Such long-running series became known as franchises, a name which emphasised the commerciality of the enterprise, as though making a film was the same as running a McDonald's restaurant.

There was, however, a problem with "Crocodile Dundee". The original film, although it also contained elements of satire, was essentially a romantic comedy. This is a type of film particularly difficult to follow up with a sequel because falling in love is, generally speaking, something that most couples only do once. "The Philadelphia Postscript"? "Lunch at Tiffany's"? "The Postgraduate"? "The Second Time Harry Met Sally"? "A Fifth Wedding and Another Funeral"? Just a few of the follow-ups to classic rom-coms that never got made. This being the Eighties, however, a sequel to "Crocodile Dundee" was unavoidable, but Paul Hogan obviously recognised the problem as "Crocodile Dundee II" was made in a quite different style to the original, being an adventure comedy rather than a romantic comedy.

At the beginning of the film, Mick Dundee is living in New York with his girlfriend Sue. Sue's ex-husband Bob is working as an investigative journalist in Colombia, helping to expose the local involvement in the drug trade. Unfortunately his cover is blown and he is murdered by the traffickers, but not before he has mailed Sue a roll of film incriminating Luis Rico, one of the wealthiest and most powerful dealers. Rico kidnaps Sue in an attempt to recover the evidence; Mick manages to free her from Rico's mansion with the aid of a local street gang. The scene then shifts to Australia. (This reverses the pattern of the first film, which starts in Australia and then moves to America). Mick has taken Sue back to his home town of Walkabout Creek in the Northern Territory, thinking she will be safer there. Rico, however, tracks them down, and Mick and Sue disappear into the bush with the drug dealer and his gang in pursuit. Mick must use his skills as a tracker and his knowledge of the outback in order to outwit the villains.

The film does not come close to achieving the success of its predecessor because, although some of the elements- Hogan's larger-than-life comic character, the beauty of Linda Kozlowski as Sue, Mick's bumbling, timid friend Walt- that made the original film such a success are present, others are not. The first film succeeded largely because of a combination of romance and satire. Not only is the element of romance played down in the sequel, but much of the satire is also lacking. Most of the humour in the original arose from Mick's innocent reactions to the unfamiliar ways of the big city. In the sequel, he has been living in New York for some time and is consequently more street-smart- and less funny. There are some amusing scenes, such as the one in which he prevents a suicide from throwing himself off a high-rise building, but not many.

The scenes of adventure in the bush never generate much excitement. Mick's knowledge of bushcraft and aboriginal lore are so superior to those of pursuers that we never experience any anxiety on his behalf or doubt that he will triumph over them. The original "Crocodile Dundee" was, in my view, the first great Australian screen comedy. The sequel, although it is amiable and entertaining enough, is definitely not the second. 6/10
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Great movie series!
Movie Nuttball9 March 2003
The Crocodile Dundee series is a great one that's funny and exciting at the same time!Paul Hogan and Linda Kozlowski are very good.I just like the scenes in the out back and and Hogan is hilarious in the city!This series is very good and very entertaining.Check it out soon!
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Not as bad as most say it is.
jacksonc4 July 1999
I do not understand why this movie only gets a 5.2 out of 10 on the IMDb viewer ratings. What it may have lacked in originality and suspense, it made up for in Australian charm, both locations and people. Sure, a lot of it may have been contrived for laughs, but SO WHAT? It is still diverting...
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Rewatched many times. Never gets old.
twanster-976559 December 2019
Love the whole franchise, granted 3 wasn't as good but it's still very likable. This one is my fav of them. More action. Comedy and back to Australia! I hope if they ever make a 4th it is done with hogan because the dundy character never gets old. I'd have given a 10/10 but it loses a star just because I'd hoped to of seen more Australia.
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