Crocodile Dundee II (1988) Poster

Linda Kozlowski: Sue Charlton



  • Doris : Tell me, Sue, what is Mick like in bed?

    Sue : [cleverly brushing off the question]  I dunno, he still sleeps on the floor.

  • [Aborigine speaks in Aborigine] 

    Charlie : No, mate, we just hold them.

    Sue : What did he say?

    Charlie : [winking]  He wants to know if we're allowed to eat these men.

  • Sue : Who do you think you are? You hold me here at gunpoint, threaten to kill people, then you act like you're some sort of rock star? You're a drug dealer. You're a grubby little parasite.

    Rico : You should watch your mouth. It is not wise to annoy me. Bob Tanner did and I had his head blown off like that...

    [snaps his finger softly] 

    Sue : You killed Bob?

    Rico : And if your Mick screws this up...

    [snaps his finger softly] 

  • Sue : You shot Walter.

    Mick : Yeah. It was the only thing I could think of to save his life.

    Sue : By shooting him?

    Mick : I only nicked him.

  • Sue : There's nothing wrong with the food, it's the company.

  • Sue Charlton : Mick - be careful. This isn't a game.

    Mick : It is to me.

  • Mick : You ready to go home now?

    Sue Charlton : I am home.

  • Mick : Wanna give me some help?

    Sue : Would Bonnie say no to Clyde?

    Mick : Who?

  • Mick : Now we're all on foot. That makes us even.

    Sue : Seven to two is "even"?

  • Sue : Do you know where they are?

    Mick : Yeah. They're about 500 yards that way, behind that ridge.

    Sue : How do you know that?

    Mick : Can't you smell it?


    Sue : [Shakes her head]  Their sweat?

    Mick : [Smiling]  Walt's aftershave.

  • Mick : Take your bra off.

    Sue : This is hardly the time.

    [Sue proceeds to take her bra off without taking off her shirt. She hands her bra to a stunned Mick] 

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