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16 Sep. 1987
This was the pilot for the hit series. Ken Wahl stars as Vinnie Terranova, a Justice Department agent reassigned to the Organized Crime Bureau (OCB) as a "wiseguy", a specially trained deep undercover agent. To help support his cover, Vinnie has just finished serving 18 months in a New Jersey prison. Vinnie is frustrated that he can't tell his mother that he is a government agent and not the criminal that he is now perceived to be. He wants out of the assignment, but after a friend is killed while investigating the Steelgrave crime family, Vinnie decides to go after ...
24 Sep. 1987
New Blood
In an attempt to take over Sonny Steelgrave's business, mob head Paul Patrice frames Sonny for several murder attempts he makes on the life of the special prosecutor investigating Sonny.
1 Oct. 1987
The Loose Cannon
A psychopathic murderer posing as Sonny's nephew double-crosses Sonny and holds Vinnie's girlfriend Gina hostage.
8 Oct. 1987
The Birthday Surprise
When Vinnie's young cousin, a boxer, is found dead of an apparent drug overdose, Vinnie jeopardizes his cover by going to "legals" -- the coroner, the homicide cops -- to get them moving on what he knows was a murder.
15 Oct. 1987
One on One
When the local cops put the heat on Sonny Steelgrave and bust up several of his secret deals, he smells a rat in the inner circle and Vinnie finds himself the number one suspect.
22 Oct. 1987
Prodigal Son
After his mother is mugged in Brooklyn, an enraged Vinnie sets out to find the punk who did it, but when he visits his mother in the hospital, it breaks his heart that she still won't forgive him for his life of "crime."
29 Oct. 1987
A Deal's a Deal
Sonny's cruel punishment of a lounge singer who wants out of his contract triggers a cascade of events that leads to Vinnie's being photographed with McPike -- a photo that is to be delivered to Sonny.
5 Nov. 1987
The Marriage of Heaven & Hell
Sonny's impending marriage to a syndicate boss' daughter begins a supposedly businesslike realignment of "families, " but Vinnie learns that the wedding is a pretext for a bloody gang war.
12 Nov. 1987
No One Gets Out of Here Alive
An outraged Sonny Steelgrave accuses Vinnie of betraying him to his arch-rival, then realizes the devastating truth -- that his paisan is an undercover Federal agent
19 Nov. 1987
Last Rites for Lucci
In the aftermath of the Steelgrave case, Vinnie tries to vindicate himself of his lingering feelings of betrayal and disloyalty by risking his life to save an old friend from the Brooklyn neighborhood who has a contract out on him.

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