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  • Stephanie Forrester's daughter Angela was born with a disease that left her with no awareness of the outside world and totally dependent on her doctor and full-time caretaker, Dr. Todd Powell. Stephanie keeps Angela a secret from her family for 24 years before they finally discover her existence and welcome this unfortunate woman into their hearts.

    But the woman they - and we the viewers - meet turns out to be a phony. Angela had died in an accident twelve years before, but Todd couldn't bear to let Stephanie know. Instead, he found a young runaway and gave her plastic surgery to resemble the dead Angela. She poses as their daughter for years before Stephanie finally learns of the hoax and threatens them with prison. But "Angela" (whose true name we never learn) knows all the family secrets and blackmails Stephanie for $25,000. Stephanie pays the money and demands that she and Todd leave town for good.

    "Angela" plans to extort more from the Forresters, but Todd, remorseful over what he has done to the family, drives his car over the cliff while the fake Angela is his passenger. The car explodes and he, the girl and the money all go up in flames.

    Or so we think. Later, it turns out that Angela had survived the crash and killed a Good Samaritan to take her place in the burning car. The flames had destroyed her face, leaving her hideously deformed--which proves to be the perfect disguise. She gives herself the new name of Deveney Dixon and insinuates herself back into the Forresters' lives to plot revenge against the family she blames for her deformity. Her scheme to manipulate Stephanie's son, Thorne, to shoot and kill her other son, Ridge, fails. Then the writers abruptly dropped her storyline and she was never heard from again.

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