Little Shop of Horrors (1986) Poster

Rick Moranis: Seymour Krelborn



  • Seymour : The Audrey Two is not a healthy girl.

    Mr. Mushnik : Strictly between us - neither is the Audrey One.

  • Audrey II : Feed me!

    Seymour : Does it have to be human?

    Audrey II : Feed me!

    Seymour : Does it have to be mine?

    Audrey II : Feeeed me!

    Seymour : Where am I supposed to get it?

    Audrey II : [singing]  Feed me, Seymour / Feed me all night long - That's right, boy! - You can do it! Feed me, Seymour / Feed me all night long / Ha ha ha ha ha! / Cause if you feed me, Seymour / I can grow up big and strong.

  • Seymour : Every household in America? Thousands of you eating... that's what you had in mind all along, isn't it?

    Audrey II : No shit, Sherlock.

    Seymour : We're not talking about one hungry plant here, we're talking about world conquest.

    Audrey II : And I want to thank you.

  • Seymour : [singing]  Poor/All my life I've always been poor/I keep asking God what I'm for/And he tells me, "Gee, I'm not sure"/"Sweep that floor, kid!"/Oh, I started life as an orphan/A child of the street/Here on skid row/He took me in/Gave me shelter, a bed/Crust of bread and a job/Treats me like dirt, calls me a slob/Which I am/So I live...

    Company : Downtown!

    Seymour : That's your home address/You live...

    Company : Downtown!

    Seymour : When your life's a mess/You live...

    Company : Downtown!

    Seymour : Where depression's just status quo.

    Company : Down on Skid Row.

  • Seymour : Wait a minute, Audrey II, that's not a very nice thing to say!

    Audrey II : But it's true, isn't it?

    Seymour : No! I don't know anybody who deserves to get chopped up and fed to a hungry plant!

    Audrey II : Mmmmmm, sure you do!

    [Turns Seymour around to look out the window. They see Orin and Audrey. Orin yells at Audrey and at last hits her] 

  • Seymour : [singing]  I don't know.

    Audrey II : Come on, boy!

    Seymour : [singing]  I don't know!

    Audrey II : Lighten up!

    Seymour : [singing]  I have so, so many strong reservations.

    Audrey II : Tell it to the Marines!

    Seymour : [singing]  Should I go and perform mutilations?

  • Seymour : It's true! I chopped him up. But I didn't kill him!

  • Patrick Martin : Me and the guys at the home office have been following this plant of yours. We've come up with one incredible idea. We're very proud of it. Picture this: we take leaf cuttings, develop little Audrey IIs and sell them to florist shops across the nation. Pretty soon every household in America could have one.

    Seymour : [concerned]  Every household in America!

    Patrick Martin : For starters, kid. Why, this thing could go... worldwide!

    Seymour , Audrey : [to each other, panicked:]  *Worldwide*?

    Patrick Martin : With the right advertising, this thing could be bigger than Hula-Hoops.

    Audrey : [to Seymour, intrigued:]  Bigger than Hula-Hoops?

  • Orin : [holding a dentist's tool]  Let me ask you something! Does this scare you? Would you like if I took this and headed right for your damn incisors?

    Seymour : [looks terrified] 

    Orin : It'd hurt, right?

    Seymour : Uh huh.

    Orin : You'd scream, right?

    Seymour : Uh huh.

    Orin : Well get your ass in here!

  • Seymour : Wait for me, Audrey. This is between me and the vegetable!

  • Seymour : [singing]  Suddenly Seymour / Is standing beside you

    Audrey : [singing]  Suddenly Seymour / Showed me I can...

    Audrey : [singing over sustain]  Yes you can...

    Patrick Martin : Excuse me! Pardon me, beg your pardon, if you two kids would stop singing for just a moment I've got something I want to discuss with you.

  • Seymour : The guy sure looks like plant food to me.

  • Audrey : All I ever wanted was you and a sweet little house.

    Seymour : Oh Audrey, you're the most wondeful person that ever lived. We're gonna get that little house and everything's gonna be alright, you'll see.

  • [Seymour is attempting to put a plant on a high shelf. The shelving unit falls and the plants crash to the floor] 

    Mr. Mushnik : Seymour, what's going on?

    Seymour : Very little, Mr. Mushnik.

  • Patrick Martin : Whaddya say, Seymour? Do we have a deal?

    Seymour : No! Keep your contract. Nobody's touchin' that plant, you hear?

    Patrick Martin : Hey, we're offerin' a lotta money here!

    Seymour : Forget the money. Take the money and leave!

    Patrick Martin : Whaddya, nuts?

    Seymour : Yeah, I'm nuts! Get outta here!

    Patrick Martin : Hey, now, come on!

    Seymour : Go on! Get outta here!

    Patrick Martin : You're a loon!

    Seymour : Go on and get out!

    Patrick Martin : Look, I'll come back when you're in a better mood!

    Seymour : Go on, get outta here now!

    Patrick Martin : Alright!

  • Orin : Look Seymour, this could happen to you. Unless I take immediate action.

    Seymour : [helpless in dentist chair]  What's that?

    Orin : [enthusiastically]  A drill.

    Seymour : It's rusty!

    Orin : It's an antique. They don't make 'em like this any more. Sturdy. Heavy. Dull!

    Orin : I'm gonna want some gas fer this.

    Seymour : Oh, thank God. I thought you weren't gonna use any.

    Orin : Oh, the gas isn't for you Seymour, it's for me. You see, I wanna really enjoy this.

  • [Seymour points a gun at him] 

    Orin : [while wearing a gas mask, sees it]  Huh? What the hell's that? A gun?

    [laughs out of control] 

    Orin : [sarcastically while laughing still]  Kid's got a goddamn revolver Oh, Jesus! I'm in trouble now, huh?

    [Orin laughs still as Seymour goes nervous still pointing the gun at him] 

    Orin : Oh, wait till I turn this gas off.

    [takes the cap off by accident] 

    Orin : Uh-oh! Oh, give me a hand, would you? No, I guess you wouldn't, would you?

    [laughs again but coughs as he tries to take the mask off] 

    Orin : You see, Seymour, I could asphyx...

    [coughs out of control] 

    Orin : I could asphyx...

    [continues laughing and coughing until he collapses on the floor] 

    Orin : [stops laughing]  What'd I ever do to you?

    Seymour : [lowers the gun]  Nothing. It's what you did to her.

    Orin : Her who?

    [Seymour does not answer] 

    Orin : [finally gets it]  Oh... her...

    [Orin then dies from too much nitrous oxide as Seymour goes puzzled] 

  • [Seymour recounts how he found Audrey II] 

    Seymour : You remember that total eclipse of the sun about a week ago?

    Crystal , Ronette , Chiffon : [singing]  Da-doo!

    Seymour : I was walkin' in the wholesale flower district that day...

    Crystal , Ronette , Chiffon : Shoop da-doo.

    Seymour : And I passed by this place, where this old Chinese man...

    Crystal , Ronette , Chiffon : Chang, da-doo.

    Seymour : He sometimes sells me weird and exotic cuttings...

    Crystal , Ronette , Chiffon : Snip, da-doo.

    Seymour : 'Cause he knows, you see, that strange plants are my hobby.

    Crystal , Ronette , Chiffon : Da da da da da da-doo.

    Seymour : He didn't have anything unusual there that day.

    Crystal , Ronette , Chiffon : Nope, da-doo.

    Seymour : So, I was just about to, you know, walk on by...

    Doo-Wop Street Singer : Good for you.

    Doo-Wop Street Singer , Doo-Wop Street Singer , Doo-Wop Street Singer , Doo-Wop Street Singer : [scatting] 

    Seymour : When suddenly, and without warning, there was this...

    Crystal , Ronette , Chiffon : eclipse of the sun!

    Seymour : It got very dark, and there was this strange humming sound, like something from another world.

    Crystal , Ronette , Chiffon : Da-doo!

    Seymour : And when the light came back, this weird plant was just sitting there...

    Crystal , Ronette , Chiffon : Whoop, see-doo.

    Seymour : Just, you know, stuck in, among the zinnias.

    Crystal , Ronette , Chiffon : Audrey II!

    Seymour : I coulda sworn it hadn't been there before, but the old Chinese man sold it to me anyways, for a dollar ninety-five.

  • [theatrical cut] 

    Seymour : [after saving Audrey from Audrey II]  Are you okay?

    Audrey : Yes... No...

    [Audrey collapses] 

    Seymour : Audrey! Audrey!

    Audrey : [gets back up]  No, really, I'm okay.

    Seymour : I'm sorry, Audrey, I'm just so sorry. I never meant to hurt you, I never meant to hurt anyone. It's just that somehow it makes things happen - terrible things. Well, I guess I should've stopped when I found out what it lived on, but it was cute and harmless, and we started doing business and making money and you like me...

    Audrey : Seymour! Do you really think I liked you because of that?

    [Seymour goes silent] 

    Audrey : I liked you from the day I came to work here.

    Seymour : You mean you still like me, even if I wasn't famous?

    Audrey : [smiles]  I'd still love you Seymour.

    Seymour : Really?

    Audrey : Yes. All I ever wanted was you... and that sweet little house.

    Seymour : [happily]  Oh, Audrey, you're the most wonderful person that ever lived! We're gonna get that little house and everything will be okay somehow, you'll see!


    Seymour : Suddenly Seymour is standing beside you.

    Audrey : [sings]  Suddenly Seymour showed me I can!

    Audrey : Yes, you can!

  • Audrey II : [Seymour quietly tries to sneak out of the shop with suitcases while the plant is asleep. As he slowly opens the door... ]  Feed me.

    Seymour : Under NO circumstances.

    Audrey II : FEED me.

    Seymour : [annoyed]  I will not, so stop asking.

    Audrey II : Feed me!

    Seymour : [puts down suitcase]  No! No more! I can't keep living with the guilt

    Audrey II : [coldly]  Tough titty.

    Seymour : You watch your language.

    Audrey II : [stands up to full height]  Ooooh, cut the crap! Bring on the meat!

  • Audrey II : Tough titty!

    Seymour : You watch your language!

    Audrey II : Aw cut the crap and bring on the meat!

  • Mr. Mushnik : [after Seymour asks why Mushnik is angry at him]  Little red dots all over the linoleum, little red spots on the concrete outside - I'm talking blood, Krelborn! I'm talking under my own roof!

    [grabs an axe] 

    Mr. Mushnik : An axe murderer!

    [Seymour goes alarmed] 

    Audrey II : [sings off-screen]  He's got your number now.

    Mr. Mushnik : I saw everything!

    Audrey II : He knows just what you've done.

    Mr. Mushnik : Everything you did to her boyfriend!

    Audrey II : You've got no place to hide.

    Mr. Mushnik : [swings the axe]  I saw you chopping him!

    Audrey II : You've got nowhere to run.

    Seymour : [innocently]  It's true! I chopped him up, but I didn't kill him!

    Audrey II : He knows your life of crime.

    Mr. Mushnik : [points a gun at him]  Tell it to the police!

    Audrey II : I think it's suppertime!

  • Seymour : You okay?

    Audrey : Yes... no...

    [Audrey falls to the ground. Seymour helps her up and holds her in his arms] 

    Seymour : Don't die, Audrey! Please don't die!

    Audrey : You know, the plant just said the strangest thing just now. It said Orin and Mr. Mushnik are already inside!

    Seymour : It's true. I did it. I fed them to it.

    Audrey : And that's what made it so big and strong, and you so famous?

    Seymour : I've done terrible things, Audrey, but not to you. Never to you.

    Audrey : But... I want you to, Seymour.

    Seymour : What?

    Audrey : When I die, which should be very shortly, give me to the plant, so that it will live and bring you all the wonderful things you deserve.

    Seymour : You don't know what you're saying.

    Audrey : But I do! It's the one gift I can give you. And if I'm in the plant, then I am part of the plant, so in a way... we'll always be together.

  • Seymour , Audrey : [singing]  Gee, it sure would be swell to get outta here/Bid the gutter farewell and get outta here/I'd move Heaven and Hell to get outta Skid/I'd do I don't know what to get outta Skid...

    Company : Downtown!

    Seymour , Audrey : But a hell of a lot to get outta Skid...

    Company : Downtown!

    Seymour , Audrey : People tell me there's not a way outta Skid...

    Company : Downtown!

    Seymour , Audrey : But believe me/I gotta get outta Skid...

    Seymour , Audrey , Company : ...Row!

  • [director's cut] 

    Seymour : 'Every household in America'! That's what you had in mind, isn't it?

    Audrey II : No shit, Sherlock!

    Seymour : We're not talking about one hungry plant here; we're talking about world conquest!

    Audrey II : And I wanna thank you!

    Seymour : [distraught]  You ate the only thing I ever loved!

    [Audrey II laughs at him] 

    Seymour : You're a monster, and so am I! It's gotta end! It's gotta stop right here!

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