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  • The storyline and screenplay for Labyrinth was written by American director Jim Henson, Canadian children's author Dennis Lee, and Welsh screenwriter Terry Jones. The screenplay was subsequently novelized in 1986 by A.C.H. Smith. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Many mistakenly believe Sarah went through the wrong door during this scene, and many mistakenly think the riddle requires knowing which door tells the truth and which door is lying. This is not required. Here's the logic for you. The trick is not to find out which one is lying and which one is telling the truth but to find out how to get them both to give the same sort of answer. You ask one guard whether this door leads to the castle. Whatever answer they give, is the opposite of the truth. You're either asking a truthful person what a liar would say or you ask a liar what the truthful person would say (so get the lie answer because that's who you're talking to, lie by default). Remember what Hoggle said, you have to ask the right questions. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The ground opened up under Sarah because she had said, "It's a piece of cake." Things go wrong in the Labyrinth if you say, "It's a piece of cake." It happens roughly three times in the film and repeatedly in the novelization. And when the ground did open up on Sarah, she had the choice to go back up and continue on her path or to go down. It's her own fault she fell into the oubliette because she chose down. The oubliette was not certain death. She was told that one door leads to the castle, and that's where she ended up. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Not movie-wise. The official Labyrinth sequel is the four-part manga called Return to Labyrinth, which deals with Toby's journey into the Labyrinth. Edit (Coming Soon)


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