Down by Law (1986) Poster


Billie Neal: Bobbie


  • Bobbie : You always makin' big plans for tomorrow. You know why? Because you always fuckin' up today.

  • Bobbie : My mama used to say that America's the big melting pot. You bring it to a boil and all the scum rises to the top.

  • Bobbie : You know, Jack, we could make some money together. Except you're always blowin' it. You know - gambling, gettin' high, showing off.

    Jack : I gotta have fun, you know, baby ?

    Bobbie : Yeah, yeah, I know. You're always makin' big big plans for tomorrow, and you know why ? 'Cause you're always fucking up today ! Look at that white girl, that Julie you started out with, she's all messed up now. All your girls are so messed up - except me. I can tell a lot of things about you. Some things you'd never put into your head. But you can't be so sure. My mom used to say that America is like a big melting pot, because she used to say that when you bring it to the boil, all the scum rises to the top.

    [she laughs sarcastically] 

    Bobbie : So maybe there's still hope for you yet, Jack.

    [she suddenly stops laughing] 

    Bobbie : You listening to me ?

    [short pause] 

    Bobbie : Shit. You don't understand any kind of people. Maybe that's your problem. You sure don't understand women at all. And a pimp is supposed to know about women. If you was a good pimp, you'd have hit me by now, you'd have done something. But I can just lay here, and talk forever, and you won't hear a single word. Like you don't even speak english ! You're lost in your big big plans, but I know about you, Jack. Jack?

    Jack : You sure can talk, can't you, baby?

  • Bobbie : If you were a good pimp you would've hit me by now!

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