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John Lurie: Jack



  • Roberto : I am-a no criminal. I ham a good egg.

    Jack : I am a good egg, Jesus.

    Roberto : Yes. Yeah, I'm a good egg. Yes. We are! We are a good egg. My friends.

  • [first lines] 

    Jack : Julie, what're you doing out here?

    Julie : Just watching the light change.

  • Jack : [to Zack, who is drawing on the cell wall]  Hey, cut it out!

    [Zack disobeys] 

    Jack : *Stop it*! Man, doncha know it makes time go slower? Cut it out!

    [they start fighting] 

    Jack : Fuck you...

  • Bobbie : You know, Jack, we could make some money together. Except you're always blowin' it. You know - gambling, gettin' high, showing off.

    Jack : I gotta have fun, you know, baby ?

    Bobbie : Yeah, yeah, I know. You're always makin' big big plans for tomorrow, and you know why ? 'Cause you're always fucking up today ! Look at that white girl, that Julie you started out with, she's all messed up now. All your girls are so messed up - except me. I can tell a lot of things about you. Some things you'd never put into your head. But you can't be so sure. My mom used to say that America is like a big melting pot, because she used to say that when you bring it to the boil, all the scum rises to the top.

    [she laughs sarcastically] 

    Bobbie : So maybe there's still hope for you yet, Jack.

    [she suddenly stops laughing] 

    Bobbie : You listening to me ?

    [short pause] 

    Bobbie : Shit. You don't understand any kind of people. Maybe that's your problem. You sure don't understand women at all. And a pimp is supposed to know about women. If you was a good pimp, you'd have hit me by now, you'd have done something. But I can just lay here, and talk forever, and you won't hear a single word. Like you don't even speak english ! You're lost in your big big plans, but I know about you, Jack. Jack?

    Jack : You sure can talk, can't you, baby?

  • Jack : This is how you dressed before you were in the joint, right? Sort of garbage man on parade.

    Zack : You, uh, plannin' on doin' a little squirrel huntin', Jack?

  • Roberto : So, Jack. Jack, why, why are you put in this prison?

    Jack : I don't know, Bob. It was voodoo or somethin', you know. - I was framed. I was completely innocent. You understand?

    Roberto : Yes. You are innocent man. I understand. And you, my friend, Jack, why are you put in this prison?

    Zack : I was set up, Bob. Just like Jack. I ham - an innocent man.

    Roberto : I see. You too are a innocent man.

    Zack : So, Bob...

    Roberto : Yes?

    Zack : For why are you in this prison put?

    Roberto : Me? I killed a man.

    Zack : You killed a man, huh? What'd you do that for, Bob? The guy didn't like Walt Whitman?

    Roberto : I never ask-a to dis man if he like-a de Walt Whitman.

  • Jack : Fatso's on his way up here. Cover up the merchandise.

    [pulls a blanket over Bobbie who is laying naked on the bed and gives her a gun] 

    Jack : Take this just in case he's gotten any smarter lately, alright?

  • Gig : You too serious! You gotta let the past be de past, Jack. I come here tonight to settle us up.

    Jack : Yeah, how you gonna be doin' that, fathead?

    Gig : By doin' you a favor, a really big favor. I'm serious as cancer!

    Jack : Now, whatever this is, I know it's bullshit.

  • Gig : Just hear me out, see my little gift, and then if you're not interested, let me know.

    Jack : What's the gift?

    Gig : Oh, man, you gonna die! I have got a piece of chicken you ain't even gonna believe is from this planet!

    Jack : No, that I might believe.

    Gig : Oh, Jack! Be serious, man! This girl is nineteen, a beautiful white gurl. A Cajun goddess, man. A Cajun goddess! I got her up at the Belchase Hotel, right now. An she's waitin' there for ya, Jack. My gift to you - the most beautifulest gift that I could possibly give ya.

  • Jack : Alright, I suppose you haven't even touched her, right? Alright, I'll go look at your marshland goddess; but, I'm tellin' you somethin', if you're foolin' with me, if you're wastin' my time with anything, I'm gonna fuck you up. I guarantee you.

    Gig : Jack, nobody's gonna regret anything, especially not you. In fact, you're gonna thank me for this. You gonna remember me for the rest of your life for this!

  • Jack : Hey, L.C., what's happenin'?

  • L.C. : How's the ladies treatin' ya?

    Jack : Ow!

    L.C. : Well, you know, Jack, how that goes. If you get enough of it, do like the crawfish, back on out of it.

  • Jack : Guard! I need a light here. I can't believe this. Guard! Guard! Guard! Guard! Guard! Guard! Guard!

    [speaking to himself] 

    Jack : What am I doin' in here?

    Zack : Can't you see? You are not the only innocent *asshole* in here. I was set up too. Just like you. Just like you.

    Jack : I am not just like you; whatever you say. I don't even want to deal with you. You got it? As far as I'm concerned, you don't even exist. Not at all. Got it?

    Zack : Well, you don't exist either. Walls don't exist. The floor doesn't exist. This stress is not here. These bunks aren't here. Bars aren't here. None of this is really here. None of this is really here at all.

  • Jack : When I get outta here, there's gonna be a white limousine. It's gonna come, pick me up. It's gonna be a Lincoln. I'm gonna step inside. And inside is bigger than you can possibly imagine it from the outside. And there's gonna be beautiful girls in there. Four of 'em and they're all gonna be naked. One of 'em's gonna offer me some coke. Won't let you say no. And I'm just gonna be enjoyin' the luxury of the car and the girls. The door is gonna close. It's just gonna go click. And there's gonna be music playin'. It's like, music I never heard before. And then the car's gonna start up and it's gonna drive slowly towards the sea. Very slowly. It's gonna be beautiful.

  • Roberto : Excuse me, Jack.

    Zack : Zack!

    Roberto : Zack. I have-a the hic-cups. Do you have some cigarette?

    Zack : No. No!

    Roberto : No. I understand. Thank you. Do you have-a, Zack, some cigarette?

    Jack : I'm Jack. Get it straight.

    Roberto : Yes. Get it straight. But, do you have some cigarette?

    Jack : Cigarettes won't help with hiccups. Not in this country.

    Roberto : Me, yes. Cigarette help me - when - eh - when I have the hiccups.

    Jack : [gives Roberto a cigarette]  Don't ask me again.

  • Jack : What's wrong, Bob?

    Roberto : I have-a lost the - my book of English. No. All I ever know it is there.

    Jack : Come on, man. You're lucky to even be here.

    Roberto : I am lucky to even be here.

  • Jack : Who the fuck put you in charge?

    Zack : I put myself in charge. Cause you can't keep it together.

  • Zack : What do you think, Jack?

    Jack : How the fuck should I know?

  • Zack : Well, I guess this is it.

    Jack : Yeah.

    Zack : I don't see a sign around or anything.

    Jack : Well, she said the one on the right goes west.

    Zack : She said she didn't know.

    Jack : Look, man, it don't matter to me. You go - whichever way you want. Right?

    Zack : Right.

    Jack : And I'll go the other way.

    Zack : Yeah, right.

    Jack : Right.

    Zack : Yeah, right.

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