Down by Law (1986) Poster


Vernel Bagneris: Preston


  • Preston : Zack ! Hey man ! What the fuck ya doin' here in the garbage ?

    Zack : [without looking at Preston]  Just leave me alone, Preston. I'm in a bad mood.

    Preston : Then I'm just the man you've been looking for. In fact, I've been looking for you.

    Zack : That's a bad sign.

    Preston : Now, Zack , baby ! I got somethin' real good for you. An hour's work for a whole lotta scratch.

    Zack : I ain't interested.

    Preston : Then you ARE in a bad mood. You won't even let me propose it to you ! Can you just listen to me for one minute, will ya ? One minute of your, uh... valuable time ?

    Zack : [sighs in exasperation]  Just fuck off, Preston.

    Preston : [chuckles and acts like he's going to walk away from him, but then goes back to him]  All I wanna do is pay you a grand, in exchange of a single hour of your very very valuable time. But this ain't no break in, no delivery of controlled substances, none of this stuff. It's just to drive a car, from one part of town to another, alone. That's it.

    Zack : What kind of car will that be, Preston ?

    Preston : That will be a very nice car. A very nice, very expensive imported car, which just happens to be in between owners at the present time.

    Zack : [mutters to himself] 

    Preston : Look man, all you gotta do is drive the car across town, park it, leave it. I can pay half grand upfront, and the other half later. The whole thing's over in an hour! It's very safe, very clean, and believe me, i can get a million guys to do this for me.

    Zack : Then why don't you do it yourself ?

    Preston : I'm offerin' a grand so I don't have to answer stupid questions like that.

    Zack : Well... I might consider the grand upfront... then I might think about it.

    Preston : Jesus !

    [a pause] 

    Preston : Zack... you are in a nasty mood. So just to cheer you up a little bit, I give you 750 upfront. OK ?

    [Zack rises to leave him on the spot but he holds him back] 

    Preston : Alright, alright, Mr. All-Mighty-Hot-Shit. I'm gonna do you this favour.

    [he gives Zack the keys of the car] 

    Zack : [impressed, but still muttering to himself]  Oh man ! A Jaguar !

    Preston : I'll give you the whole thing upfront

    [he gives Zack the money] 

    Preston : Now you owe me.

    [long pause] 

    Preston : Zack, you know you can buy yourself twenty girls for all of that ?

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