Down by Law (1986) Poster


Roberto Benigni: Roberto



  • [repeated line] 

    Roberto : I scream-a. You scream-a. We all scream-a. For ice cream-a.

  • Roberto : [looking through his book of English phrases]  If looks can kill, I am a-dead now.

  • Roberto : I am-a no criminal. I ham a good egg.

    Jack : I am a good egg, Jesus.

    Roberto : Yes. Yeah, I'm a good egg. Yes. We are! We are a good egg. My friends.

  • Roberto : Very strange mother, my mother.

  • Roberto : And now i have falled in love, at last. I have finded my new home. She has asked to me if I stay here, to live together with her forever and ever. Like in a book for children.

  • Roberto : Not enough room to swing a cat... Cat. The animal.

  • Roberto : It is a sad and beautiful world!

    Zack : Yeah, it's a sad and beautiful world, pal. Eh, buzz off.

    Roberto : Ah, thank you! Buzz off-a to you, too.

    Zack : Buzz off!

    Roberto : Ah, buzz off. Buzz off? Buzz off? It's - it's a sad and beautiful world. Buzz off.

    [writes it down in a pocket notebook] 

    Roberto : Buzz - off. Good evening, buzz off to everybody. Oh, thank you. Buzz off to you too. Oh, it's a pleasure. Thank you.

    Zack : [takes a swig of beer, starts singing]  O-we, now, now, it's a sad and beautiful world, It's a sad and beautiful world, It's a sad and beautiful world, It's a sad and beautiful world...

  • Roberto : My father, no. He's very strong, but with the rabbit he is afraid.

  • Roberto : So, Jack. Jack, why, why are you put in this prison?

    Jack : I don't know, Bob. It was voodoo or somethin', you know. - I was framed. I was completely innocent. You understand?

    Roberto : Yes. You are innocent man. I understand. And you, my friend, Jack, why are you put in this prison?

    Zack : I was set up, Bob. Just like Jack. I ham - an innocent man.

    Roberto : I see. You too are a innocent man.

    Zack : So, Bob...

    Roberto : Yes?

    Zack : For why are you in this prison put?

    Roberto : Me? I killed a man.

    Zack : You killed a man, huh? What'd you do that for, Bob? The guy didn't like Walt Whitman?

    Roberto : I never ask-a to dis man if he like-a de Walt Whitman.

  • Roberto : Zack, do you like - Robert Frost?

    Zack : Not this again, man.

  • Roberto : Excuse me, Jack.

    Zack : Zack!

    Roberto : Zack. I have-a the hic-cups. Do you have some cigarette?

    Zack : No. No!

    Roberto : No. I understand. Thank you. Do you have-a, Zack, some cigarette?

    Jack : I'm Jack. Get it straight.

    Roberto : Yes. Get it straight. But, do you have some cigarette?

    Jack : Cigarettes won't help with hiccups. Not in this country.

    Roberto : Me, yes. Cigarette help me - when - eh - when I have the hiccups.

    Jack : [gives Roberto a cigarette]  Don't ask me again.

  • Roberto : Excuse me, Jack, do you...

    Zack : Zack.

    Roberto : Zack!

    Zack : I'm Zack!

    Roberto : Zack.

    Zack : He's Jack! I'm Zack.

  • Roberto : You like Walt Whitman? Yes, I like Walt Whitman very much. Leaves of Glass.

    Zack : What?

    Roberto : Nothing. I say that you like Walt Whitman.

    Zack : Walt Whitman?

    Roberto : Yes. I like Walt Whitman very much. Very good the Leaves of Glass. Leaves of Glass.

  • Guard #4 : Time for your walk. Not you, shorty.

    [pushes Roberto back in the cell] 

    Guard #4 : It ain't your turn.

    [Jack and Zack walk out] 

    Guard #4 : Come on. Let's go.

    Roberto : But, but, I no go for four days! I miss-a my turn. Really, no - no joke. I ham a good egg. I no go for four days. Four days! I miss-a my turn.

    Guard #4 : Alright, alright, Leonardo da Vinci, come on.

    Roberto : Grazie! Grazie!

  • Jack : What's wrong, Bob?

    Roberto : I have-a lost the - my book of English. No. All I ever know it is there.

    Jack : Come on, man. You're lucky to even be here.

    Roberto : I am lucky to even be here.

  • Zack : Robert Frost? In Italian?

    Roberto : Yes. I have read all the - your poets in Italian.

    Zack : Bob Frost.

    Roberto : Frost.

    Zack : Bob Frost. - - In Italian.

  • Roberto : Now, I have found-a the love, at last. And I have find-a my new home. She has ask-a to me if I stay here, to live together, with her, forever and ever. Like in a book for children!

    Nicoletta : Yes, my love.

  • Zack : Well, how did you learn how to speak English?

    Nicoletta : Oh, yes, I speak pretty well; but, I know nothing about English for restaurant. Like food, good plate, nice dish, das what I don't know.

    Zack : Well, Bob should come in handy there. He speaks good restaurant English.

    Roberto : Yes!

    Nicoletta : Yes, my killer.

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