Down by Law (1986) Poster


Ellen Barkin: Laurette



  • Laurette : [to Zack]  Because you... because you don't take care of me... ya don't want me... ya don't wanna make any fucking commitment to me... I'VE *FINISHED* WITH YOU, ZACK! I've completely *finished* with you! Why doncha just go find some other li'l girl... I mean... that shouldn't be too difficult for you! I'm FED UP with you and YOUR FUCKIN' STUPID RADIO SHOWS!

  • Laurette : Look at you, Zack. Look what you're doin' to yourself. You're diggin' your own grave. Why can't you just stay at one station for awhile? Why do you always got to go fuck up your own future, huh? What are you so afraid of, Zack?

    Zack : Yeah, well, that's right, alright. You can't live in the present forever.

  • Laurette : Maybe you should just go back to New York or Detroit or Baltimore. You said you liked it there, remember? Go back to one of them stations where you used to work and ask them to give you a second chance. There's nothin' wrong with askin' somebody for somethin'. Why is that always so fuckin' hard for you? You're a good DJ, Zack. All you got to do is learn to jerk people off a little. That's all they really want, you know.

    Zack : Well, I never jerk people off and you fuckin' know it, Laurette.

    Laurette : Okay, okay, fine. Forget it! I'm not talkin' to you anymore, Zack. Okay? I'm not talkin' to you any more. Because you don't want to fuckin' be here. And I'm not gonna let you play with me any more!

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