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25 Mar. 1986
Knock Knock, Who's There?
Larry Appleton gets a surprise when his distant naive cousin Balki shows up all the way from the island of Mypos expecting to live with him.
1 Apr. 1986
Picture This
When Larry attempts to teach the good-natured Balki not to let others take advantage of him, it threatens Larry's chance to get a picture that could help his career.
8 Apr. 1986
First Date
Larry teaches Balki about dating American women...not surprisingly, it turns out better for Balki than for Larry.
15 Apr. 1986
Baby, You Can Drive My Car
Balki wants to obtain his "membership card to the American dream"--a driver's license--and Twinkacetti bets Larry $50 that he won't get it. So Larry offers to teach Balki to drive, but is hesitant to actually hand over the keys to his car.
22 Apr. 1986
Check This
Balki gets a lesson in banking, but has to learn it the hard way when Larry doesn't have the patience to explain it properly.
29 Apr. 1986
Happy Birthday, Baby
Balki tries to cheer up Larry, who is depressed on his 24th birthday because he has not achieved the goals he set as part of his "master plan".

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