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17 Jan. 1992
The Picture: Part 1
While looking for a cousins cheating husband, Ben finds a photo that may help solve a murder.
24 Jan. 1992
The Picture: Part 2
While defending his hotheaded cousin, Ben stumbles onto more than just murder.
7 Feb. 1992
The Outcast
Overworked and distracted, Ben decides to retire and go fishing where he encounters a dead farmhand in an unfriendly town.
28 Feb. 1992
The Big Payoff
Michelle works with an insurance investigator to prove that a man killed his rich wife to collect on the insurance money.
6 Mar. 1992
The Abduction
Michelle gets kidnapped by the mob. Ben and Conrad try to save her.
17 Apr. 1992
Mr. Awesome
Matlock's defense of a young waitress charged with murder is greatly aided by her talented young son, who drew a comic book that eerily depicts the crime.
24 Apr. 1992
The Evening News: Part 1
A wealthy man and a reporter conspire in a real estate swindle. An innocent reporter is framed and Ben defends.
1 May 1992
The Evening News: Part 2
Ben goes to court (traffic court) and the murder case continues as the investigation of gang violence and arson related to the real estate swindle expand.
8 May 1992
The Assassination: Part 1
Ben and his visiting daughter believe there is a connection between Ben's client and the assassination of Atlanta's mayor.
8 May 1992
The Assassination: Part 2
While defending Judge Eller in his murder trial, Conrad uncovers the connection between the killing of a mayor and a pornography production using underage girls.
5 Nov. 1992
The Vacation
Ben and Leanne go on vacation and meet up with Leanne's college girlfriends. Murder ensues, Ben defends a stranger while Leanne suspects one of her friends is the real killer.
19 Nov. 1992
The Legacy
Ben finds out that a man is being charged with murder who has a connection to Ben's father Charlie.

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