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Season 5

17 Nov. 1990
Love, Deacon Style
Reuben doesn't seem to notice Thelma's efforts to recapture the glow of their newlywed days.
1 Dec. 1990
Two Men, One Woman and a Baby
An abandoned baby awakens Thelma's maternal instincts; the Deacon prepares for a visit from the IRS.
8 Dec. 1990
Child's Play
The Deacon means to prove that he can handle a roomful of kids by taking over the church's day-care center.
15 Dec. 1990
Yo, Deak
The Deacon, vying for a seat on the crime commission, offers a youth help in putting his life back on track.
22 Dec. 1990
Miracle on 134th Street: Part 1
Deacon Frye defends a man claiming to the Santa Claus.
22 Dec. 1990
Miracle on 134th Street: Part 2
Santa gives him a second chance, and Frye gets the charges against him dropped.
29 Dec. 1990
Judge Deacon Frye
Thelma holds her first society luncheon fundraiser as Rev. Dr. Reuben Gregory: Deacon Frye gets appointed judge & rides on a power high only to experience the consequences negatively first hand at gun point.
5 Jan. 1991
The Gospel Truth
Reuben's niece(Siedah Garrett) chooses to be a singer rather than a minister; Laryngitis affects Amelia's (Roz Ryan) voice.
12 Jan. 1991
Lights, Camera, Deacon
A televised trial featuring a chicken-franchise king promises the campaigning Judge Frye a leg up on media exposure.
19 Jan. 1991
Thelma doesn't understand when her father embarks on a May-December romance with a young environmentalist.
2 Feb. 1991
Ernie and the Sublimes
Ernest Frye is reunited with his '50s doo-wop group, the Sublimes, for a church benefit.
9 Feb. 1991
The Deacon's Slam Dunk
Deacon Frye becomes manager of a retired NBA star (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) who falls in love with a church trustee (Roz Ryan).
23 Feb. 1991
Three Men and a Hammer
Frye asks a Reverend to speak at the service and his sermon inspires Clarence to drop out of school and pursue his dream of being a rapper like his idol M.C. Hammer. In order to convince Clarence not to Frye tries to get Hammer to speak to him but they can't get in to see him. So he dresses up like a fan.
2 Mar. 1991
Nothin' Says Lovin'...
The Reverend is expectant over an anniversary trip with Thelma, while a moody Thelma might also be expectant - with baby.
9 Mar. 1991
My Fair Homeboy
Deacon Frye lines up a business deal which is endangered when Clarence begins dating the partner's daughter.
23 Mar. 1991
A Star Is Burned
Thelma is offered a television cooking show based on a meal she served, actually prepared by Amelia.
30 Mar. 1991
Prior to becoming a member, Deacon Frye blunders into a sting operation at a country club.
6 Apr. 1991
The Wild Deak
While Deacon Frye, Brother Rolley & friend are out riding motorcycles trying make memorable moments to tell his grandchild he gets into a scuffle with 2 tough bikers with a surprising outcome. Meanwhile at home Thelma has reached her limit with Rubens overly zealous excitement about the pregnancy & his attempts at making the experience joyful.
13 Apr. 1991
Three's a Crowd
Reverend Gregory tries to sympathize with Thelma during her pregnancy.
27 Apr. 1991
Date with an Angel
Darla purchases Ernest Frye at a charity auction after being separated from her jealous husband.
4 May 1991
Deliverance: Part 1
To save the church, Deacon Frye and Clarence do some fund-raising while double-dating; Reuben has pre-birth nerves.
11 May 1991
Deliverance: Part 2
Thelma outshrieks her father and James Brown in a "scream-off" when she goes into labor on a telethon.

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