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  • A one-man army comes to the rescue of the United States when a spy attempts an invasion.

  • A terrorist, Rostov, is planning to unleash a reign of terror on the U.S.. But before he does he decides to go after Matt Hunter, a former CIA agent who lives in Florida. Hunter once had Rostov's life in his hands, but on orders took him alive, and now Rostov is plagued by nightmares of Hunter killing him. So Rostov goes after him but misses, so Hunter, who has already been approached by his former employers to go after Rostov, after initially turning down the job, because he believed that they should have let him terminate Rostov when he had the chance, decides to go after him. But he is only one man and Rostov has hundreds of men ripping the country apart, so how will he stop it?

  • Foreign mercenaries start a reign of terror in the southern U.S. Norris is a recluse who lives in the everglades and is the mercenaries primary obstacle.


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  • In the opening scene, a group of Cuban refugees on a boat sailing for the United States. They are at first met by what appears to be a U.S. Coast Guard boat, with armed personnel. The Guardsmen suddenly kill all the refugees and take several bags of cocaine hidden in the boat. It is revealed that the armed personnel were communist Latin American guerrillas dressed as U.S. Coast Guardsmen.

    The real Coast Guard eventually finds the boat full of the murdered Cubans off the coast of Florida. The FBI and the Miami Police Department arrive at the docks to investigate the murders. The communist guerrillas eventually land in Florida and exchange the drugs for weaponry from a drug dealer. They are led by Soviet operative Mikhail Rostov (Richard Lynch). Former CIA agent Matt Hunter (Chuck Norris), Rostov's former adversary, is asked by his CIA contact to come out of retirement, but he first refuses. However, Rostov demands that Hunter be killed before they can begin their operation, because Hunter is his former nemesis. Rostov and his gang fail to kill Hunter, but destroy his home in the Everglades. Hunter goes to meet his CIA contact, and tells him that he will come back.

    Later that night, hundreds of additional communist guerrillas invade the beaches of southern Florida. The guerrillas drive away from the beaches on several trucks. The guerrillas begin their assault all over the USA by destroying suburban homes. Another group of guerrillas (dressed as Miami police officers) attack a community center in South Miami killing several unarmed Cuban Americans.

    Meanwhile, the FBI has no idea who is behind the attacks. Hunter and the CIA believe that Rostov is behind the attacks. As terrorist acts continue in Miami, race riots and general chaos develop within the city. By now, the public believes that terrorists are behind the attacks.

    Next, the guerrillas attack a shopping mall where people are doing their Christmas shopping. During the attack, Hunter comes into the mall and engages the guerrillas. Hunter tracks down and kills the whole group that attacked the mall. The next day, National Guard troops are called up, while martial law and a curfew are declared.

    Over the next two days, Hunter foils a plan to bomb a church and attack a group of people waiting outside a store. In the process, Hunter kills Rostov's right hand man Nikko (Alexander Zale). Soon after, Hunter saves a school bus full of children from a bomb that was about to detonate and plants the bomb in the car of the two terrorists which explodes. In order to corner Rostov, Hunter coordinates a risky plan.

    The U.S. Government builds a command center in Atlanta, Georgia for the troops. At the command center, all 50 state governors and military officials meet how to stop the terror attacks. The FBI arrest Hunter as a vigilante for the killing of the terrorists and is taken to the command center in Atlanta; a plan orchestrated by Hunter to be put on the local news aware that Rostov is watching.

    With Rostov wanting Hunter dead, he orders all the guerrillas to invade the command center in Atlanta. After breaking into a depot and killing the security guard, the guerillas commandeer several armored trucks and launch a massed attack against the command center. When Rostov and his men find the building to be empty they discover that it's a trap.

    As the guerillas prepare to move out, the National Guard surrounds the command center supported with M-60 Patton tanks and hundreds of troops, using the arrest of Hunter as a trap. A climatic firefight begins as the National Guard and the guerillas engage each other in the streets with casualties to both sides.

    At the command center offices, Hunter uses a rocket launcher to blow up an enemy helicopter to cut off Rostov's route of escape. He then enages Rostov's men in a firefight at the offices of the building killing all of them until Hunter comes face-to-face with Rostov himself in which they exchange fire until they both run out of ammunition which leads to Hunter engaging Rostov in hand-to-hand combat. Outmatched by Hunter, Rostov retreats to another office and arms himself with another assault rifle from a dead guerilla. Hunter approaches Rostov from behind and says: "it's time, Rostov". When Rostov turns around to shoot him, Hunter finally kills him by shooting a bazooka rocket at close range, blowing Rostov to bits.

    Outside, the terror crisis and firefight finally ends when the few surviving guerrillas on the street surrender to the National Guard.

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