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sol-kay14 December 2004
(SPOILERS) Redicules film even for a made for TV movie about a US nuclear missile being stolen by a group of international hoods led by former CIA man and now independent contractor for the highest bidder Sam Rawlings, David Rasche.

The word gets to President Hutchins and he immediately puts his drunk and clownish brother Larry, John McCook, on the case. Larry isn't exactly the buffoon the we at first think he is but he uses that act to keep people, like the members of the KGB,from knowing that he's really Pres. Hutchins' "Man on the spot" when it comes to saving the USA and the world from nuclear destruction. He could have fooled me.

Larry gets former CIA hot-shot and now US federal prisoner Liz Towne, Joanna Cassidy, out of the Feds Blue Lake Womans Prison and promises her a full pardon if she saves the world from Sam Rawlings' insane actions. It's reviled later in the movie that Liz and Sam were lovers and planed to get married until Sam framed Liz four years ago on a counterfeit rap that put her behind bars and she's been in the can ever since.

Larry knows that a pardon would allow Liz to vote and getting it from his brother she'll definitely vote form him in the next presidential election, smart guy. A number of encounters with Sam in New York City lead to nowhere in were the missile is hidden. It's only later discovered by the NY police that Sam discarded the nuclear warhead on a pier in the Hudson River. Everyone now thinks that he panicked and took off. The fact is that Sam has much bigger and far stranger plans in what he's going to do with the missile. That leads to Saint Thomas in the Vergin Islands.

Liz finds out that Sam stole the missile to use it, in the Vergin Islands, to knock out a Soviet Spy Satilite, with the Soviet government paying him big bucks to do it, over the US. Sam's master plan is to make it look like the US did it in order to give the Soviet Union a reason for starting WWIII! This has to be one of the dumbest ideas even put into a motion picture! Why would the USSR need an excuse to start WWIII if they wanted too? WWIII would wipe out them as well as the USA and the entire world if it were started by them excuse or not?

Liz flying down to Saint Thomas with Larry and two fellow crime fighters of hers Maggie & Danny, Sheryl Lee & Robin Johnson. Maggi a former cell-mate and Danny the daughter of a friend of hers, who she found out from Danny died, to save the world. Having it out with Sam and his gang of goons the girls, Liz Terry & Maggie, get to the boat where Sam has top former Nazi V-1 & V-2 rocket engineer Kalus, who's a dead ringer for Henry Kissinger, ready to launch the missile, hidden deep in the jungle of Saint Thomas, to start WWIII.

As the shooting and sea and air chases, just like in a James Bond movie, take over the films storyline Liz comes up with this bright idea to get a seaplane and fly it, Liz is a licensed pilot too, into the path of the missile. This is to keep it from going into space and knocking out the Russian Spy satellite and thus prevent WWIII. Putting the plane on auto-pilot Liz would parachute out just before the missile blasts it out of the sky.

Everything goes well until Liz sees that Sam's on the plane too, he somehow snuck on. As they both have it out in the skies over the Ceribbian Sea Liz parachute's out of the aircraft just before the missile strikes it killing Sam and preventing WWIII from happening!WoW What An Ending!

The movie ends with Liz not only saving the world from a nuclear holocaust but also getting a full pardon from President Hutching. This for a crime that she never committed, so she can later vote for him. What more could Liz have possibly wanted.

The ending in the seaplane was about the most ridicules thing that happened in this very outlandish film. What the heck was Sam doing in the plane in the first place? Was he trying to prevent Liz from stopping the runaway missile? And if that was the reason how could he land the plane without Liz, a licensed pilot, after he killed her? It seems that Sam was put on the plane, by the movies director & writer, just to have an excuse to kill him off and have a happy ending.
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what were they thinking?
n-h-long17 July 2003
What were they thinking when this movie was released? It is truly, utterly and irretrievably awful. It is not tongue-in-cheek enough to be comic book, and so stupid that no sane viewer would treat it as being believable.

The script is cliched, corny and written in haste. The acting is wooden and under-rehearsed. The direction is sloppy, the photography second-rate and the special effects sub-standard even by mid-eighties TV standard. The whole premise seems to be to turn out a trashy TV pilot as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Only Joanna Cassidy holds it together at all, and most of the time she is fighting the lame script more than the bland bad-guy. The other characters try to do their best but have nothing to work with.

Lacking in charm, excitement, interest, believability. File under 'Forget'.
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