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Cybill Shepherd Dedicates Trevor Project Award to Late Sister and Lgbtq Youth

Cybill Shepherd Dedicates Trevor Project Award to Late Sister and Lgbtq Youth
Upon receiving the Champions Award from the Trevor Project on Sunday night, The L Word and Moonlighting actress Cybill Shepherd wished one person in particular could witness the non-profit organization's continued efforts to support Lgbtq youth.

"My sister Gladys Terry Shepherd, she was a lesbian and she loved women her whole life," she told the audience. "But she could not feel safe coming out at the time."

The actress drew attention to the violence that has affected the Lgbtq community for decades and noted that the current youth have resources that could save their lives. Shepherd urged ...
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5 Sitcoms From The 80s That Are Way Underrated (& 5 That Are Overrated)

The 1980s saw audiences that were clad in neon, MTV-obsessed, and styled their hair to new heights (literally). This decade was a time of great television, from Miami Vice to Moonlighting. Full of eclectic colors and an array of new characters for us to love, there were plenty of hilarious sitcoms that are beloved to this day.

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Sitcoms are known for their family-oriented foundations and cheesy storylines, and some shows made these components work better than others. Here are 5 Sitcoms From The 80s That Are Way Underrated (& 5 That Are Overrated).
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Superman and Lois: What to Expect From the New Arrowverse Series

Mike Cecchini Oct 29, 2019

We're finally getting an Arrowverse Superman TV series, and we have high hopes for Superman and Lois.

For the first time in over 25 years, we’re going to get an actual Superman TV series. In the years since Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman went off the air, we’ve had Smallville, Supergirl (who needs no introduction), and Krypton (a sci-fi time travel space opera about Superman’s grandfather). But a weekly show set in Metropolis with Superman, Lois Lane, and all of the traditional Man of Steel trappings seemed like it was off the menu, despite Supergirl's introduction of Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch as note-perfect versions of Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

That’s all going to change with Superman and Lois, a new Arrowverse series from Todd Helbing, Sarah Schechter, and Geoff Johns that will focus on the pair’s adventures as heroes,
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Michael Chiklis and Bruce Willis in 10 Minutes Gone on Blu-ray, Digital, DVD, and Digital on October 29th

A nonstop action-thriller starring Golden Globe® and Primetime Emmy® Winner Michael Chiklis and Golden Globe® and Primetime Emmy® Winner Bruce Willis, 10 Minutes Gone arrives on Blu-ray (plus Digital), DVD, and Digital on October 29 from Lionsgate. This film is currently available On Demand.

A thrilling game of cat and mouse between Bruce Willis as a sinister mob boss and Michael Chiklis as a heist man who’s botched a big score, the 10 Minutes Gone Blu-ray and DVD includes a making-of featurette and cast/crew interviews, and will be available for the suggested retail price of $21.99 and $19.98, respectively.

Action legends Bruce Willis (Die Hard franchise) and Michael Chiklis (“The Shield”) light up this edge-of-your-seat thriller. Crime boss Rex (Willis) hires Frank (Chiklis) and his crew to steal a priceless jewel stash—but the job goes wrong when someone tips off the cops. After Frank suffers a blow to the head, he wakes
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Bruce Willis' 10 Best Movies (According To Rotten Tomatoes)

Although he technically got his start as a TV actor in the dramedy series Moonlighting, it was the role of ass-kicking everyman John McClane that made Bruce Willis an internationally recognized superstar. He has since gone on to battle his past self, almost get himself killed by a crime lord over a gold watch, and save the Earth from being destroyed by an asteroid hurtling towards it. In recent years, it’s been a shame to see Willis phone in so many performances, because it means that a lot of fans are forgetting the actor’s glory days. To remind us, here are Bruce Willis’ 10 Best Movies, According To Rotten Tomatoes.

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Marvel's She Hulk TV Series on Disney+ Gets Showrunner

Mike Cecchini Nov 10, 2019

Jennifer Walters, the biggest, greenest lawyer in the Marvel Universe is getting a Disney+ TV series as She Hulk!

You'll just have to trust us on this one. Goofy name. Fun as hell character. You'll see for yourself when Marvel Studios eventually gets around to unveiling the She Hulk TV series on Disney+. The series was announced by Kevin Feige alongside other new Marvel Disney+ shows like Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight (we also have a list of all upcoming Marvel shows here). The series was first announced at D23 back in August, but now The Hollywood Reporter has word that Jessica Gao (Rick and Morty) will lead the writing team for the new series. If that's an indication of the kind of humor we can expect on this show, it's a perfect choice. 

She Hulk was created by Stan Lee and John Buscema in 1980 in the pages of (what else?
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Casting Society Of America Sets 2020 Artios Awards Date, Unveils Video Project

  • Deadline
The Casting Society of America has set its 35th annual Artios Awards for January 30, 2020, with ceremonies to be held simultaneously in Los Angeles, New York and London. The awards honor the contribution of casting directors to film, TV and theater.

The Los Angeles ceremony will be held at the Beverly Hilton, with the other venues not yet locked down. Nominations in the TV and theater categories will be announced September 24, with feature film nominees to be revealed January 2 (see the full timeline below).

Timed to this year’s awards season, the society today also kicked off its inaugural archival project that features video interviews with some of the industry’s leading casting directors released each week leading up to the awards show. First up is Juliet Taylor.

Other subjects include Reuben Cannon, Mike Fenton, Jane Jenkins & Janet Hirshenson, Wallis Nicita and newly elected Motion Picture Academy president David Rubin.

“Our new archival project is the perfect way to ramp up to the 35th Artios Awards, as it allows us to further share the remarkable stories and acknowledge the lasting contributions casting directors have made to film, television and theater,” Csa VP Rich Mento said.

Here’s the full 2020 timeline:

August 28

Open 1st ballot – Television and Theatre

September 20

Close 1st ballot – Television and Theatre

September 24

Television and Theatre Nominees Announced

Open final ballot – Television and Theatre

October 7

Close final ballot – Television and Theatre

November 5

Open submissions – Features

December 6

Close submissions – Features

December 9

Open 1st ballot – Features

January 1, 2020

Close 1st ballot – Features

January 2, 2020

Feature Nominees Announced

Open final ballot – Features

January 15, 2020

Close final ballot – Features

January 30, 2020

35th Artios Awards
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Former ‘Simpsons’ Composer Alf Clausen Says He Was Fired Because of His Age and Disability in New Lawsuit

  • The Wrap
Alf Clausen, longtime composer for “The Simpsons” who was let go in 2017, says he was wrongfully terminated because of his age and disability in a lawsuit filed Monday in Los Angeles.

Clausen, who served as composer on “The Simpsons” beginning with the show’s second season in 1990, was let go in August of 2017, saying on Twitter at the time that he’d been told the show was going in a different direction, musically. But, Clausen says in his lawsuit, “this reason was pretextual and false. Instead, Plaintiff’s unlawful termination was due to perceived disability and age.”

Clausen, who was replaced as composer by Hans Zimmer’s Bleeding Fingers Music outfit, said in the suit that he “believes and thereon alleges that he was thereafter replaced by someone substantially younger in age, who was not only paid less but was not disabled.”

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‘Veronica Mars’ Creator Doubles Down on Twist Ending and How it Opens Future Stories

‘Veronica Mars’ Creator Doubles Down on Twist Ending and How it Opens Future Stories
[Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers from the “Veronica Mars” revival, including the finale.]

All things must change, and that includes “Veronica Mars,” according to series creator Rob Thomas. By now, the devoted fans known as Marshmallows have seen the revival of the teen detective series that first aired on Upn and The CW, but many were not pleased with the major twist ending.

In the finale, after unmasking and apprehending the bomber who had terrorized Spring Break in Neptune, Veronica (Kristen Bell) and her longtime on-again, off-again boyfriend Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring) tied the knot, despite some initial misgivings on her part about the institution of marriage. Before they are about to depart on their honeymoon, Logan is killed in one last bomb planted in their car.

In previous interviews, Thomas had reiterated how that killing off Logan and the fan-favorite relationship was akin to the survival dilemma seen in war or films like “127 Hours.” It felt like cutting off a limb
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Gary LeMel, Film Music Supervision Giant and Pop-Jazz Singer, Dies at 80

  • Variety
Gary LeMel, a longtime president of music at Warner Bros. Pictures whom the Los Angeles Times once called “the father of the compilation soundtrack album,” died July 6 after a battle with Parkinson’s disease. He was 80.

Film agent Richard Kraft called him “a true giant in the film music industry.” Songwriters Hall of Fame member Steve Dorff described LeMel as “an amazing music man (and) a true friend who made an indelible contribution to my career.” Tom Sturges, a former top exec at Universal Music and other publishing companies, called him “one of the great music execs in the film business, ever. He treated me with the greatest respect at every meeting, took every call and listened to every song and artist I pitched him. Truly one of a kind.”

LeMel’s wife of almost 47 years, Maddy LeMel, a visual artist, told Variety she was staggered by the amount of testimonials coming in.
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Billy Drago, ‘Untouchables’ Star, Dies at 73

  • Variety
Billy Drago, ‘Untouchables’ Star, Dies at 73
Billy Drago, who often played harming but chilling gangster roles and appeared in Brian De Palma’s “The Untouchables” and Clint Eastwood’s “Pale Rider,” died Monday in Los Angeles of complications from a stroke. He was 73.

The character actor played Al Capone’s henchman Frank Nitti in 1987’s “The Untouchables.”

On TV series “Charmed,” he put his reptilian stare to good use as the demon Barbas in several episodes over five seasons.

Born William Eugene Burrows in Hugoton, Kan., his actor-director father was said to be of Native American origin. His mother’s family was of Romany extraction; he took their name Drago as his stage name. Starting out as a stuntman, he moved to New York and beginning his acting career.

Drago started acting in the late 1970s, appearing in films including “Cutter’s Way,” “No Other Love” and “Windwalker.” On television, he had guest roles in “Hill Street Blues,
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Nothin’ but a number: Kit Harington (‘Game of Thrones’) would be youngest Drama Actor Emmy winner in 32 years

Nothin’ but a number: Kit Harington (‘Game of Thrones’) would be youngest Drama Actor Emmy winner in 32 years
Kit Harington has been to hell and back on “Game of Thrones” after eight seasons, but the actor is still only a fresh-faced 32-year-old. A previous Emmy nominee for Best Drama Supporting Actor for his role as Jon Snow (2016), he’s now a contender in the lead race. And if he manages to claim that throne he would be the youngest actor to do so in, well, about as many years as he’s been alive. Visit our predictions center here to let us know what you think about this Emmy race.

The last time someone that young prevailed was 1987, which was less than a year after Harington was born in December 1986. Best Drama Actor that year went to “Moonlighting” star Bruce Willis, who himself was 32 when he claimed that prize on his second nomination. Willis would win another Emmy 13 years after that: Best Comedy Guest Actor for “Friends” (2000).

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15 Couples That Hurt Iconic 90s Sitcoms (And 15 That Saved Them)

One of the reasons we love to watch TV, is to watch the chemistry between the characters. The interaction between fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, and friends drive just about every show we watch. But it’s the interplay between couples in both dramas and sitcoms that usually has the winning formula for any great show. The foundation that male and female leads build can propel a series to the stratosphere for a few good years.

No matter the status of the couple, if their chemistry isn’t liked by fans, you can more or less forget about the show. Mulder + Scully = ratings; Dogget + Scully = not so much, and The X-Files didn’t last too long after that. Sometimes couples make fans long for a lasting, loving relationship even with all of the good and bad (Roseanne), some fans enjoy all kinds of fun witty banter or schmaltzy romance stuff.

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From ‘CSI’ to ‘Star Trek: Discovery’: Armando Nuñez’s Record of Exporting Americana

  • Variety
Over his long career in international sales, Armando Nuñez Jr. has handled just about every kind of TV program, from game-changing primetime dramas, to daytime soaps, to trashy talk shows.

Some were big hits right out of the box, some were sleepers, and one show was so bad that a top foreign buyer left the screening room after 10 minutes to yell at the studio executives responsible for the pilot. Here Nuñez recalls some of his most memorable experiences in exporting television — and slices of American culture — around the world.


Original network: ABC

Airdates: 1985-1989

Nuñez was not long out of Fordham University when he got a job working for ABC Video Enterprises, the network’s distribution arm. He was part of the team that sold the network’s smash romantic dramedy “Moonlighting,” which starred Cybill Shepherd and made a star of Bruce Willis. “It was a unique show,” Nuñez says.
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Stanley Donen, Director of Classics ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ and ‘Charade,’ Dies at 94

  • The Wrap
Stanley Donen, Director of Classics ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ and ‘Charade,’ Dies at 94
Stanley Donen, the former Broadway chorus boy who made a name for himself in Hollywood directing classic musical films like “On the Town” and “Singin’ in the Rain,” has died at age 94.

One of Donen’s sons confirmed the news on Saturday to Chicago Tribune film critic Michael Phillips. A rep for Donen did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Donen helped reinvent the big-screen musical, with a series of hits that included 1954’s “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers,” 1957’s “The Pajama Game,” 1958’s “Damn Yankees!” and 1957’s “Funny Face,” with Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire.

Not only did he integrate song, dance and story in a way that enlivened MGM musicals of the era, but he was also a technical innovator in an era before CGI, as in the memorable scene in 1950’s “Royal Wedding” when Fred Astaire seemed to dance on the walls and ceiling while
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‘Whiskey Cavalier’ Review: This Eighties Throwback Lets You See It Sweat

‘Whiskey Cavalier’ Review: This Eighties Throwback Lets You See It Sweat
If you’re the kind of person who still pays close attention to what the traditional broadcast networks are doing, you may have noticed that this has been the most uninspiring season for the Big Four in a very long time. Even with the very recent success of This Is Us on NBC, it feels like the networks have completely given up on the idea of competing with cable and streaming when it comes to drama. They know audiences aren’t expecting complexity from them, so they’ve stopped trying to offer it.
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Is Rumer Willis the lion on The Masked Singer? Hollywood, girls, and Blue Moon clues all make sense

During tonight’s episode of The Masked Singer, the lion clearly blew everyone away with her performance. And when it was time for the judges’ critiques, they all agreed that she gave an amazing performance yet again. And while the viewers can only guess Rumer Willis on Twitter, the judges can’t seem to make the same connections. The clues tonight match the theory that it could be Willis. For one, there was a reference to Moonlighting, a television show that her father Bruce Willis starred on. The show was about a detective agency that was called Blue Moon Investigations. The lion […]

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TV Critics Spar With ‘Whiskey Cavalier’ Creators And Cast Over Geography And Flirtation Boundaries – TCA

  • Deadline
David Hemingson came up with idea for ABC’s new Whiskey Cavalier when an FBI pal of his called him at 2 Am after breaking up with his girlfriend. Though he was a “gun out first through the door” kinds of guy” at the end of the day he wanted love and connection like everyone else, Hemingson said.

The high-octane, hour-long action dramedy that follows the adventures of FBI super-agent Will Chase (codename: “Whiskey Cavalier”), played by Scott Foley. Following an emotional break-up, Chase is assigned to work with bad-ass CIA operative Francesca “Frankie” Trowbridge (codename: “Fiery Tribune”), played by Lauren Cohan.

The series is shot in Prague which, one TV critic described as being eastern European. “It’s actually central Europe” corrected Cohan.

“You want to play that game with me?! I’m from France” the critic shot back, winning that round.

Ep Bill Lawrence, a TCA fave, said the pilot also shot in London,
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5 Things We Learned at TCA 2019: Day 8

  • Variety
ABC, along with its teen-focused corporate sibling Freeform, presented some of their upcoming slate at the winter Television Critics Assn. press tour Tuesday. Panels for new series included Scott Foley’s return to ABC’s air with spy caper “Whiskey Cavalier,” Elizabeth Meriwether’s “New Girl” follow-up “Bless This Mess,” and two series with high-profile celebrities as producers — Marcia Clark’s legal drama “The Fix” and Eva Longoria’s Miami-set soap “Grand Hotel.”

This also represented ABC Entertainment president Karey Burke’s introduction to the press in her new role; she took over from former head Channing Dungey in November. Burke, who moved over from Freeform, was largely speaking about programming in which she hadn’t had an active hand: “That decision was made before I got here,” she remarked at one point. “I’m going to be saying that a lot today.”

But Burke stated vision for ABC includes,
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‘Star Trek: Discovery’: Jonathan Frakes Goes Back To The Future & Finds Starfleet’s Past

  • Deadline
‘Star Trek: Discovery’: Jonathan Frakes Goes Back To The Future & Finds Starfleet’s Past
Federation space is something Jonathan Frakes knows backward and forward so it’s no surprise that he’s back in Starfleet mode as the director of New Eden, the new Star Trek: Discovery episode that makes its premiere tonight on CBS All-Access, the subscription streaming service and home of the latest Enterprise from a sci-fi brand that now spans six different decades.

As an actor, Frakes is best known as the brave and dutiful Starfleet Commander William T. Riker, a role that took him through 176 episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and four tie-in feature films, including two that Frakes also directed. The Riker character may have resisted promotions that would have put him in a captain’s seat of his own but in real life Frakes made the leap to the director’s chair with zeal. He’s now
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