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14 Jan. 1986
The Bride of Tupperman
A wealthy man comes into the agency wanting to get married. He has a description of his perfect wife but he just hasn't found her yet. Maddie and Addison then compete to find the woman who matches the description, but there's a twist.
21 Jan. 1986
North by North DiPesto
Agnes is feeling down and feels that her life is in a rut. To cheer her up, Maddie and Addison decide to send her to an investigator's ball where she meets a man. When he is stabbed the next day, her troubles have only just begun.
11 Feb. 1986
In God We Strongly Suspect
An escape artist is drowned when he fails to exit his trick water cabinet. His widow approaches the Blue Moon agency asking for protection. Her husband had threatened to come back and kill her after his death.
18 Feb. 1986
Every Daughter's Father Is a Virgin
Maddie's parents are in town but her mother is worried that her father is having an affair. Maddie wants to follow her father to prove that he is not having an affair. To spare her possible embarrassment, Addison does it for her.
11 Mar. 1986
Witness for the Execution
A man dying from an incurable disease comes into the agency. He says he is going to be murdered for the insurance and he wants Maddie and Addison to be a witnesses. Maddie doesn't want anything to do with it but Addison wants to do it.
1 Apr. 1986
Sleep Talkin' Guy
A prostitute speaks to Addison about a potential murder she heard about from a client, who talks in his sleep. When David realises the information's correct, he decides to use her to solve more cases.
29 Apr. 1986
Funeral for a Door Nail
A man's wife is killed in a car accident, which leaves him so upset he wants to die. He arranges to have himself killed by a hit man. From the distance he sees his wife in the street and so he then hires Maddie and Addison to stop the hit.
13 May 1986
When a con woman escapes from the custody of a crooked detective she accidentally stops an assassin killing an American senator. Addison has the bright idea of employing Camille to raise the profile of the company.
23 Sep. 1986
The Son Also Rises
David's father contacts David after a long time. The reason for the visit is that David Sr. is getting married and wants David Jr. to be the best man. When David Jr. sees the bride-to-be, he realises that he had a one night stand with her.
30 Sep. 1986
The Man Who Cried Wife
In an argument, a man kills his wife and buries her in a forest. However, when he starts getting phone calls from her the next day, he tries to dig up her body only to find that it is gone. He then decides to use Blue Moon to find her.
21 Oct. 1986
Symphony in Knocked Flat
Maddie and David have an argument about what a date should be all about. David decides to show her a good date by buying stolen tickets to a symphony concert from a scalper. They then find themselves involved in an assassination plot.
28 Oct. 1986
Yours, Very Deadly
A woman approaches Blue Moon for help. For over two years, she had been corresponding with an unknown admirer. The woman wants Maddie and David to find the admirer and ask him to stop. When they find him, they are in for a surprise.
11 Nov. 1986
All Creatures Great... and Not So Great
A Catholic priest is infatuated with a woman who comes to confession regularly. This week, the woman says she wants to commit suicide. She disappears before he can catch up with her so he asks Blue Moon Investigations to find her.
18 Nov. 1986
Big Man on Mulberry Street
David hears that his former brother-in-law has just died. Maddie is shocked that David was briefly married. She becomes very curious about his former wife and follows him to New York where she finds out some amazing information.
25 Nov. 1986
Atomic Shakespeare
A student starts to watch Moonlighting, then his mother appears and reminds he has to read Taming of the Shrew for school. As he starts to read, the characters from Moonlighting enact the play.
16 Dec. 1986
It's a Wonderful Job
It's Christmas and Blue Moon has to work. The staff are not happy. Maddie is also under pressure and says she regrets keeping the agency open. Her guardian angel approaches her and shows her how life would have been if she had done this.

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