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Season 2

24 Sep. 1985
Brother, Can You Spare a Blonde?
When David's brother Richard shows up, he does not only seem to be a rich man, but also makes an impression on Maddie. While David has got to handle his jealousy, Maddie has trouble to pay back her $37 000 debt to the bank. When David is attacked by a stranger, who wants back his money, David realizes that all the money that his brother spends does not belong to him.
1 Oct. 1985
The Lady in the Iron Mask
A mysterious woman appears in Maddie's and David's agency, who does not want to show her face. She wants Maddie and David to find her former lover, who is the reason why she can't show her face. The two detectives find this man, but find out on the next day that someone murdered him. Of course, the mysterious woman is their very first suspect.
8 Oct. 1985
Money Talks... Maddie Walks
Maddie learns where the accountant who took her money is and is determined to get it back, David tries to talk some sense into her, telling her he is in South America so her money is gone. She won't listen and hopes a plane, she imagines him feeling guilty and apologizing instead he maneuvers he out, and just when she thinks all hope is lost David shows up. With him they win, but if they won some other poor sucker lost, Maddie want's him to be the poor sucker. They get him in a little one on one, $100,000 to start Maddie puts up her house and car. When it comes to the...
15 Oct. 1985
The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice
When David and Maddie meet the owner of a club who tells them about an unresolved murder. Maddie and David argue about who they think the real murderer is and, in their dreams, set about solving the murder that occurred 40 years ago.
29 Oct. 1985
My Fair David
A wealthy woman comes to David and Maddie when her son is kidnapped. They are hired to negotiate the price of the ransom and to get her stepson back safely. Things are further complicated when the stepson is kidnapped a second time.
12 Nov. 1985
Knowing Her
Maddie is hired to find a silver locket by an old girlfriend of David's. He has strong feelings for her and thinks that her husband is trying to kill her. However, Maddie isn't so sure, especially when she kills her husband in self-defense.
19 Nov. 1985
Somewhere Under the Rainbow
An Irish girl who claims to be a leprechaun wants to hire the Blue moon detective agency to protect her. David is willing to take the case, but Maddie thinks that the girl is mentally ill and needs a psychiatrist, not a detective agency.
26 Nov. 1985
Portrait of Maddie
An artist, whom Maddie has never met, paints her portrait and then shoots himself. Maddie decides to purchase the portrait and gives it to the artist's brother, who is then killed. It turns out the brother was an international art thief.
10 Dec. 1985
Atlas Belched
A rival detective agency has made an offer for Blue Moon Detective Agency and Maddie accepts the offer. Addison is upset and sets up his own agency. Neither courses of action work out well.
17 Dec. 1985
Twas the Episode Before Christmas
A criminal in the witness protection scheme is killed but his wife and baby manage to escape. When fleeing, the baby is left in Agnes' apartment but without any explanation. Maddie and Addison decide to try to find the mother.
14 Jan. 1986
The Bride of Tupperman
A wealthy man comes into the agency wanting to get married. He has a description of his perfect wife but he just hasn't found her yet. Maddie and Addison then compete to find the woman who matches the description, but there's a twist.
21 Jan. 1986
North by North DiPesto
Agnes is feeling down and feels that her life is in a rut. To cheer her up, Maddie and Addison decide to send her to an investigator's ball where she meets a man. When he is stabbed the next day, her troubles have only just begun.
11 Feb. 1986
In God We Strongly Suspect
An escape artist is drowned when he fails to exit his trick water cabinet. His widow approaches the Blue Moon agency asking for protection. Her husband had threatened to come back and kill her after his death.
18 Feb. 1986
Every Daughter's Father Is a Virgin
Maddie's parents are in town but her mother is worried that her father is having an affair. Maddie wants to follow her father to prove that he is not having an affair. To spare her possible embarrassment, Addison does it for her.
11 Mar. 1986
Witness for the Execution
A man dying from an incurable disease comes into the agency. He says he is going to be murdered for the insurance and he wants Maddie and Addison to be a witnesses. Maddie doesn't want anything to do with it but Addison wants to do it.
1 Apr. 1986
Sleep Talkin' Guy
A prostitute speaks to Addison about a potential murder she heard about from a client, who talks in his sleep. When David realises the information's correct, he decides to use her to solve more cases.
29 Apr. 1986
Funeral for a Door Nail
A man's wife is killed in a car accident, which leaves him so upset he wants to die. He arranges to have himself killed by a hit man. From the distance he sees his wife in the street and so he then hires Maddie and Addison to stop the hit.
13 May 1986
When a con woman escapes from the custody of a crooked detective she accidentally stops an assassin killing an American senator. Addison has the bright idea of employing Camille to raise the profile of the company.

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