Stranger Than Paradise (1984) Poster

Richard Edson: Eddie



  • Eddie : You know, it's funny... you come to someplace new, an'... and everything looks just the same.

    Willie : No kiddin', Eddie.

  • Eva : I'm going to Cleveland in about a week.

    Eddie : Cleveland, beautiful city. It's got a big, beautiful lake. You will love it there.

    Eva : Have you been there?

    Eddie : No, no.

  • Eddie : You know, last year before I met your cousin, I never know you were from Hungary or Budapest or any of those places.

    Willie : So what?

    Eddie : I thought you were an American.

    Willie : Hey, I'm as American as you are.

    [Silence. They begin driving into Cleveland] 

    Eddie : Does Cleveland look a little like, uh, Budapest?

    Willie : Eddie, shut up.

  • [last lines] 

    Eddie : [watches plane take off]  Aw, Willie. I had a bad feeling. Damn. What the hell are you gonna do in Budapest?

  • Willie : Man, what are we doing here?

    Eddie : I don't know.

  • Willie : How much money we got left?

    Eddie : We got a lot.

    Willie : Count it.

    Eddie : Hey, Willie, why are you always telling me what to do?

    Willie : Seems like if I don't tell you what to do, you don't do anything at all.

  • Willie : You ever been to Florida?

    Eddie : Florida? Yeah, it's beautiful down there.

    Willie : Uh-huh.

    Eddie : You know, white beaches, and girls with bikinis...

    Willie : Yeah.

    Eddie : Cape Canaveral, Miami Beach...

    Willie : Cape Canaveral! Miami Beach! That's right.

    Eddie : They got pelicans down there, and flamingos... all those weird birds.

    Willie : You been there?

    Eddie : Nah, I never been there.

    Willie : You're a jerk, Eddie. You know that?... Nah, come on. What do you say we go down to Florida?

    Eddie : Yeah?

  • Willie : How much money we got?

    Eddie : I don't know. We got a lot.

    Willie : How much is a lot, Eddie?

    Eddie : We got a lot. We got almost six hundred dollars!

    Willie : You're alright, Eddie. You know.

    Eddie : We're a coupla rich men now.

  • [repeated lines] 

    Eddie : Where did she get all that money?

  • Willie : [In the car with Eddie: Willie hails a random stranger standing on the sidewalk]  Excuse me... Sir? Sir!

    Factory Worker : [annoyed]  What do you want?

    Willie : Could you come over here a minute?

    Factory Worker : I'm just waiting for the bus.

    Willie : I want to ask you directions.

    Factory Worker : What?

    Willie : Just come here, so I don't have to yell. Can you tell me which way is Cleveland?

    Factory Worker : Give me a break, man. I'm just going to work.

    Willie : Where do you work?

    Factory Worker : In a factory.

    Willie : [Turns to Eddie]  Let's go.

    Eddie : [they drive off]  I don't know, Willie... Ah, the poor guy. God! You shouldn't have given him such a hard time. Can you imagine working in a factory?

    Willie : No, I can't. Now I feel bad.

    Eddie : Nah, don't feel bad.

  • Eddie : [watching TV at Aunt Lotte's]  You know, now that we're in Cleveland, Willie, why don't we go see the Cavaliers?

    Willie : Oh, they have a terrible team.

    Eddie : Well, so what?

    Willie : They're like 0 and 48 or something like that.

    Eddie : Yeah; but, we're not doin' anything! Well, what do you want to do?

    Willie : I don't know.

  • [repeated line] 

    Eddie : I told you she'd remember me!

  • Billy : [after the kung fu movie]  Well, thanks for the ride fellas.

    Eddie : Hey, thanks for paying for us too, Billy.

    Billy : Okay. Eva, do you want to walk me to my door?

    Eva : Okay. I'll be right back.

  • Willie : Hey, what are you doin' here?

    Eddie : I don't know.

  • Eva : Well, this is it. Lake Erie.

    Eddie : Man, look at all this snow! Man, it's - it's beautiful.

    Eva : It's not always frozen.

  • Eva : It was really nice of you guys to come all the way here to see me, you know.

    Eddie : It was nice of you to be here!

    Willie : Eddie. Oh, we just, you know, we thought we'd come out and see how you were doing.

    Eva : It's kind of a drag here, really.

  • Eva : God, I'm so glad! Thank you guys for rescuing me. I can't believe we are going to Florida.

    Eddie : Well, did you bring your little bikini along?

    Eva : Sure! There are alligators in Florida, right?

  • Eddie : Eva, I want you to stay down until the motel guy comes out and goes back in his office.

    Eva : Why?

    Eddie : I don't - why pay for three people. It's fine.

    Eva : I thought you guys said you were rich!

    Eddie : Shh! Get down. Get down.

  • Willie : Did you finish the peanuts?

    Eddie : Yeah!

    Willie : Then what'd you pack 'em for?

  • Eddie : That water smells - funny!

  • Willie : I told you horses, not dogs. You don't ever listen to me, right?

    Eddie : Horses! Horses! Definitely, horses!

  • Eddie : Is this Eva's hat? It looks like Eva's hat. Where'd she get that hat?

  • Willie : You got all the money?

    Eddie : Yeah, I got everything. Take the bottle.

    Willie : Don't you want your peanuts?

    Eddie : Why should I want the peanuts? There's nothin' in there.

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