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Tom Hanks: Allen Bauer



  • Freddie : People fall in love every day, huh? Is that what you said?

    Allen : Yeah.

    Freddie : Yeah? Well, that's a crock. It doesn't work that way. Look, do you realize how happy you were with her? That is, of course, when you weren't driving yourself crazy. Every day? Come on. Some people will never BE that happy. I'LL never be that happy. What am I talking to you for? You don't know anything.

  • Allen : Hi.

    Madison : Hi.

    Allen : Um, is this the big secret you've been keeping from me? Is it, that you're a mermaid, or is there something else?

    Madison : No, that's it.

    [remembering his first reaction to her 'reveal'] 

    Madison : Allen, don't feel guilty.

    Allen : Guilty? About what?

    Madison : About not loving me anymore.

    Allen : Oh, Madison. All the time we were together, you always knew how I was feeling. Can't you tell now?

    [Madison smiles, and they kiss] 

  • [Allen is being mobbed by reporters] 

    Freddie : Allen. You all right?

    Allen : Yeah. Get me outta here.

    Freddie : Is anyone here from Penthouse Magazine?

    Reporters : No.

    Freddie : Then we ain't talkin'.

  • Allen : Are there any messages?

    Mrs Stimler : Oh, yes.

    [She goes back to working] 

    Allen : [pause]  And they are?

    Mrs Stimler : Huh? Oh, your father called. He wants you to call him back.

    Allen : [pause]  Mrs. Stimler, our father passed away about five years ago. Do you remember?

    Mrs Stimler : [confused look]  Right. Shall I get him for you?

    Allen : No, thanks.

  • Claude : There's a guy down the beach that runs people out to the island.

    Allen : What's the name?

    Claude : The guy, or the island?

    Allen : I'll find him.

  • Allen : [explaining why Madison is eating lobster without first breaking the shell]  She's really hungry.

  • Allen : I hope we have a boy and a girl.

    Madison : [worriedly]  What 'kind?'

  • Allen : [standing naked in a tank with wires trailing from his body]  I AM NOT A FISH! How many times do I have to tell you people that? So, can you please just let me outta here? Huh? Please? People?

  • Allen : What is your name?

    Madison : It's hard to say in English.

    Allen : Then just say it in your language.

    Madison : All right. My name is...

    [High-pitched squeals that shatter all the television screens] 

    Allen : [nervously to the store clerks]  So, how about those Knicks?

  • Allen : [knocking on bathroom door]  Madison?

    Madison : [Worriedly]  Allen?

    Allen : Yeah, of course, it's Allen. What are you doing, sweetheart?

    Madison : Taking a bath.

    Allen : [to himself]  Ooo, ooo.

    [to Madison] 

    Allen : Can I come in?

    Madison : No!

    [Madison tries to get out of the bathtub, and lands on the bathmat with a loud thump] 

    Allen : [concerned]  What was that? Madison, are you all right?

    Madison : Everything's fine.

    Allen : Well, then let me in.

    Madison : [using a towel to dry her fins]  I'll be right there. I'm just changing.

    Allen : Enough is enough, Madison. Come on, open the door. Something is wrong.

    Madison : [trying to make him go away]  Allen, can you make me some pancakes?

    Allen : Make you some-Madison!

    [jiggling the door handle, worriedly] 

    Allen : All right, Madison, this is getting scary. You either open up this door, or I'm gonna break it down!

    Madison : [using a hair dryer to dry off her fins now]  No, Allen, please!

    Allen : All right, that's it!

    Madison : Allen, no! No!

    Allen : [tries to break down the door, and it doesn't budge]  Ow.

    [Allen tries several more times. As he continues, Madison throws the towel over her fins. As she does so, Allen manages to open the door, to find her lying on the bathmat. As he looks around confused, she pulls the towel away, revealing her legs] 

    Madison : Hi.

    Allen : Hi. Are you okay?

    Madison : Yeah.

    Allen : Well, why wouldn't you let me in?

    Madison : I was... shy.

    Allen : You were shy? After the car, and the elevator, and the bedroom, and on top of the refrigerator, you were shy?

    Madison : [matter-of-factly]  I was shy.

    Allen : [to himself]  She was shy.

  • Allen : Hello.

    [Madison is watching TV, crying] 

    Allen : [concerned]  Madison, what is it? What happened?

    Madison : [still watching the TV]  It's the saddest thing I ever saw.

    Allen : [looks at the TV]  It's 'Bonanza.'

  • Freddie : [Allen is passed out and laying on the bar in a snack bowl]  You see, drinking is a matter of algebraic ratio. How drunk you get is caused by the amount of alcohol you consume in relation to your total body weight. You see my point? It's not that you had too much to drink. You're just too skinny.

    [Allen remains comatose] 

    Freddie : Bartender! Another round for my friend and I here!

    Allen : No, no, Freddie. I don't want to get drunk!

    Freddie : But you *are* drunk. You see, a sober person would have reached for the pretzels.

    Bartender : Is he gonna' be up there all day?

    Freddie : I don't know.

    Allen : [coming to]  Ohhhh... I'm on the bar!

    Freddie : Oh, you're on the bar. Here, let me help you down.

    [Allen slips and falls to the floor] 

    Freddie : Uh-oh, you fell.

  • Madison : You said whatever my secret was, you'd understand.

    Allen : I know, but...

    Madison : You thought at least I was... a human being.

    [Madison reaches for Allen, a look of pleading on her face] 

    Madison : Allen...

    [Allen jumps back and violently splashes water at Madison, looking angry] 

  • Allen : You know by the time I got there, she was already gone.

    Freddie : Victoria left, huh?

    Allen : Yeah. You know why she left Freddie? Because I didn't love her.

    Freddie : That bitch.

  • Allen : [comes into the market considerably upbeat after his first night with Madison]  Hey, ev'rybody! Zip-a-dee-doo-dah!

    [and sings] 

    Allen : Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-yay - hey, Manuel!/My, oh, my, what a wonderful day... Plenty of sunshine headin' my way/Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-yay!

    Allen : [puts a mango on his shoulder and continues singing]  Mister Mango on my shoulder... Freddy! dance with me!

    [grabs his brother] 

    Freddie : [trying to pull away]  Wait! Not in front of the Teamsters!

    Allen : Oh, c'mon, c'mon! They're happy guys!

    Freddie : You're a rotten lead!

  • Allen : I don't understand. All my life I've been waiting for someone and when I find her, she's... she's a fish.

  • [last lines] 

    Allen : I love you, Madison. Go. Go!

    [Madison dives into water] 

    Loudspeaker : Get that guy on the dock.

    Allen : Leave her alone! Just leave her alone!

    Guardsman : Come on you guys.

    Allen : Madison. Madison!

    [jumps into water] 

    Loudspeaker : Stay where you are. We'll get you out.

    Allen : Madison!

  • Allen : It just so happens I come from a very long line of married people.

  • Allen : Freddie, the woman learned how to speak English in a single afternoon.

    Freddie : She could probably speak English already. I think she was in shock from bein' arrested y'know?

    Allen : Well now, what about that, huh? What about a woman showing up naked in a public place, Freddie?

    Freddie : Well I'm for it, of course.

  • Allen : I didn't even LIKE you when I first met you.

    Walter Kornbluth : NOBODY likes me when they first meet me.

  • Wedding Guest : [Allen is an usher at a wedding and has recently ended a relationship]  Hey, Allen!

    Allen : [frustrated]  She left me! She moved out and my life's a shambles, all right? That's the news, you want the weather? Anywhere but the first three rows!

  • Allen : [drunk]  I don't ask for much. I don't ask to be rich, and I don't ask to be famous, and I don't ask to play center field for the New York Yankees. I just want to get married and have a wife, and a house, and I want to have a kid, and I want to go see him be a tooth in the school play!

  • Wedding Guest : Hey, Allen! Where's Victoria?

    Allen : She's not coming! What, do you want your money back?

  • Allen : So uh, how long are you going to be in town?

    Madison : [spoken like a gameshow host]  Six fun-filled days.

    Allen : Oh, six days. Is that all?

    Madison : [sadly]  Six days, and the moon is full.

  • Madison : [ice skating with Allen]  Is this really what happens to water when it gets cold?

    Allen : Yeah.

    Madison : [smiles]  Where I come from, it never gets cold.

    Allen : [sarcastically]  Oh, what a breakthrough there! You know, you really opened up to me!

    Madison : [pauses]  Your voice sounds funny.

    Allen : Well, it's called sarcasm! What, do they not have that where you come from either?

    Madison : [quietly but angrily]  No.

    [She skates away] 

    Allen : [skates after her]  Well now they don't have anything, do they? They don't have ice. And they don't have music and they don't have clothes. Just what kind of a place is this, Madison?

  • Madison : [after she and Allen hug]  I was ready to stay with you forever.

    Allen : I know.


    Allen : Now they know who you are. They're never gonna leave you alone.

    Madison : I can't ever come back to you.

    Allen : I wish I could go with you.

    Madison : You can.

    Allen : How?

    Madison : It can be done.

    Allen : How?

    Madison : Remember when you were eight years old and you fell off the ship, you were safe under the water, weren't you?

    Allen : [a little surprised]  Yeah.

    Madison : You were with me.

    Allen : You mean, that-that was real? You mean that was you?

    [Madison nods] 

    Allen : That was you!

    [laughs and hugs Madison] 

    Allen : This is great. This is great! I can go with you and still come back, and-and see Freddie at Christmas.

    Madison : [after shaking her head 'no']  You can't ever come back.

    Allen : [turns his head, hears the sirens coming closer, then turns back to Madison, looking a bit sad]  Madison...

    Madison : I understand.

    [she and Allen kiss just as a helicopter is heard flying towards them] 

  • Allen : [after gaining access to the lab where Madison is imprisoned, both he and Madison look and smile at each other. Allen then runs up and kisses her]  Hi.

    Madison : Hi.

    Allen : Uh, is this the big secret you've been keeping from me? Is it that you're a mermaid, or is there something else?

    Madison : No, that's it.

    [kisses Allen] 

    Madison : Allen, don't feel guilty.

    Allen : Guilty? About what?

    Madison : About not loving me anymore.

    Allen : Oh, Madison. All the time we were together, you always knew how I was feeling. Can't you tell now?

    [Madison smiles and kisses Allen again] 

  • [Madison has been revealed to the world as a mermaid] 

    Freddie : So how is she?

    Allen : How is she? She's... she's a *mermaid*! I don't understand. All my life, I've been waiting for someone, and when I find her, she's a fish.

    Freddie : Nobody said love's perfect.

    Allen : Oh Freddie! I don't expect it to be perfect, but for God's sake it's usually *human*!

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