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Season 8

28 Sep. 1991
Seer of Love
Tony bought Angela lamb skin car seat covers for his 7th domestic service anniversary. She now hesitates whether to give him the luxury wrist-watch she had inscribed "It's time to say I love you". They attend the carnival together, where Tony gets scared after a fortune-teller's prediction he may either hook up with his true love before midnight or loose her forever.
5 Oct. 1991
An Affair to Forget
After their love night in the carnival, Tony and Angela are relieved they can be sincere to each-other. Yet they aren't ready to tell the others, so Tony hides his romantic treats for Angela and she thinks up surprising cover up-lies. Yet bad luck follows them even when they check into a hotel, culminating when making out at the lake ends in it.
12 Oct. 1991
Now the family knows they're a couple, romantic Tony catches up with years of not courting Angela. She starts feeling stifled, while Sam enjoys her new emotional 'freedom' from smothering love. Tireless lover Tony heaps up treats and keeps popping up everywhere, any time, even during business meetings.
19 Oct. 1991
Selling Sam Short
After a car crash Sam and Pierce come closer. When Tony finds this out after weeks, he - against the other's expectation - takes a fancy to Pierce and confides his money to the stockbroker. But like always he overdoes here, too, and he spends more time with Pierce than Sam does.
26 Oct. 1991
Tony Bags a Big One
Tony and Mona bicker while offering their versions of how Tony ended up causing Angela's major client, soap king Reid Hamilton, to be hospitalized. It started when Angela left on business trip and warned Mona to keep off Reid. Tony mistrusted her, discovered she dated Hamilton and tried to keep the apart, with ever less fortunate results.
2 Nov. 1991
A Well-Kept Housekeeper
Now people know he's with Angela, Tony gets frustrated being financially unable to treat her in style like country club members, being merely her guest himself. So Tony can't resist bidding at a painting for her he can't afford. To pay for it, he takes a job as shirtless waiter. Alas, Sam's dorm gang takes her there.
9 Nov. 1991
Death and Love: Part 1
Attending the funeral of a fun-loving mate his age convinces Tony it's time to seize the day while he can. His new sense of adventure culminates in a spontaneous first-ever ski-trip to Vermont. The Bowers join him. Mona convinces Tony the real change he needs is 'the big one', marriage. Alas, staging a romantic proposal in Angela's already pitiful condition proves a lost cause. When it finally seems to work, she gets wind of his unsatisfactory motives.
16 Nov. 1991
Death and Love: Part 2
Having been turned down for 'propsoing for the wrong reasons', Tony grudgingly accepts to give Angela time and space and soon overdoes that too. After a while it dawns that Angela is at least as insecure about marriage as Tony, having seen her first fail into a divorce. By the time she admits that, the shoe is on the other foot, with grieved Tony acting hard to get like a reluctant damsel.
23 Nov. 1991
Grandmommie Dearest
Tony is mortally nervous, being scrutinized at a surprise visit from delighted Angela's English maternal grandmother 'Nana' Robinson. As Mona suspected and suggested, while unable to utter half a sentence to her domineering mother, the snob disapproves of Tony, however much she liked him before being told, as future son in law. However she goes about it most deviously, using a precious heirloom gift to stir pre-nuptial fever among the would be-spouses, with a lawyer at the ready.
30 Nov. 1991
Field of Screams
Tony recalls how he used his baseball stadium connections to help Jonathan to a job as ball boy, when Angela refused to practice 'nepotism'. There were various surprising consequences. This makes him hesitant to help Sam get a job in the campus travel agency. When he finally tries, it backfires.
7 Dec. 1991
This Sold House
Lawyer Jack Sanborn arrives unannounced, recognizes the house as his parental home and bids a fortune. After some hesitation a family council decides it's a great opportunity. Tony soon finds a dream house, complete with its own lake and scares off the first rival home-hunters. A bitter bidding battle against the Havlock family is won. Yet when Sanborn arrives to pay and announces his plan to completely remodel the house, memories make Tony reconsider.
4 Jan. 1992
Tony, Can You Spare a Dime?
During an economic slump, advertising budgets are cut drastically, so Angela's firm is in trouble. Brooklyn poverty veteran Tony is put in charge of domestic economizing. He pulls it off brilliantly, even a cheap yet classy home dinner to major client Reed Hamilton, but the account remains frozen. Tony is shocked to find Angela still practices comfort shopping.
11 Jan. 1992
Mrs. Al
Tony's Brooklyn friend Al needs a new apartment, but finds bachelor tenants aren't wanted. Sam volunteers to play Al's wife, but Tony, who was asked for credentials, finds out and thus spills the beans to landlord Chomsky. Thus still homeless Al stays on the Bower couch, but proves a stentorian nightmare-screamer.
25 Jan. 1992
Who's the Boss?
Tony was looking forward to his weekly poker night with Al and their Brooklyn gang, but grudgingly acknowledges an old promise to accompany Angela to the ballet if it ever passed in town. The boys even make fun of Tony apparently being whipped. So he jumps at the chance to stay home when she overestimates a minor head bruise Tony suffers. Al drops by and invites the rest. When Angela returns with unwilling stand-in Mona, she wrongly scolds the 'trickery'. The aggravation leads to a battle of stubbornness, with Tony storming out and spending the night at Sam's, thus ...
1 Feb. 1992
Tony Micelli, This Is Your Life
When a old teammate of Tony's who's now a star player hires Angela to handle his P.R. he comes for a visit and they talk about the moment when Tony's playing baseball ended, when the third base coach signaled him to steal and he got injured. Later while the cleaning he couldn't help but wonder what would have happened if he wasn't injured. Later when he mistakenly mixes bleach and ammonia, he passes out from the fumes. When he wakes up he meets the coach who shows him that how his life could have been if he wasn't injured. And he is now a big star and has a stunning ...
8 Feb. 1992
Allergic to Love
While Tony handles dinner for business guests and the whole household his wedding invitations, he gets a swollen lip. Dr. Wormser orders lab tests to determine the cause. Angela fears it's wedding stress, combined with his unfortunate phrasing cause to doubt her groom's marital commitment. So Tony desperately tries to prove it's just an allergy, but despite help from the kids that looks ever more desperate.
15 Feb. 1992
Better Off Wed: Part 1
Hank and Sam want to get married soon, but Sam keeps postponing telling Tony. Suddenly Hank's parents turn up, who knew about the marriage plan, but are shocked when Tony tells them Hank has abandoned his med studies. Now the parental couples become allies opposing a wedding while each blaming the other spouse to be for ruining their darling's future.
22 Feb. 1992
Better Off Wed: Part 2
Tired of the parent pairs' bickering, Hank and Samantha elope. Tony sets chase, but car trouble would have prevented them catching up. However in front of the minister, Sama couldn't go trough with a wedding without Tony. When his party arrives, Angela convinces him to give his blessing and hopefully retain some influence.
29 Feb. 1992
Tony and the Honeymooners
While they wait for a married students dorm room, honeymooners Hank and Sam reluctantly move in with Tony. After a bad start, with the men working on each other's intolerant nerves all night, Tony learns to like his son in law, even his comical puppetry, which comes to include a Tony-like houseman. Hank likes Tony's domestic treats no less, so they become buddies. Sam starts feeling left out, especially when Hank accepts Tony's objections to homes th couple might move to.
21 Mar. 1992
Split Decision
Perfectionist Tony and socialite Angela bicker constantly and bitterly as their wedding approaches, whether they play double tennis or test a restaurant. Hank can't get any urgent study done with temptress Sam around, so Mona takes her along on a luxury weekend with Angela, to give he happy couple to be a breathing period. Angela is attracted to gentleman guest Tom Saratelli, who looks like Tony but has an inverse, passive character.
28 Mar. 1992
Mr. Micelli Builds His Dream House
When a window in the master bedroom needs repairs, Hank's dad Joe is hired, although he's reluctant to work for family. Tony however, bragging his construction experience, keeps coming up with ideas for a far more ambitious remodeling and exactly how to do it. After driving Joe's crew insane, Tony fires him and promises to do it all himself with klutzes Hank, Al and Jonathan, a recipe for disaster.
18 Apr. 1992
Savor the Veal: Part 1
Tony graduates as teacher, like Hank as his college's first puppeteer. Tony however finds he started applying for a job dangerously late, and starts panicking. After an nightmare job as school program driving instructor, coach and associate professor in an Iowa junior college seems a dream, alas too far to commute. Angela convinces him he owes it to himself to check it out, so the whole family flies there. It's even better then he could imagine.
25 Apr. 1992
Savor the Veal: Part 2
Tony has accepted the Iowa coach and teacher job. The apartment is great and comes with a janitor and secretary, albeit it also immense pressure to keep the baseball team winning. However commuting proves hell, worsened by Angela failing to clear her schedule when Tony is free, topped off by influenza. Both spouses plan a surprise visit, but they thus pass by each-other at the airport.
25 Apr. 1992
Savor the Veal: Part 3
Coach Tony feels he has it all when for the duration of his contract, a year, Angela takes a sabbatical from her firm to live with him as Iowa housewife. Angela tries to hide how uncomfortable such role-reversal is, but Mona soon recognizes the truth. Her subdued reaction when he's offered a three year contract sets Tony thinking. Considering their priorities incompatible, they agree to live separately, but neither is happy that way either.

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