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Season 6

21 Sep. 1989
Denise: The Saga Continues
Just as Theo finds a new place to live, Denise returns from her African rainforest trip with startling souvenirs - a husband and a stepdaughter.
28 Sep. 1989
Surf's Up
When Cliff tells Theo of some of the hi jinx he did when he was younger. Theo decides to try it himself. But he ends up damaging his apartment, which leads to the landlord throwing him out. So Cliff tries to some things with the man so Theo can move out of the house where he has been staying.
5 Oct. 1989
I'm 'In' with the 'In' Crowd
Everybody loses when Vanessa and friends play a drinking game at an unsupervised get-together.
12 Oct. 1989
Denise Kendall: Navy Wife
Denise & her husband Lt. Martin Kendall are leaving for the Navy base to live in a house chosen there but Denise forgot to call for approval so they find out last minute that there's no house available for them and return to Cliff's house. Meanwhile Cliff explains to little Olivia how babies are born in this world.
19 Oct. 1989
Theo's Gift
Theo finds out that he has dyslexia so he changes the way he studies and gets a better grade in history.
26 Oct. 1989
Denise Kendall: Babysitter
Denise and Olivia babysit Winnie and Nelson when Sondra and Elvin go out for the evening; but shortly after Sondra and Elvin leave, the whole building goes into a blackout.
2 Nov. 1989
Shall We Dance?
Rudy and Kenny learn good manners at school. Rudy has a crush on a boy named Clarence and tries to show him that she cares but Clarence is too shy to admit it in front of his friends.
9 Nov. 1989
The Day the Spores Landed
Cliff has a nightmare about spores which poured out of an erupting volcano and into the water which makes all the men pregnant, including: Theo, Elvin, Martin and himself.
16 Nov. 1989
Cliff's Wet Adventure
Claire sends Cliff to the store to buy some stuff for Thanksgiving dinner on a very rainy day and he returns soaking wet. Unfortunately he keeps forgetting some products and Claire sends him again & again. Meanwhile Denise invites Martin's ex wife to Cliff's house because she's all alone. Finally Cliff arrives home again just in time for Thanksgiving dinner.
30 Nov. 1989
Grampy and NuNu Visit the Huxtables
When Martin's parents visit, Denise frets about Mrs. Kendall's impression of her.
7 Dec. 1989
Cliff la Dolce
Claire and Denise are going to the Caribbean and Cliff stays all alone with Rudy & Olivia. Rudy comes to him with a problem between her & her friends but Cliff's advice makes things worse for Rudy. Meanwhile Theo takes Olivia to the cafeteria and uses her charm to collect other girls' phone numbers. Also Vanessa tries to get her father's permission to go to another girl's party with older boys.
14 Dec. 1989
Getting to Know You
Theo meets Cliff & Martin at the cafeteria sitting with two willing beautiful girls. Later at the Huxtable residence Martin tries to explain to Cliff the situation on how he & Denise met and got married. Afterwards the family organizes a surprise for Cliff that will make him very happy.
4 Jan. 1990
Elvin Pays for Dinner
Vanessa & Rudy comes to Sondra's house to babysit because Sondra & Elvin had planned to go to dinner with Elvin's old girlfriend & her sister but at the last minute she cancels her plans and suggests her husband go alone. Elvin goes to dinner but when he comes back he finds his lady angry. The next day Elvin & Sondra visit the Huxtable's house where Cliff tries to explain to him how women think.
11 Jan. 1990
Cliff's Nightmare
Cliff comes back from the hospital at three in the morning and decides to eat a sausage sandwich. Unfortunately that sandwich becomes responsible for the weirdest dream Cliff ever had.
18 Jan. 1990
Denise Kendall: Singles Counselor
Denise & Vanessa are in the cafeteria when Vanessa sees a boy she seems to like but she's too shy to go to his table; so she asks advice from her big sister.
25 Jan. 1990
The Birthday Party
It's Olivia's birthday and all she wants is a brand new tricycle, which she has all her friends help her search the entire house for when Cliff, who's supposed to be babysitting her guests, falls asleep.
1 Feb. 1990
Not Everybody Loves the Blues
Theo is upset his girlfriend might go to graduate school in another town. He and Elvin go to a nightclub; they hear the King of the Blues Riley Jackson. Turns out Cliff and Clair know Riley. He visits the family, helps Theo with his blues.
8 Feb. 1990
Rudy's Walk on the Wild Side
Rudy wants a sweater with fish that light up that are on sale at the mall, but she doesn't have enough money to buy it and becomes so desperate, she steals $2.30 out of the money Clair left out for the dry cleaning.
15 Feb. 1990
Mr. Sandman
Mrs. McGee (Rudy's teacher) calls the Huxtables to report that Rudy has not been attending dance lessons, so Cliff takes Rudy to to the dancing lessons and gets a little carried away.
22 Feb. 1990
Isn't It Romantic?
Cliff, Martin & Elvin place a bet between them on who can buy a romantic present to each of their wife within twenty-five dollars limit. Who ever wins will be called "The Emperor of Romance".
15 Mar. 1990
Theo's Dirty Laundry
When Cliff finds women's lingerie in Theo's laundry, he and Clair soon realize that their son has moved in with his girlfriend, Justine. Meanwhile, Denise announces her plans to become a special education teacher
22 Mar. 1990
What It's All About
Clair comes home from work exhausted and needs to rest but her family do not understand her so Cliff sends her to a friends combine around the lake far away from home to relax.
5 Apr. 1990
Off to See the Wretched
Vanessa and her friends plot to go to a concert. They don't tell their parents it's in Baltimore, but they find out in a dramatic way.
19 Apr. 1990
The Moves
Claire receives an important case by representing a client who wants to protect a community center with a childhood playground which is about to be torn down and in it's place they will build an office center. Meanwhile Cliff's neighbor take Cliff out to buy a sports car.
26 Apr. 1990
Live and Learn
Denise gets very excited about wanting to be an instructor to work with children who have learning disabilities but cannot understand that in order to teach she must have a college degree.
3 May 1990
The Storyteller
Cliff's great-aunt, Gramtee, comes to visit and everyone is excited - except Olivia. Olivia wants to go to the zoo instead of a planned church visit. Gramtee tells stories of Cliff as a child and of a relative who was a slave years ago.

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