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Season 8

19 Sep. 1991
With This Ring?
Vanessa brings home a boyfriend she has kept secret from her family.
26 Sep. 1991
There's No Place Like This Home
Cliff and Claire plan to build and extra room for their house, but there are some unforeseen issues.
3 Oct. 1991
Particles in Motion
Theo is nervous about his first parent/counselor meetings and student art exhibit. Cliff and family go to the exhibit. Rudy is smitten by one of Theo's students and Theo is smitten by a single mother of a student.
10 Oct. 1991
Pam Applies to College
Charmaine is applying to colleges and talks to Pam about attending the same one since they are best friends. Pam realizes she has to get better grades in order to get accepted into any college.
17 Oct. 1991
Warning: A Double-Lit Candle Can Cause a Meltdown
Rudy wants to see a rapper that is performing at a club for older teens. Rudy and her friends lie to their parents in order to get out that evening. When Cliff & Clair find out, they ask Pam to go to the club to keep an eye on Rudy.
24 Oct. 1991
It's Apparent to Everyone
Sondra & Elvin are excited about finding a home of their own. The twins Nelson and Winnie are getting on Cliff & Clair's nerves.
31 Oct. 1991
The Iceman Bricketh
Cliff's parents find out that Cliff & Clair are meeting Vanessa's fiancé for dinner and insist of meeting him as well. They want to make sure the guy is good enough for their granddaughter.
7 Nov. 1991
Olivia's Field Trip
Cliff is a chaperon for Olivia's field trip to a museum and he is not looking forward to it. Theo has a fund-raiser plan for the community center - selling silk screened t-shirts. But the t-shirts are not what he expected.
14 Nov. 1991
For Men Only
At the community center, Clair gives a legal clinic and Cliff gives a Men's Only clinic. Cliff's clinic teaches etiquette, getting a job, and more. His job session becomes more about being a responsible parent and preventing pregnancies.
21 Nov. 1991
Olivia Comes Out of the Closet
Olivia is sad because her father has to return to his ship for duty and Denise is going into town as well. Singer Miriam Makeba visits the Huxtable house.
5 Dec. 1991
Two Is a Crowd
Cliff & Clair plan a day at home alone, but Vanessa returns from college for the weekend, then her fiancé comes to find Vanessa. Rudy's friend Kenny comes to visit Rudy. They all talk to Cliff & Clair about their relationship issues.
19 Dec. 1991
Clair's Place
Cliff builds a room just for Clair, her own special place for work and retreat. Everyone, except Cliff, is upset that she wants to be alone and not spend time with them. Cliff tries to explain the purpose of a special room.
2 Jan. 1992
Theo's Future
Theo attends a corporate mixer for The Tartan Company, a leading soup manufacturer who boasts that they're "not just soup anymore." His views on how the company should present its image impress the bosses so much that he is offered a job interview in San Francisco.
9 Jan. 1992
The Price Is Wrong
Pam and her friends help a group of senior citizens demonstrate against unfair prices at a supermarket.
16 Jan. 1992
Bring Me the Lip Gloss of Deirdre Arpelle
Pam starts working as an assistant for Cliff. Cliff deals with an impatient pregnant patient who tends to misinterpret the instructions he gives her. Meanwhile, Kenny tries to make Rudy jealous by pretending he is dating someone.
30 Jan. 1992
Eat, Drink and Be Wary
Clair goes away for the weekend and tells Cliff he has to behave and not eat a lot of food that is not on his diet. No one believes he will stick to his diet. Rudy and her friends want to take the subway to a dance.
6 Feb. 1992
The Getaway
Sondra and Elvin prepare to move to their own home in New Jersey, but Cliff is still hesitant to believe it will really happen. But the movers arrive and boxes are packed on the truck.
6 Feb. 1992
Cliff Gets Jilted
Sandra & Elvin hold a house warming party - but it is held at Cliff & Clair's house. Vanessa breaks the news that she and Dabnis have broken their engagement. Cliff is more upset than Vanessa.
13 Feb. 1992
Cliff and Theo Come Clean
Olivia's school project is to write about an adult when they were a child, and she writes about Cliff. Theo turns down a corporate job in California so he can finish graduate school in New York. One of Theo's students finds $600.
20 Feb. 1992
Clair's Reunion
Clair and her college friends get together to discuss their school days and to plan an honor for a retiring professor.
27 Feb. 1992
Rudy's Retreat
Now that Rudy is a teenager, she starts to stretch her rights and independence, wants to be her own person. Sondra & Elvin are writing their wills and need to select guardians for their children.
26 Mar. 1992
You Can't Stop the Music
Willie Colón and Mario Bauzá, legendary Salsa and Latin music performers, play themselves to perform a concert on a local radio station. Clair, who represents them, and Cliff, a big-time fan, go to the station to watch the performance.
23 Apr. 1992
Some Gifts Aren't Deductible
As tax day approaches, Cliff tries to get deductions for extended family members, but Claire rebuffs him. Meanwhile, Kenny organizes a surprise birthday party for his girlfriend Deirdre because he's ashamed that he only bought her socks as a gift.
30 Apr. 1992
And So, We Commence
Theo graduates from college, and Cliff thinks back to an earlier time at the ceremony; the series end with Cliff and Claire dancing away off the studio.

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