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2 Jan. 1988
Yule Laff
Charles and the Powells are stranded in a mountain cabin for the holidays after a storm hits.
9 Jan. 1988
Piece of Cake
With Commander Powell coming home, Charles must bake a cake, pick up the Commander's clothes at the cleaners, buy party supplies, attend Adam's boy scout meeting, meet with the plumber, and counsel Jamie.
16 Jan. 1988
Dorm Warnings
Charles moves in with Buddy, much to the Powells' disappointment. Directed by series star Scott Baio.
23 Jan. 1988
Charles panics when he and Buddy are assigned an oral report in history class.
30 Jan. 1988
Charles' relationship with his girlfriend is in danger when he becomes infatuated with a fashion model.
6 Feb. 1988
Role Model
When Jamie decides to enroll at a modeling school which appears to be a scam, it is up to Charles to find out the truth even if it means hurting her.
13 Feb. 1988
The Extremely Odd Couple
Charles serves as the mediator in a feud between Walter and Lillian.
20 Feb. 1988
Poppa, the Sailor Man
After one of his childhood friends dies, Mr. Powell gets worried about his own mortality. To cheer him up, Charles decides to invites Mr. Powell's father to the house, unaware that they are estranged.
27 Feb. 1988
Bottle Baby
Buddy is nervous when his shy sister, with whom he is not very close to, comes to visit from California. When she all of a sudden becomes the life of the party, it is quickly found out that alcohol abuse is to blame.
5 Mar. 1988
Dear Charles
Charles's girlfriend gets him a job at the local paper filling in for the vacationing advice columnist. One of the first letter writers he has to give advice to appears to be Sarah, and the problem she wants advice for sounds quite racy.
30 Apr. 1988
The Pickle Plot
When Charles is unsure about what to major in, he gets a visit from his uncle from Brooklyn who tries to get him to quit school, leave the Powells and join the pickle business.
7 May 1988
The Buddy System
When Buddy is not himself after being dumped by his girlfriend, Charles and Mr. Powell decide to build his confidence back up by sending him to a self-improvement program. However, it gives him too much confidence and he becomes very rude to everyone.
14 May 1988
Sarah Steps Out
Charles and Buddy are surprised to find out that the boy who is going out on a date with Sarah is the same person who overcharged them on playoff tickets. So they decide to spy on Sarah's date.
21 May 1988
Trading Papers
Charles gets an A on an English assignment, but later discovers he handed Sarah's paper in by mistake.
28 May 1988
Five Easy Pizzas
When his mom goes away for the weekend, she puts Charles in charge of the pizza parlor. When it is learned that the Roving Gourmet, a newspaper food critic, might make an appearance, Charles and Buddy do everything they can to find out who he/she is and impress him/her despite having a shortage of pizza.
4 Jun. 1988
Getting In
Charles and Buddy hope to become members of a fraternity. Directed by series star Scott Baio.
25 Jun. 1988
Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow
Buddy and Charles stop a would-be robber from holding up the pizza parlor.
9 Jul. 1988
Dutiful Dreamer
Charles dreams that all the Powell family members have turned into other characters. Directed by series star Scott Baio.
16 Jul. 1988
Berkling Up Is Hard to Do
When Charles gives advice involving Jamie and her love life and it doesn't work out, she gets upsets and blames him.
23 Jul. 1988
Runaround Charles
Charles must find a way to speak to Sarah's class, chaperon Jamie's birthday party, and go out on a double date with Buddy, all in the same night.
30 Jul. 1988
Where the Auction Is
When the Powell children feel that Charles does not have enough time to do things for them, they decide to own him, by buying him in a charity slave auction.
17 Sep. 1988
The Boy Who Loved Women
Sarah's boyfriend causes trouble when he asks Jamie for a date.
1 Oct. 1988
The Blackboard Bungle
When Charles is assigned to be a teacher's aide at Jamie's school, Jamie is apprehensive about him further intruding on her life and embarrassing her. Her fears are realized when she misbehaves and Charles gives her detention.
29 Oct. 1988
The Heart Burglar
When Sarah tries to get closer to a boy that she likes by inviting him over to study, she is upset when he pays more attention to Charles than her. Buddy's girlfriend seems more attracted to Charles than him.
12 Nov. 1988
May the Best Man Lose
Charles, Buddy and the gang take part in a quiz contest at school.
26 Nov. 1988
Charles is threatened when he dates a woman who has a jealous ex-boyfriend. Directed by series star Scott Baio.
31 Dec. 1988
No Nukes Is Good Nukes
Sarah joins an anti-nuclear protest outside her Navy father's ship. Directed by series star Scott Baio.

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