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2 Jan. 1985
Fallen Idols
A lady comes to the hotel and finds a long-lost love. A high-priced lawyer is defending a drunk driver and Dave gets a lesson in ethics. Billy loses some tickets to a Michael Jackson concert and Mark makes the most of it.
9 Jan. 1985
Lynn, a woman who once worked at the hotel, returns with her husband, Eduardo, an Italian. They stay at the honeymoon suite but their marriage is not exactly what people think it is. A woman paid Lynn to marry Eduardo so that he could enter the country and be the woman's lover. A man whom Christine knows shows up and connects with Mrs. Cabot. Later Christine learns that the man has been scamming women for money. And an actor whom Dave knows, has a role of a hotel manager in a play and asks Peter is he could study him. And eventually he annoys Peter.
16 Jan. 1985
Love and Honor
A girl looking to meet someone hooks up with a British official. While together the man makes her take some heroin and she dies. He claims he wasn't with her and because of his diplomatic immunity can't be touched. But Billy decides to investigate. A girl who came to town to take possession of an inheritance meets a guy who unknown to her has been her benefactor for years. And two guys compete to see who can land Julie. When she learns of this she decides to get back at them.
23 Jan. 1985
New Beginnings
A teacher at a conference fixes her friend up with a date. An old friend of Christine's and her family stays at the St. Gregory bringing terrible news. A psychic makes some amazing predictions for the staff in the hotel.
30 Jan. 1985
Jonathan Talbot, a bum sees an article in the paper about something at the St. Gregory involving a family, the Howlands. So he goes there and "borrows" the suit of one of the guests and goes to see them. The parents, Ned and Margot are surprised to see him and ask him why did he come? He says to see his daughter, it seems like he and Margot were married but circumstances led to their marriage ending and she married Ned and raised his daughter, Kelly as his own. And it turns out that the thing they are there for is Kelly's engagement to the son of some people Ned hopes...
20 Feb. 1985
A couple who got married at the hotel 35 years ago have returned to celebrate their anniversary. But things are not as pleasant--the husband has devoted himself to his work that his wife is having an affair. And also their son, who's seeing Christine, is like his father--putting his work before his daughter. And their daughter who's had several relationships and marriages comes and makes a spectacle of herself but Peter helps her. And she's also keeping a secret that she now reveals that sends her father over the edge.
6 Mar. 1985
Sleeping Dogs
A friend of Billy's who use to be an FBI agent learns the woman he's been dating is the widow of someone he killed while an agent. And when one of Christine's friends is engaged she and a couple of other friends get together but secrets that some are keeping threaten their friendship.
13 Mar. 1985
To impress a girl, a friend of Christine sends Peter's picture to her instead of his own. A divorced man introduces his new girlfriend to his son. A porter at the hotel catches up with some old football teammates.
20 Mar. 1985
A pianist comes to the St. Gregory and catches up with a couple of old friends. A boy staying at the hotel relieves his loneliness by hacking into the hotel's computer system. Mark catches a bag snatcher and ends up being arrested.
3 Apr. 1985
There is a new head bookkeeper at the St. Gregory but she has a menacing past. Christine unexpectedly receives an unusual inheritance. Victoria reunites a couple of old friends, but there turns out to be some complications.
15 May 1985
Dave and Megan find themselves short of money. A cocktail waitress at the hotel has a past that causes problems for her boyfriend. A native American waits to die in the hotel foyer.
29 May 1985
It's a very busy time at the St. Gregory but Peter finds time to rekindle an old romance. A wealthy businessman arrives to receive his "Man of the Year" award but all is not well on his domestic front.
5 Jun. 1985
Victoria is on edge and bad tempered, and everybody else is suffering as well. Two children are holidaying at the hotel with their estranged father. A songwriting team work on a musical revival.
12 Jun. 1985
The Golden State Wine Conference is being held at the St. Gregory and a number of conflicts arise between the delegates. An ex girl friend of Billy stays at the hotel with her husband.
26 Jun. 1985
A jury is sequestered in the St. Gregory. A soap star on a publicity tour is staying at the hotel and encounters an obsessed fan.
17 Jul. 1985
Lost and Found
Dave and Megan have financial difficulties, made worse when an old friend of Dave's drops in. The Pomeroy's are staying at the hotel when another couple think they are hiding a secret. Peter is worried that he is showing signs of old age.
24 Jul. 1985
Wins and Losses
Peter finds himself looking after a neighbor's grandson, a boy with some problems. The hotel employees are preparing for the hotel league softball game. Christine is elected team manager but has trouble with opposing team's manager.
14 Aug. 1985
A Russian who immigrated to the U.S. wants to return to Russia. His wife is willing to accompany him but his son doesn't want to. And a singer who's seeing Julie runs into his former partner.
21 Aug. 1985
Hearts and Minds
An aging movie star in town for an award show is struggling with symptoms of dementia. A hotel critic, staying at the hotel, is determined to be difficult for Christine. A newly-divorced woman is determined not to leave the hotel.
25 Sep. 1985
Missing Pieces
Christine is dating a man who has some nasty secrets. A married doctor, in town for a medical conference, is pursued by an architect, also married. A long-standing employee at the St. George can no longer cope with the job.
2 Oct. 1985
Rallying Cry
A young orphaned girl is at the centre of a custody dispute between a homosexual couple and her aunt. Peter needs a navigator for a car rally and Christine is it. Unfortunately, they're involved in an accident.
9 Oct. 1985
Imperfect Union
An old girl friend of Peter's arrives in town with her daughter but she is not as free as she would like to be. A young couple, who are intellectually challenged, arrive for their first night together as they try to lead independent lives.
16 Oct. 1985
A friend of Victoria's hits a man whilst driving and it leads to an unlikely friendship. Megan is raped and, understandably, has a lot of trouble adjusting to a normal life afterwards.
30 Oct. 1985
Second Offense
Christine helps secure the release of a prisoner who has always claimed he was innocent. He has trouble adjusting to life on the outside. Dave acts as the fiancé of the hotel's florist to keep her grandmother happy.
4 Dec. 1985
Saving Grace
A former dancer blames herself for causing a choreographer to become a paraplegic, a man with whom she is in love. The hotel's employee of the month has trouble adjusting to the publicity, made worse when her father unexpectedly arrives.
11 Dec. 1985
A young man arrives at the St. Gregory and claims to be the son of Victoria's late husband. A businessman and his fiancée find they have differing views on children. She wants children but he's had a vasectomy.
18 Dec. 1985
The hotel's aerobics instructor checks into the St. Gregory to snare herself a rich businessman. Victoria's father-in-law pays a visit. A pregnant cleaner at the hotel turns out to be an illegal immigrant.
25 Dec. 1985
Cry Wolf
Christine's aunt pays a visit. A hustler seems to be using the St. Gregory's Cavalier Bar as a place to solicit customers. Two children are unhappy with their new nanny but end up crying wolf too many times.

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